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"Babylon The Great Has Fallen!"
God's Kingdom Rules!

Chapter 1

Faced with Solving a Mystery

THE fall of Babylon the Great means that God's kingdom is ruling. With such shocking suddenness will Babylon's fall come that the vast majority of mankind will be surprised and caught in the worldwide consequences of it. For many centuries, however, some righteous men and women have looked forward eagerly, and with prayer, to this event, for it will mean liberation from an oppression that has lasted so long. They have been able to look forward to this great event with unwavering faith because of a Book. From beginning to end this ancient Book of prophecy has interwoven the theme of Babylon into its story. In not very many pages from its opening words this Book tells of the beginning of an ancient Babylon. In still less pages from its closing words it gives a vivid description of the fall and everlasting destruction of Babylon the Great. That Book is the sacred Bible, containing the Holy Scriptures. It alone tells of the triumph of God's kingdom over Babylon the Great of today.

In the year 539 B.C. ancient Babylon had a history-making fall. Today the location where that wonder city once dominated the world reveals some impressive ruins that have been uncovered since the year 1899 by a German Oriental Society. What, then, is the other Babylon that survives till now and that must yet fall with a world-shocking crash? Even the sacred Bible says that its name is a mystery, and over the centuries


many men have tried to solve the mystery by identifying this greater Babylon.

Interesting have been the interpretations of the symbol of Babylon. One of the most recent is that which identifies the Babylon that appears in the last book of the Bible, "not as a conquering military power as in the earlier [Bible] prophets, but as the embodiment of material civilization and luxury, the great harlot, whose charms bewitch all the nations of the earth; the world market whose trade enriches the merchants and the shipowners."*

The last book of the Bible gives us many clues to help us in identifying this international "harlot," but those clues are prophetic. So we have to turn to the pages of history and match Bible prophecy with recorded history to identify the foretold Babylon accurately. In that way we can be sure that we are getting God's interpretation of the Babylonian mystery that he put into his Bible.

Our getting at the solution of the mystery is important for us. Why so? Because through the pages of the Bible we hear the rousing command for those who desire to be God's people to get out of Babylon, to flee out of her for the sake of their lives, losing no time. Along with that stern command God mercifully warns us of what it will mean to his people to remain in this Babylon of mystery, in this day of his judgment of her.

How, though, can anyone flee out of the midst of Babylon if he does not identify it? How can he break loose from it, now while there is yet time, if he does not know what Babylon stands for? What relationships with Babylon must he break in order to be free from it and no longer share in any of its responsibility before God? Even if the hour of God's judgment of Babylon were not near, our concern for our personal welfare

* See page 254 of The Dynamics of World History, by Christopher Dawson, edited by John J. Mulloy; published by Sheed and Ward, New York city.

and our desire to be God's people and no longer Babylon's bewitched slaves would dictate our getting out of it. Why? Because it is a doomed organization. If our day proves to be God's fixed time for judging Babylon and if its fall is to come by surprise, as in a narrow time limit like an "hour," then there is all the more urgency for us to heed the divine warning and get out with no delay.

It is plain that there is need for us to know with an accuracy that leaves no doubts in our mind. We need to know what the Babylon is from which we must flee with benefit to ourselves. Babylon must be exposed to us, and we must face the exposure honestly and courageously. Only with the accurate knowledge about Babylon can we know what action to take toward her intelligently and deliberately.

Very evidently a choice is facing us. The choice is between Babylon the Great and God's kingdom. We will either stay in Babylon to share in the disaster of her fall or get out of her and put ourselves under the rule of God's kingdom. To encourage us in this latter course, we not only need to get an insight into what Babylon is but also need to understand what God's kingdom is. How desirable will it be to live forever under its wonderful rule?

With the sacred Bible at hand, we do not have to leave ourselves in an ignorance that finally spells our destruction. We can enjoy very easily an interesting, exciting search through the pages of that infallible Book, coming down to its final prophecies as given in its last book, in the seventeenth chapter of which, in its fifth verse, we read: "And upon her forehead was written a name, a mystery: 'Babylon the Great, the mother of the harlots and of the disgusting things of the earth.' " (Revelation 17:5. New World Translation) Our investigation will uncover to us how, for the benefit of all lovers of what is right, she will be destroyed.


after which we shall have described to us the glories of the long-awaited, much-prayed-for kingdom of God.

According to Bible prophecy, many will mourn over the fall of Babylon. But why should we ourselves stay among those who are certain to mourn, even to death? We shall gain everlasting happiness if we line up now with those who will rejoice and give glory to God because he has judged the "harlot" and she has fallen, never to rise again. So in the following pages we shall consider together what God has to say in his written Word concerning Babylon the Great and her enemy, God's kingdom.

To the end that we may gain a more satisfying understanding, we shall consider first the world-dominating Babylon of ancient history and the ancient pictorial model of God's kingdom. To do this, we must turn to the sacred Scriptures that were "written aforetime," that is, before our Common Era, the so-called Christian Era. We are certain to draw enlightenment and profit from this, because, as the letter to the Romans, chapter fifteen, verse four, tells us: "All the things that were written aforetime were written for our instruction, that through our endurance and through the comfort from the Scriptures we might have hope." — Romans 15:4. NW.

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