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"Babylon The Great Has Fallen!"
God's Kingdom Rules!



4026 B.C.Adam's creation (in the autumn)Gen. 2:7
a. 4026 B.C.Edenic covenant made, first prophecyGen. 3:15
b. 3898 B.C.Cain slays AbelGen. 4:8
3896 B.C.Birth of SethGen. 5:3
3404 B.C.Birth of righteous EnochGen. 5:18
3339 B.C.Birth of MethuselahGen. 5:21
3152 B.C.Birth of LamechGen. 5:25
3096 B.C.Death of AdamGen. 5:5
3039 B.C.Transference of Enoch; ends his period of prophesyingGen. 5:23, 24;
Jude 14
2970 B.C.Birth of NoahGen. 5:28, 29
2490 B.C.God's pronouncement as to mankindGen. 6:3
2470 B.C.Birth of JaphethGen. 5:32; 9:24;
2468 B.C.Birth of ShemGen. 7:11; 11:10
2370 B.C.Death of MethuselahGen. 5:27
 Flood waters fall (in November)Gen. 7:6, 11
2369 B.C.Making of the covenant after the FloodGen. 8:13; 9:16
2368 B.C.Birth of ArpachshadGen. 11:10
a. 2239 B.C.Building of the Tower of Babel in land
of Shinar; Nimrod king of Babel
Gen. 11:4
2020 B.C.Death of NoahGen. 9:28, 29
2018 B.C.Birth of AbrahamGen. 11:26, 32;
1943 B.C.Abraham crosses Euphrates River for Canaan;
Abrahamic covenant made;
beginning of the 430-year period till law covenant
Gen. 12:4, 7;
Ex. 12:40;
Gal. 3:17
b. 1933 B.C.Lot rescued from king of Shinar and allies;
Abraham visits Melchizedek
Gen. 14:16, 18;
1932 B.C.Ishmael bornGen. 16:15, 16
1919 B.C.Covenant of circumcision madeGen. 17:1,10,24
 Judgment of Sodom and GomorrahGen. 19:24
1918 B.C.Birth of Isaac the true heir;
beginning of the "about 450 years"
Gen. 21:2, 5;
Acts 13:17-20
1913 B.C.Weaning of Isaac; Ishmael sent away;
beginning of the 400-year affliction
Gen. 21:8; 15:13;
Acts 7:6
1881 B.C.Death of SarahGen. 17:17; 23:1
1878 B.C.Marriage of Isaac and RebekahGen. 25:20
1868 B.C.Death of ShemGen. 11:11
1858 B.C.Birth of Esau and JacobGen. 25:26
1843 B.C.Death of AbrahamGen. 25:7
1818 B.C.Esau marries first two wivesGen. 26:34
1795 B.C.Death of IshmaelGen. 25:17
1781 B.C.Jacob flees to Haran; his vision at BethelGen. 28:2, 13, 19
1774 B.C.Jacob marries Leah and RachelGen. 29:23-30
1767 B.C.Birth of JosephGen. 30:23, 24
1761 B.C.Jacob returns to Canaan from HaranGen. 31:18, 41
c. 1761 B.C.Jacob wrestles angel; is named IsraelGen. 32:24-28
1750 B.C.Joseph sold as a slave by his brothersGen. 37:2, 28
1738 B.C.Death of IsaacGen. 35:28, 29

1737 B.C.Joseph made prime minister of EgyptGen. 41:40, 46
1728 B.C.Jacob with his whole family enters EgyptGen. 45:6;
46:26; 47:9
1711 B.C.Death of JacobGen. 47:28
1657 B.C.Death of JosephGen. 50:26
b. 1613 B.C.Job's trial; Chaldeans raid his 3,000 camelsJob 1:8; 42:16
a. 1600 B.C.Egypt attains prominence as First World PowerEx. 1:8
1593 B.C.Birth of MosesEx. 2:2, 10
1553 B.C.Moses offers himself as a deliverer; flees to MidianEx. 2:11, 14, 18; Acts 7:23
c. 1514 B.C.Moses at the burning thornbushEx. 3:2
1513 B.C.Passover; Israelites leave Egypt; Red Sea deliverance;
Egypt's power shaken; end of 400-year period of affliction
Law covenant made at Mt. Sinai (Horeb)
End of the 430-year period from making Abrahamic covenant
Moses compiles Genesis in wilderness;
Bible writing begins
Ex. 12:12; 14:27, 29, 30;

Gen. 15:13, 14
Ex. 24:6-8
Gal. 3:17; Ex. 12:40
John 5:46
1512 B.C.Tabernacle construction completed
Consecration of the Aaronic priesthood
Moses completes Exodus and Leviticus
Ex. 40:17
Lev. 8:34-36
Lev. 27:34; Num. 1:1
c. 1473 B.C.Moses completes the book of JobJob 42:16, 17
1473 B.C.Moses completes Numbers on Moab plains
Covenant of the Repeated Law in Moab
Moses writes Deuteronomy
Moses dies on Nebo in Moab
Israel enters Canaan under Joshua
Num. 35:1; 36:13
Deut. 29:1
Deut. 1:1,3
Deut. 34:5, 7
Josh. 4:19
1467 B.C.End of Joshua's war operations in Canaan;
end of the "about 450 years" of Acts 13:17-20
Josh. 11:23; 14:7,10-15
c. 1433 B.C.Book of Joshua completed
Death of Joshua
Josh. 1:1; 24:26
Josh. 24:29
1117 B.C.Samuel anoints Saul as king of Israel1 Sam. 10:24; Acts 13:21
1107 B.C.Birth of David at Bethlehem1 Sam. 16:1; 2 Sam. 5:4
c. l100 B.C.Samuel completes the book of JudgesJudg. 21:25
c. 1090 B.C.Samuel completes the book of RuthRuth 4:18-22
c. 1077 B.C.Book of 1 Samuel completed1 Sam. 31:6
1077 B.C.David becomes king of Judah at Hebron2 Sam. 2:4
1070 B.C.David becomes king over all Israel;
takes Zion (Jerusalem); makes it capital
2 Sam. 5:3-7
a. 1070 B.C.The Ark brought into Jerusalem; Kingdom covenant made with David2 Sam. 6:15; 7:12-16
c. 1040 B.C.Gad and Nathan complete 2 Samuel2 Sam. 24:18
1037 B.C.Solomon succeeds David as king of Israel1 Ki. 1:39; 2:12
1034 B.C.Construction of Solomon's temple begun1 Ki. 6:1
1027 B.C.Solomon's temple in Jerusalem completed1 Ki. 6:38
c. 1020 B.C.Solomon completes the Song of SolomonSong of Sol. 1:1
c. 1000 B.C.Solomon completes the book of EcclesiastesEccl. 1:1

997 B.C.Rehoboam succeeds Solomon, kingdom split;
Jeroboam begins reign as king of Israel
1 Ki. 11:43; 12:19,20
993 B.C.Shishak assaults Jerusalem and takes treasures from temple1 Ki. 14:25, 26
980 B.C.Abijam succeeds Rehoboam as king of Judah1 Ki. 15:1,2
978 B.C.Asa succeeds Abijam as king of Judah1 Ki. 15:9. 10
977 B.C.Nadab succeeds Jeroboam as king of Israel1 Ki. 14:20
976 B.C.Baasha succeeds Nadab as king of Israel1 Ki. 15:33
953 B.C.Elah succeeds Baasha as king of Israel1 Ki. 16:8
952 B.C.Zimri succeeds Elah as king of Israel
Tibni and Omri succeed Zimri as kings of Israel
1 Ki. 16:15
1 Ki. 16:21
948 B.C.Omri rules as king of Israel alone1 Ki. 16:22, 23
941 B.C.Ahab succeeds Omri as king of Israel1 Ki. 16:29
938 B.C.Jehoshaphat succeeds Asa as king of Judah1 Ki. 22:41, 42
922 B.C.Ahaziah succeeds Ahab as king of Israel1 Ki. 22:51, 52
921 B.C.Jehoram of Israel succeeds Ahaziah as king2 Ki. 3:1
917 B.C.Jehoram of Judah succeeds Jehoshaphat as king2 Ki. 8:16, 17
910 B.C.Ahaziah succeeds Jehoram as king of Judah2 Ki. 8:25, 26
909 B.C.Queen Athaliah usurps throne of Judah
Jehu succeeds Jehoram as king of Israel
2 Ki. 11:1-3
2 Ki. 9:24, 27; 10:36
903 B.C.Jehoash succeeds Ahaziah as king of Judah2 Ki. 12:1
881 B.C.Jehoahaz succeeds Jehu as king of Israel2 Ki. 13:1
867 B.C.Jehoash succeeds Jehoahaz as king of Israel2 Ki. 13:10
866 B.C.Amaziah succeeds Jehoash as king of Judah2 Ki. 14:1,2
852 B.C.Jeroboam II succeeds Jehoash as king of Israel2 Ki. 14:23
c. 852 B.C.Jonah completes the book of JonahJonah 1:1,2
826 B.C.Uzziah (Azariah) succeeds Amaziah as king of Judah2 Ki. 15:1, 2
c. 820 B.C.Joel completes the book of JoelJoel 1:1
c. 811 B.C.Amos completes the book of AmosAmos 1:1
789 B.C.Zechariah succeeds Jeroboam II as king of Israel2 Ki. 15:8
788 B.C.Shallum succeeds Zechariah as king of Israel
Menahem succeeds Shallum as king of Israel
2 Ki. 15:13
2 Ki. 15:17
777 B.C.Pekahiah succeeds Menahem as king of Israel2 Ki. 15:23
775 B.C.Pekah succeeds Pekahiah as king of Israel2 Ki. 15:27
c. 775 B.C.Isaiah begins to prophesyIsa. 1:1; 6:1
774 B.C.Jotham succeeds Uzziah (Azariah) as king of Judah2 Ki. 15:32, 33

759 B.C.Ahaz succeeds Jotham as king of Judah2 Ki. 16:1,2
753 B.C.Rome founded in Italy, according to tradition 
748 B.C.Hoshea succeeds Pekah as king of Israel2 Ki. 17:1
745 B.C.Hezekiah succeeds Ahaz as king of Judah2 Ki. 18:1, 2
a. 745 B.C.Hosea completes the book of HoseaHos. 1:1
740 B.C.Assyria, Second World Power, subjugates Israel, takes Samaria2 Ki. 17:6, 13, 18
732 B.C.Sennacherib invades Judah2 Ki. 18:13
c. 732 B.C.Isaiah completes the book of IsaiahIsa. 1:1
b. 716 B.C.Micah completes the book of MicahMic. 1:1
c. 716 B.C.Compiling of Proverbs completedProv. 25:1
716 B.C.Manasseh succeeds Hezekiah as king of Judah2 Ki. 21:1
710 B.C.King Numa Pompilius sets up office of Pontifex Maximus at Rome 
661 B.C.Amon succeeds Manasseh as king of Judah2 Ki. 21:19
659 B.C.Josiah succeeds Amon as king of Judah2 Ki. 22:1
b. 648 B.C.Zephaniah completes the book of ZephaniahZeph. 1:1
647 B.C.Jeremiah begins preachingJer. 1:1, 2
b. 633 B.C.Nahum completes the book of NahumNah. 1:1
c. 633 B.C.Nineveh falls to Medes and Chaldeans
Babylon now in line to become Third World Power
Nah. 3:7
628 B.C.Jehoahaz, successor of Josiah, rules as king of Judah for three months
Jehoiakim succeeds Jehoahaz as king of Judah
2 Ki. 23:31
2 Ki. 23:36
c. 628 B.C.Habakkuk completes the book of HabakkukHab. 1:1
625 B.C.Nebuchadnezzar rules as king of BabylonJer. 25:1
620 B.C.Nebuchadnezzar makes Jehoiakim tributary king2 Ki. 24:1
618 B.C.Jehoiachin becomes king after Jehoiakim in Judah2 Ki. 24:6, 8
617 B.C.Nebuchadnezzar takes first Jewish captives to Babylon;
Zedekiah is made king of Judah, vassal to Babylon
Dan. 1:1-4;
2 Ki. 24:12-18
614 B.C.Seraiah pitches book of prophecy against Babylon into Euphrates RiverJer. 51:59-64
613 B.C.Ezekiel begins prophesyingEzek. 1:1-3
609 B.C.Nebuchadnezzar attacks Judah third time; begins siege of Jerusalem2 Ki. 25:1, 2
607 B.C.Fifth month (Ab 7-10), temple razed and Jerusalem destroyed
Seventh month, Jews abandon Judah;
Seven Gentile Times begin to count
Jeremiah writes Lamentations
Judah's 70-year desolation begins
2 Ki. 25:8-10;
Jer. 52:12-14
2 Ki. 25:25, 26
Lam., preamble LXX
c. 607 B.C.Obadiah completes the book of ObadiahObad. 1
591 B.C.Ezekiel completes the book of EzekielEzek. 40:1; 29:17
c. 580 B.C.Books of 1 and 2 Kings and Jeremiah completedJer. 52:31; 2 Ki. 25:27
543 B.C.Buddhist Era begins in India 

539 B.C.Babylon falls to the Medes and Persians;
Medo-Persia becomes the Fourth World Power
Dan. 5:30, 31
537 B.C.Decree of Cyrus the Persian in his first year,
permitting Jews to leave Babylon for Jerusalem, takes effect;
Jerusalem's 70-year desolation ends
2 Chron. 36:22, 23;
Jer. 25:12;
536 B.C.Daniel completes the book of DanielDan. 10:1
 Foundation of temple laid by ZerubbabelEzra 3:8-10
522 B.C.Ban put on temple-building workEzra 4:23, 24
521 B.C.Haggai completes the book of HaggaiHag. 1:1
519 B.C.Zechariah completes the book of ZechariahZech. 1:1
516 B.C.Zerubbabel completes second templeEzra 6:14, 15
c. 474 B.C.Mordecai completes the book of EstherEsther 3:7; 9:32
468 B.C.Ezra returns to Jerusalem, 7th year of ArtaxerxesEzra 7:7
c. 460 B.C.Ezra completes the books of 1 and 2 Chronicles and Ezra;

final compilation of Psalms
Ezra 1:1;
2 Chron. 36:22;
Ps. 137
455 B.C.Jerusalem's walls rebuilt by Nehemiah in 20th year of Artaxerxes;
prophecy of 70 weeks begins fulfillment
Neh. 1:1; 2:1, 11;
6:15; Dan. 9:24
a. 443 B.C.Nehemiah completes the book of Nehemiah
Malachi completes the book of Malachi
Neh. 5:14
Mal. 1:1
406 B.C.Jerusalem fully rebuilt to ancient gloryDan. 9:25
332 B.C.Greece, Fifth World Power, rules JudeaDan. 8:21
331 B.C.Babylon falls before Alexander the GreatDan. 8:20, 21;
11:2, 3
323 B.C."Partition of Babylon" for dividing up dead Alexander's empireDan. 8:8, 22;
c. 280 B.C.The Greek Septuagint translation begun in Egypt (Alexandria) 
165 B.C.Renewal of temple after desecration by Greek idolatry
Feast of Dedication
John 10:22
133 B.C.Attalus III of Pergamum wills kingdom to Rome 
63 B.C.Rome, Sixth World Power, rules JerusalemJohn 19:15;Rev. 17:10
37 B.C.Herod (appointed king by Rome) takes Jerusalem by storm 
17 B.C.Herod begins rebuilding the temple in JerusalemJohn 2:20
2 B.C.John the Baptist born about April; Jesus born about October 1Luke 1:60; 2:7
A.D. 29John begins preaching
After his baptism Jesus begins ministry
Luke 3:1,2
Luke 3:23
A.D. 33Nisan 14, Jesus becomes sacrifice for the new covenant; is impaled
Nisan 16, the resurrection of Jesus
Sivan 6, Pentecost; outpouring of spirit;
Peter opens the way for Jews to Christian congregation; uses first key
Luke 22:20; 23:33
Matt. 28:1-10
Acts 2:1-17;
Matt. 16:19; Acts 2:38

A.D. 36End of the 70 weeks of years;
Peter uses second key, uncircumcised people of the nations
enter the Christian congregation in autumn
Dan. 9:24-27;
Acts 10:1, 45
c. A.D. 41Matthew writes the Gospel entitled "Matthew" 
c. A.D. 47-48Paul's first missionary tourActs 13:1-14:28
c. A.D. 49Christian governing body rules against circumcision
for uncircumcised believers from the nations
Acts 15:28, 29
c. A.D. 49-52Paul's second missionary tourActs 15:36-18:22
c. A.D. 50Paul writes 1 Thessalonians from Corinth1 Thess. 1:1
c. A.D. 50-52Paul writes his letter to the Galatians
from Corinth or Syrian Antioch
Gal. 1:1
c. A.D. 51Paul writes 2 Thessalonians from Corinth2 Thess. 1:1
c. A.D. 52-56Paul's third missionary tourActs 18:23-21:17
c. A.D. 55Paul writes 1 Corinthians from Ephesus
and 2 Corinthians from Macedonia
1 Cor. 15:32;
2 Cor. 2:12, 13
c. A.D. 56Paul writes the letter to the Romans from CorinthRom. 16:1
c. A.D. 56-58Luke writes the Gospel entitled "Luke"Luke 1:1, 2
c. A.D. 60-61From Rome Paul writes: Ephesians
Eph. 3:1
Phil. 4:22
Col. 4:18
Philem. 1
c. A.D. 60-65Mark writes the Gospel entitled "Mark" 
c. A.D. 61Paul writes the letter to the Hebrews from Rome
Luke completes the book of Acts in Rome
Heb. 13:24; 10:34
c. A.D. 61-64Paul writes 1 Timothy from Macedonia
Paul writes Titus from Macedonia (?)
1 Tim. 1:3
Titus 1:5
b. A.D. 62James, Jesus' brother, writes the letter of "James" from JerusalemJas. 1:1
c. A.D. 62-64Peter writes 1 Peter from Babylon on Euphrates River1 Pet. 1:1; 5:13
c. A.D. 64Peter writes 2 Peter from Babylon (?)2 Pet. 1:1
c. A.D. 65Paul writes 2 Timothy from Rome
Jude, Jesus' brother, writes "Jude"
2 Tim. 4:16-18
Jude 1, 17, 18
A.D. 70Jerusalem and its temple destroyed by the RomansDan. 9:27;
Matt. 23:37, 38;
Luke 19:42-44
c. A.D. 96John, on Patmos, writes Revelation; predicts fall of Babylon the GreatRev. 1:9; 14:8
c. A.D. 98John writes the Gospel entitled "John"
and his letters 1, 2 and 3 John;
Bible writing completed
John 21:22, 23
c. A.D. 100John, the last of the apostles, dies2 Thess. 2:7
A.D. 116Roman Empire expanded to greatest extent under Emperor Trajan;
after defeating Parthians he sails down Tigris River from Ctesiphon and enters Persian Gulf
A.D. 325Roman Emperor Constantine, Pontifex Maximus,
convokes first general council of religious bishops at Nicaea, Asia Minor

A.D. 330Constantine dedicates the former Byzantium as Constantinople,
to be the new seat of the Roman Empire, the Roma Nova or New Rome
A.D. 364Pontifex Maximus Valentinian names his brother Valens (Arian) to be colleague,
to be Emperor of the East, Valentinian to be Emperor of the West, including old Rome
A.D. 375Gratian succeeds Valentinian as Emperor of the West and Pontifex Maximus
A.D. 378General Theodosius is made Emperor of the East, to succeed Arian Valens
Damasus, bishop of Rome, takes over title of Pontifex Maximus
relinquished by Emperor Gratian
A.D. 381Second General Council of Constantinople nominates Bishop Nectarius
to be Patriarch of Constantinople
A.D. 395Roman Empire is divided between sons of Theodosius,
the western part including Rome to Honorius, the eastern part including Constantinople
to Arcadius
A.D. 476So-called "Fall of Rome." German Odoacer assumes title of King of Italy.
Emperor Zeno becomes ruler of whole Roman Empire, at Constantinople.
A.D. 622Mohammed flees from his enemies to Medina
A.D. 800Pope Leo III crowns Frankish King Charles (Charlemagne) Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
Irene is empress in Constantinople.
A.D. 1054Final break between Greek and Latin churches,
when the pope's legates excommunicate Patriarch Michael Cerularius of Constantinople
A.D. 1453Constantinople is captured by Mohamet (Mohammed) II;
Greek Patriarch of Constantinople is allowed to continue in office
A.D. 1517Roman Catholic priest, Martin Luther, publishes his 95 Theses at Wittenberg, Germany
A.D. 1520Pope Leo X excommunicates Martin Luther, and Luther publicly burns papal bull
of excommunication
A.D. 1529Protestant movement is established by Luther's supporters,
and the following year Protestant League of Schmalkald is entered into
A.D. 1531King Henry VIII imposes royal supremacy on English clergy
A.D. 1534English Parliament passes acts declaring Henry VIII to be Supreme Head of the Church of England,
with authority to redress errors, heresies, abuses in Church
A.D. 1587Independent Russian Orthodox Church is established, with the Patriarch of Moscow as head
A.D. 1763Great Britain emerges as Seventh World Power
A.D. 1775American colonies of Britain revolt, leading to establishment of United States of America
A.D. 1833Regency of Greece declares orthodox Church of Greece independent
A.D. 1869First Vatican Council is convened by pope of Rome
A.D. 1879(July) First number of Zion's Watch Tower is published
A.D. 1884Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society (now Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania)
is legally chartered
A.D. 1909Headquarters of Watch Tower Society is transferred from Pittsburgh, Pa., to Brooklyn, N.Y.

A.D. 1916United States of America becomes ally of Great Britain in World War I
A.D. 1917Russian clergy hold General Council of Moscow (Sept.-Oct.) and restore Russian patriarchate
abolished by Tzar Peter the Great. Bolsheviki disestablish Russian Church as State Church.
(July) Watch Tower Society publishes The Finished Mystery,
an explanation of Revelation and Ezekiel
A.D. 1918(February 24) First delivery of "Millions Now Living Will Never Die," at Los Angeles, California
(June) Watch Tower Society's officers and headquarters associates
are imprisoned in U.S. Federal penitentiary
A.D. 1919(March) The 8 Watch Tower representatives are released from penitentiary,
and exonerated following year
First assembly of Bible Students under Watch Tower Society supervision held at
Cedar Point, Ohio, Sept. 1-8
The Golden Age (now Awake!) begins publication in October
A.D. 1920League of Nations begins its sessions, as Eighth World Power
A.D. 1922Second international assembly is held at Cedar Point, Ohio, Sept. 5-12.
Resolution adopted as the first in a series of 7 resolutions in successive years.
A.D. 1923General assembly is held in Los Angeles, Calif., in August; resolution adopted
A.D. 1924International assembly is held in Columbus, Ohio, July 20-27; resolution adopted
A.D. 1925General assembly held in Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 24-31; resolution adopted
A.D. 1926International assembly in London, Eng., May 25-31; resolution adopted
A.D. 1927International assembly in Toronto, Ont., Can., July 20-26; resolution adopted
A.D. 1928International assembly held in Detroit, Mich., July 30-Aug. 6;
resolution adopted, the final one of the series of 7 resolutions
A.D. 1930August 11, the book Light, in 2 volumes, released at Watch Tower headquarters,
explaining Revelation
A.D. 1931July 26, the name "Jehovah's witnesses" is embraced by adopting
resolution at international assembly in Columbus, Ohio
A.D. 1935General assembly held in Washington, D.C., May 30-June 3;
the speech "The Great Multitude," given May 31, applies Revelation 7:9-17 to the Jonadab
or "other sheep" class
A.D. 1941(December) United States of America becomes ally of Great Britain in World War II
A.D. 1942New World Theocratic Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses is held in Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 18-20;
the public address "Peace—Can It Last?" points to ascent of the "wild beast"
(a league of nations) out of the "abyss" after World War II.
Edition of King James Version Bible, printed on Watch Tower Society presses, is released.
A.D. 1944At the United Announcers' Theocratic Assembly in Buffalo, New York,
the Watch Tower edition of the American Standard Version Bible,
from the Society's own presses, is released on August 10

A.D. 1945(October) The United Nations organization is ratified and goes into effect;
symbolic scarlet wild beast is out of abyss
A.D. 1948World Council of Churches is formally organized at Amsterdam, Netherlands, in first
World Assembly, Aug. 22-Sept. 5
A.D. 1950At Theocracy's Increase International Assembly in Yankee Stadium, New York city,
the New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures is released to 82,075
assembled on August 2
A.D. 1953At New World Society International Assembly in Yankee Stadium
the first of a series of 5 volumes of the New World Translation of the Hebrew Scriptures
is released to 132,811 assembled on July 22. (Series completed in 1960.)
A.D. 1958Divine Will International Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses in Yankee Stadium
and New York Polo Grounds simultaneously, July 27-Aug. 3.
On August 1 an audience of 194,418 adopts resolution, which from paragraph 5 onward
calls attention to wicked world built up "since the founding of the city of Babylon."
On August 3 a public audience of 253,922 hears Watch Tower Society president speak on
"God's Kingdom Rules—Is the World's End Near?"
On July 30 occurred baptism of 7,136; also the president released Volume 4 of the
New World Translation of the Hebrew Scriptures to a crowd of 150,282.
A.D. 1961At the "United Worshipers" District Assembly in Yankee Stadium
the president of the Watch Tower Society releases the revised edition of the
New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, in one volume, on June 23
Third assembly of World Council of Churches is held in New Delhi, India, Nov. 18-Dec. 6;
the Russian Orthodox Church applies and is made a member of the World Council.
The Council membership now includes 198 church bodies.
A.D. 1962In Vatican City the second ecumenical Vatican Council is opened by
Pope John XXIII, with many non-Roman Catholic delegate observers present, on October 11
But on December 8 Pope John XXIII adjourned the Council until September 8, 1963.
A.D. 1963Under date of April 11, at Vatican City, Pope John XXIII published his encyclical
entitled "Pacem in Terris" and in it he praised the United Nations organization.
He died on June 3, after receiving human blood transfusions in May.
Compare pages 544, ¶5 - 545, ¶1, of this book.
(June) Preparations on the part of Watch Tower Society continue for holding the
"Everlasting Good News" Around-the-World Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses, June 30-Sept. 8,
at which this book and other Bible publications are to be released, God willing

NOTE: In the case of some events approximate dates are given, based on the available evidence. The purpose of the chart is not to fix unalterable dates for each event, but to help Bible students to locate events in the stream of time and see their relationship to one another.
Symbols: "a" for "after"; "b" for "before"; "c" for "circa or about."

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