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January 1919 IBSA Convention Report


Brother O. Magnuson

THURSDAY, Fellowship Day, Jan. 2d, 7.30 P.M.


I AM very pleased indeed to see so many happy faces here this evening. It gives evidence that you are having fellowship, and that fellowship is sweet, because you are of one mind: For how can two walk together unless they agree, and the better they agree the better or sweeter the fellowship. We wish to direct your attention tonight to God's "PRECIOUS JEWELS" — their Crystallization and God's plan, outlined in the wonderful feature of His purposes therein displayed. You remember John the Revelator was privileged to have a vision of the entire Gospel and Millennial Ages — the shifting scenes of Church and State; and then he pictured at the conclusion of this age that wonderful Heavenly City, that New Jerusalem, which is so perfect in all its workings — just like a Royal Bride ready to be presented before the altar. And we know nothing could be missing at such an event as that. So, as John on the Isle of Patmos was privileged to see in vision these things on the Lord's Day, the John Class, living at the time of our Lord's Second Presence, would be privileged to understand the meaning of what John saw then. He tells us what he saw back there, and if you and I belong to the John Class we will have the sweet privilege of understanding the things therein written.

The first thing the Lord did was to invite St. John to come up on a high mountain, alone with the Lord, and to view matters from God's standpoint. If you and I were


privileged to be on a high mountain, how would earthly things appear to us? Would they be very great and enticing? Not at all! The higher we would climb on the mountain the smaller the things beneath would appear. Rivers would appear just like little ripples, and trees like patches of green; men and women would look like toys. Well, if you and I have taken that high and elevated standpoint, the earthly things will be just as little in our estimation as things would appear to those high up on the mountain top. But if the earthly things seem enticing and have a great deal of influence over us (looks large and great), we are not very high up the mountain. We are pretty close to the base because they look so big and so real. But to the extent, then, that we are living in the spirit and have the mind of the Lord, the earthly things will appear like soap bubbles — like toys — which amount to nothing. "For the things seen" the Apostle says, "are temporal" — they are transitory, they pass away — but the unseen things (by the literal eye) are the real things because they are eternal in duration. He pictures this great Bride class under the symbol of a city surrounded by a wall having twelve foundations. "And the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones." The way and order in which they are mentioned illustrates to our mind their importance from God's standpoint.

There are two standpoints, and unless we. get the proper focus on these things we are apt to miss the lesson. For instance, when the Tabernacle was erected they started with the Most Holy first. They covered the Ark within and without with gold, and put it in; then the Vail; the Table of Shew Bread; the Candlestick; the Incense Altar and the Vail again. Then they reared up the Court; placed next the Altar, then the Laver; and last, the Gate. So God started from within, working out. We start from without, working in. Now we wish to view this from God's standpoint!

drawing of jasper shapeWe read that the first stone in this wonderful foundation was JASPER. Why so? What is the first and most important thing for us to know? It is about God. Consequently the Revelator in the 4th chapter of Revelations pictures Jehovah God and likens Him unto a jasper stone. "And He that sat (upon the throne) was to look upon like a jasper stone," and the light of that wonderful Being was like the light of a jasper stone most precious. Then Jehovah God is the most important Being in the universe. "God first!" That is what we have learned! That is the foundation of everything; because if we would omit God from the plan there would not be anything to it. So God is "first," and He is like unto a jasper stone. Not that Jehovah God literally looks like a jasper stone, but there is something about that stone that reminds the John Class of God. Now let us see to what extent that is true. We have been told that the jasper stone crystallizes if properly cut to a shape of a pyramid — as if one is standing on top of the other — base to base. It is a green tinted diamond — the hardest substance known. It has eight sides, but four are visible at all times: no matter how you turn that stone you can see four sides. But whiever one of these sides appears the largest depends upon how you hold the stone. It says, this looks like Jehovah to the John Class in that this stone had its own base. And it suggests to our minds that Jehovah is self-sustaining. He does not depend upon any one for His existence. He is the Great "I Am"! — Furthermore it is a green-tinted diamond — the hardest substance known — His life is what? Inherent life! The highest kind of everlasting life known, which we term immortality "green" — everlasting life! Jehovah God has four attributes prominently brought to our attention in His Word: Justice, Wisdom, Love and Power. And one of these attributes when it takes the lead seems greater and larger; whereas the other three are merely in unison, — backing the other up, as it were. Let us see: For instance, when God condemned Adam to death the prominent side of God which was brought to our view was justice. Justice condemned man to death; but did love oppose? No! Did wisdom or power oppose? No! They were in unison. However, justice took the leading part. The others were passive.

You turn the stone again and you see God from another standpoint of His attributes: What do we find? His love is more extensive than his justice, for He brings to our attention that "He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son." Do we find justice in that attribute of love? Yes! Power? Yes! Wisdom? Yes! But love seemed the greatest at that time, and the other three seemed to be passive, — not doing anything. We realize what a wonderful love that was; — the unspeakable gift! Now then, God did not spare His only begotten Son, but gave Him freely for us all; and therefore love was very prominent at that time  — the most prominent of all. His love was just as great as His justice. Love triumphed over justice! It found out how God could maintain His just decree and at the same time do something for His creatures.

We turn the stone again and have another side just as great: Here we have power brought to our attention. And sure enough, friends, we realize and appreciate that wonderful power when God took that glorious Being, the Logos, and transferred Him from the spiritual plane to the human plane, and then allowed Him to grow up to manhood, consecrate Himself: and then transferred Him from the human plane to the Divine plane and never lose His identity. That took a wonderful power. But then He tells us He will remember all the human race who have died from Adam down to the present time, every one of these, except the wilfully wicked, He will reproduce: some on the spiritual plane, some on the Divine plane and some on the perfect human plane. He will resuscitate them all and never make a mistake. Isn't that wonderful ? In that act of His power then, do we see justice, love and wisdom? Indeed we do! But not until the end of the millennial age, when God has been made known to His creatures, will His wisdom shine forth. And at what time from Creation will that be? That will be on the eighth day. Oh, yes! that stone did have EIGHT SIDES! Therefore on the eighth day Jehovah will have displayed all His loving attributes to His creatures, and all will know Him as He really should be known.

As that stone had twenty-four angles — intersecting perfectly — so therefore, God is pleased to make Himself known to His creatures through twenty-four prophets and their particular utterances. And as these angles intersect perfectly, likewise these twenty-four prophecies are in perfect harmony. That is a description of Jehovah God, —  that Great "I Am!" No wonder then, that that should be the foundation of that wonderful wall of the new Jerusalem. "Jehovah First!"

drawing of sapphire shapeNaturally we would expect that the next stone should bring to our attention the next thing in order. And so it does! After we learned about Jehovah God, we say where does that great Being live? Where is His abode? So then the next stone brings that thought to our attention. The second foundation stone was a sapphire. It is blue sprinkled with gold dust, and crystallizes on twelve sides. You look at that stone and see that it is blue, sprinkled with gold: It invites comparison to the heavens. And sure enough, you remember "God brought him forth abroad, and said, Look now to-


ward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them: and He said unto him, so shall thy seed be." Let us see if the Bible speaks of this. In Exo. 24:10 we read: "And they saw the God of Israel; and the place under His feet as it were a paved work of sapphire stone, and as it were the body of heaven in clearness." There he brings to our attention that fact! And in Ezek. 10:1 we read: "Then, I looked, and behold, in the firmament that was above the head of the cherubim there appeared over them as it were a sapphire stone, as the appearance of the likeness of a throne." Also in Ezek. 1:26, we read: "And above the firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne, as the appearance of a sapphire stone: and upon the likeness of the throne was the likeness of the appearance of a man above upon it."

These Scriptures are ample proof to us that as this stone was second in order in this great and wonderful wall of Jerusalem, it brings to our attention Jehovah's abode. His throne is ruling over His creatures, and these stars represent what? The heavenly beings. And twelve sides: Oh yes, the multiple of twelve is the Little Flock. Yes, it is just composed of a multiple of twelve heavenly beings. Is God faithful to that class? "God is faithful!" Not that He was, or will be faithful, but it is always in the present tense. Has He been faithful to you and me ? Oh yes! we can, like Joshua, look back and say, "Not one of all God's promises have failed." And now remember that this class, the little flock, is represented as having the same characteristics as that stone. So that the same faithfulness that Jehovah has towards all His heavenly beings will likewise be manifested to all others. You remember Abraham's seed was to be all those who will eventually receive life on any plane. So then, "twelve" represents also the earthly seed, the twelve tribes of Israel. In Psalm 47:9, we read: "The nobles of the people are gathered together, to be with the people of the God of Abraham. (Leeser's translation.) Then we all are accounted as children of Abraham. It means what? Faithfulness. Isn't that a characteristic that He wants you and me to develop? Oh yes. If you are ever to be in that class, that is one of the things we must develop more and more — full of faith: be willing to trust Him where we cannot trace Him. To know God's will! What does that mean? If I want to find God's will, friends, I can never find that out as long as my will is running strong, because then if I want something myself, I never can find out God's will. I will have to be passive first and then watch the Lord's leading, and by so doing, I will find out the Lord's will. But if I am determined to have a thing myself, all I am looking for then is to have the Lord put His O. K. on my will, and then say, "Lord, that is your will," and you know we are so apt to do that. Let us remember the Lord is guiding His people today just as surely as He has done in the past. Just look for the Lord's providential leadings, and we don't need to be concerned or worried about God's purposes and plans: not for one minute. We can fully trust in the Divine providences in all our affairs.

drawing of chalcedony stoneIf we have learned about that  —  (God's glorious throne ruling over all), the next thought will be God's kingdom. Oh, if that same kind of rule will be manifest on earth (because we learned about His wonderful home) we would like to have him dwell here. Why then all this exertion ? Why, away back there He told us about the time when all the families of the earth would be blessed by the means of that wonderful kingdom, and His disciples were taught to pray, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven." And do you know that is just exactly what the next stone brings to our attention? Chalcedony! It also crystallizes very peculiarly. It is green in color and it has twelve, as well as twenty-four sides, and each side has five angles — .twelve, twenty-four, five — blending in color. You see we are getting our graduation lessons now. We should get away from our A, B, C's. We have learned from God's glorious plan that it is going to be a kingdom composed of two phases. Two kinds of seed — one like unto the stars, and the other like unto the sands of the seashore. (Twelve here and twelve there.) And then what kind of a kingdom is it going to be? Why the color is green. What does that stand for? Everlasting life. It is going to be an everlasting kingdom. How? Well, there were four universal empires: Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome, and the next will be the fifth empire. Sure enough it has five angles, So as you look at it from each phase, it was five in number. And it was green! And it had twelve and twenty-four sides. So in that way He is silently telling His children — the John Class — there is going to be a two-phased kingdom working in perfect unison. It is. going to be established under the whole heavens for the purpose of blessing all the families of the earth. And it is not going to pass away like the former ones, but is going to be an everlasting kingdom, and it is going to continue, for the race is going to be brought to perfection, and Jehovah, and His representatives — the Christ — will have full charge of the heavenly phase of the kingdom, and full charge of the earthly phase of the kingdom, for the purpose of extending blessings to all. And this is to last in duration — everlasting. Never again will it be necessary to review the past and present scenes of earth. So we are glad to know of that wonderful kingdom.

Next in order will be what? Well now, how is this class going to get their development. Who are they? Where do they come from? Oh, the stones tell us God's eternal purpose. He purposed to have what? A reigning and ruling class for the purpose of bringing to perfection out of this condition of affairs the whole human family. And He calls our. attention to the class of people from which He is going to call them and the steps they must take in order to gain that position. And then, when they get there what are they going to do? drawing of an emerald's shapeWell, the next stone is an emerald. You remember in the fourth chapter of Revelations Jehovah is spoken of as being encircled by a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald. And the general color was green. If you and I were up in an airplane when a rainbow was visible, we would find a perfect circle. And you know that a rainbow was a guarantee to Noah and his family that another flood would never appear. God's covenant to them by means of the bow was a guarantee of the blessings to follow. God covenanted what? To have a seed, so perfect that He will be able to accomplish all that He covenanted to do. As that rainbow had seven colors, and in general color was green, what does that mean? Well now, here it was an emblem of peace. What kind of peace does God have? Why He had no beginning, and no end, consequently His peace had no beginning and no end. It was a perfect peace, and everlasting in duration. Now that is what is going to be brought about. The nations today are looking for peace, but we are very much afraid they will have a good many pieces before peace will come. (Laughter.) When God's Kingdom comes, it will be an everlasting, perfect peace for all His creatures.

Now this class is going to be tried in every way. You look at that stone and you will find it crystallizes on six sides. It was six-sided. You lay the stone down (long


ways) : what do you find? Four lines. Set those lines like the chart, and they line up perfectly: Mankind is standing on the plane of condemnation. The first step is justification by faith. The second step is vitalized consecration —  or spirit begetting. The third step is spirit birth. The fourth step is glorification. Sure enough, there is going to be four steps through which this class is to pass.

As this stone has six sides, it brings to our attention that this class has come from an imperfect race — six — the number six standing for imperfection — incompleteness. And by means of four steps (divinely arranged), they will be able to reach the top of the ladder — "glory, honor and immortality.

You turn the stone up and down: What do you find? Three sections! The chart brings to our attention three worlds: "The world that was. The present evil world. And the world to come." In the "world to come" this class, having reached that glorious condition — chosen from that imperfect race, will be able to extend blessings to all the families of the earth, because they are taking the same viewpoint as God. They have the same kind of peace that the Heavenly Father has: To the extent that you and I can fully and truly believe God and enter into his promises, to that extent will we have perfect peace: for he says. "I will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee.'' (Isa. 26:3.) So then to the extent of our trust, to that same extent will be our peace. When we have lost our peace you see we have been looking at something else — haven't we? Yes! He says: "I will keep him in perfect peace . . . because he trusteth in thee." Therefore, if we are not kept in perfect peace it is because our minds have been elsewhere. We have been disturbed about something else. You should not look at the elements as St. Peter did, because that is the time when we begin to sink. We look at the present difficulties in the world, and the Church, etc., and say: "What does this mean?" Satan says: "You see that great big cloud over there! That is coming for you!" Yes, but it is going to break blessings over your head. That is the way it is if we just trust God.

Now this stone was inclined to cling tenaciously to the dross while under the cutting process. It would, therefore, require a great deal of heating in order to remove that dross; which shows that if we tenaciously hold on to these earthly natures and desires it may spoil us as stones in that wall, and we will have to take a lesser place or go with a greater company. So then, He brings to our attention the class He is choosing and the steps that must be taken to obtain the prize.

In the next stone He brings something else to our attention: The fifth stone was a sardonyx. This illustrates the cardinal virtues necessary in order to be able to be fitted for that place in the Kingdom. The ancients claim that the true sardonyx stone was straight, with a black base, a white centre, and a red surface. Black represents what? Humility! Do you think we need that? Well, if we do not have humility as the very foundation of our cardinal virtues we will become topheavy and lose out. Humility is the essential principle, and Brother Russell has called our attention to this: That it is more necessary than "ability." It matters not how well we are able to express God's purposes and plans, if we have not the proper kind of humility it is going to take us somewhere before God gets through with us. But humility must have another virtue. and that is purity. Why? (Chastity!) They must all be virgins at heart. And not only that. He brings the red to our attention, which represents sacrifice! Martyred: willing to spend and be spent in God's service. Those are the three cardinal virtues. And this sardonyx stone was used for signets and cameos. Oh yes, inscriptions were made on this stone and various images were engraved upon it. What would this suggest? The character development of this class. The Lord is working on that class whom He is inviting to a high station and if we have these three virtues thoroughly in heart and mind He will be able to carve the inscription — His own — and the image of our Lord. So then, it is not only putting it into the heart, but cutting it right in. It is not as if you would write something on a stone which might be easily rubbed off. No. it is cut in! It will stay! So we have the image of our Lord and our Heavenly Father cut into our very actions, so that we might say, like David: "My heart is fixed." Is our heart fixed — determined, that "come what may," we will be loyal to the Lord? Whatever cutting there is to be done, it is going to bring out the image of our Lord: so "we are beholding as it were in a glass the image of the Lord," we are changed from glory to glory, as by the spirit of the Lord."

After this class has reached its perfection of character what are they going to do when they get up there? Well, we used to think we were going to sit on a cloud and play a harp throughout all eternity. We wondered sometimes how monotonous that would be. But we thought of others that would share the same thing, and concluded we could stand it if they could, and it would be all right. But the next stone shows what they are there for. And it says, the sixth stone is a sardius. That was the ancient precious stone — the stone upon which they did all their engraving. It looks like raw flesh! And Jehovah is likened unto the sardius stone. Why? He has the human family here to whom He made promises too. They were smitten in Adam, and nearly everything which originally existed was wiped out. Now, He says, there is going to be a day when that class is going to have that image put in their heart, and written in their very being. The class who have gone through the very same experiences would be the most suitable ones to assist the human family in restoring that image back again. So, then, He is not going to forget His earthly creatures. No indeed! He says, "Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yes, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee." He will never forget those lost in Adam but redeemed by Christ. He is going to show in that WORLD'S BIRTHDAY how the original image will be put back into their hearts and make the very character that Adam had before the fall. That will keep us busy, won't it? Yes! Let us be faithful. This is what John saw!

The seventh stone would also bring to our attention the next thing in order. After we have learned about Jehovah's wonderful character and His universe: His kingdom; the development and call of this class; and their character development, and the human race perfected what would we next see? We would see God's wonderful wisdom therein displayed. How? Sure enough the chrysolite stone (the seventh in order) which was a golden stone, tinted with green, and very transparent. We read in James 3:17, "But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy." And you remember in Ezek. 1:16, it reads: "The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the color of a beryl." However, this should read: "the chrysolyte," because the description of that stone answers perfectly, and "they four had one likeness and their appearance and their work were as it were a wheel within a wheel." In other words, God's wisdom is displayed in that wonderful plan: Age lapping over age — perfectly showing His wonderful wisdom: "that known unto God are all His works, from the foundation of the world." So that is the golden stone, showing God's marvelous wisdom displayed in His wonderful character which He has shown forth.

After we see these wonderful things. He goes over the ground more thoroughly as to how the world of mankind will reach human perfection! And by what means? Or, what is going to be used?

The eighth stone was a beryl. That is a wonderful stone too: It is also of a bluish green color. It has sixty-six sides  — two ends and six larger sizes around the stone — on each end there are four diamond points: four on this end and four on the other end. and alternating throughout the stone. Five diamond points on one side, next eight, and next five, and next eight, etc. — spins around that stone. That illustrates what? God's Word. For what does the Revelator say? "In that day the books are going to be opened." To whom? The world of mankind. They are going to be on trial for life! Not the kind of a book you and I were formerly told would be opened to the world, i.e., when the Church is glorified they are going to heaven for a thousand years and are going to open the books to see whether they


were kept straight, and while the world is in that chaotic condition, and Satan strolling around (not a living thing on the earth for a thousand years), at the end of that time they will have finished looking over the books drawing of beryl shapeand of course they will put their O. K. upon them and call forth billions and tell them that God kept His books straight and "you must go back to where you came from." That was man's theory. Kay, it was a theory of a woman and not of a man. But that is not the kind of a book that is to be opened. It is God's books that will be opened. All of them in fact! Yes, sixty-six books of the Bible! And when those books are opened to the world of mankind, what will they learn ? They will find it has two Testaments: the Old and the New. You will find God's four attributes mentioned in the Old Testament and the same in the New Testament. So, therefore, each end had four diamond points It illustrates that God's attributes will be displayed to mankind through the Old and New Testament. And as we study along, what do we find? There were six thousand years of man's suffering, and during this time God, in His Word, has promised a Kingdom. Fine! And by means of that Kingdom the whole race of mankind is going to be made perfect. When? In the eighth day. For in the type you remember they were circumcised on the eighth day — representing the circumcision of the heart — perfection. So by means of the Kingdom the human family will reach perfection in the eighth thousand year day, and God's attributes will be displayed to them. They will understand! Yes, indeed! And they will discover that just like the color of the stone, which was blue and green, representing faithfulness — from first to last: and also everlasting perfection — brought about because of that: not that the Bible will be the entire source of information, but it will verify the history of the six thousand years. For instance, it says: "Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the Lord bindeth up the breech of His people, and healeth the stroke of their wound." What does He mean by that? At that time the Old Testament Scriptures will be just as plain to mankind as the plain statements of the Gospel. "And the Gospel light," will be just like "seven suns" — perfect life. Why? Because of the light of the seven days — seven thousand years. And if they question anything, they have the living actors here and can find out just exactly what these things mean. Therefore, they will not need to read and ponder about Enoch. Some one says: "Enoch, I want to know where you have been! I don't believe that statement in that book." And Enoch will be right on the scene, and will say, "I can tell you where I have been." Which would they rather do, read the record about him or have a talk with him? Well, I would rather have a talk with him. Furthermore, "how about Noah and the ark? We have been reading about that," but when they have a talk with Noah it will be made perfectly plain, won't it? Yes! Also about Jonah and the whale. Some one will say, "I don't believe that, Jonah! Tell us about that: Did you swallow the whale, or did the whale swallow you?" So it will be opened up so perfectly! Why? Because there are the living actors corroborating the Scriptures. How many infidels will there be then? None! How many higher critics? None! They will be lower critics then. But in studying God's Word, what will they find? They will discover that there is a solution. And in this they will discover also God's benevolence to His creatures.

The next and ninth stone — a topaz — was also green. It had twenty-six sides: Well now, the two phases of the kingdom and the whole earth will be perfected under the figure of twelve — heavenly, and twelve earthly: But here we have twenty-six? Yes, but there is going to be a class that has been running for the high calling who will lose out in the second death. And you will also find a class among the human race who will go into everlasting death —  destruction — for in the sixty-sixth chapter of Isaiah and twenty-fourth verse, we read: "And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcasses of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched: and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh." They will recognize the justice in God's plan, and also God's benevolence even towards these: Yes! So the plan will reveal to them that there will be some that will be lost.

And after we see that, next in order, would come the tenth stone, the chrysoprasus. What does that illustrate? Constant, cheerful endurance. That stone is yellow and green, and it has a cloudy effect. It is very hard and infrequently cloudy, due to microscopic cavities. What does that mean? The stone is hard and is capable of enduring hardness. It will show God's cheerful endurance. He never lost His temper once. That will reveal God to them as they never have had God revealed to them before. They will see in it all God's long suffering — His endurance — and also that class will have that same characteristic. When the clouds of trouble come, it will only make them more firm, more determined to do the Lord's will.

So, then, dear friends, it isn't the trials that you and I have, but it is the way we meet our trials, that will determine where we are going to be. For the same trial that will make one fit for the kingdom, will make another one subject to the second death. Would you say the trial did it? Not at all! It is the way they met the trials. They both grow: That is true! And one grows sweet and the other sour. They both grow you see. Due to what? One class, in every experience in life is endeavoring to learn the lesson in the trial, and the other class is looking for somebody for which to shift the blame. And the one who looks for the lesson, the trials become stepping stones all the way along: but the one who looks for some one to shift the blame upon, the trials become stumbling stones all the way along. That is just exactly what Adam did. You remember God said: "Adam, why did you take of the forbidden fruit?" Adam said: "I am sorry but the woman you gave me asked me to do so. You know I got along very nicely, and by the way she is a gift from you — consequently it is really your fault." So you see he shifted the blame on his wife and God. God turned to Eve and said, "Why did you do that? I told you to be a help-mate to Adam." Did she say, "I am sorry"? No! She said, "The serpent beguiled me." But the serpent could not speak for himself! and had to take all the blame. It takes more courage to say, "that was my fault" than it would to give a wonderful discourse. Why? Because of self! So in these trials they will either fit us for the Kingdom or make us unsuitable for the Kingdom — either one or the other. You cannot blame the trial on your wife neither can she blame the husband. You cannot blame anybody but yourself.

We don't want to do like the little school boy. The teacher found that some of the scholars were inattentive to their lessons. Therefore, she thought, "Now, I will see if I cannot in some way direct them." And so she said, "Now children, if you find anybody looking off the book, I will be very pleased indeed if you will tell me about that boy or girl." And so there was a little fellow who said to himself: "I don't like Johnny Smith very well; if I see him look off his book I will tell the teacher." And sure enough, John Smith looked off his book, and the little fellow marched up to the teacher and said: "Teacher, Johnny Smith looked off his book!" The teacher replied: "Indeed? And were your eyes on your book when you saw him?" So they all had a laugh on him. and he haunched his head and marched back to his desk, disappointed. So then when we are attending to somebody else's affairs remember we are neglecting our own every time. And I tell you, friends, the more we learn to attend to our own affairs, the better


for all concerned. Tell your troubles to Headquarters. You can put all the complaints you want there, and tell the good things to the friends. That is a good rule by which to follow. You will never have any trouble then, and no misunderstanding will occur if you do that.

So then in all these various experiences this class is doing what? Enduring hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.

diagram of jacinth stoneThe next and eleventh stone is the jacinth: That is a wonderful stone: It crystallizes in many wonderful ways. The stone itself is colorless, but the blue is distributed in patches. And it looks like — you might say —  something round-pointed at each end. It is a six-sided pyramid. So there is a pyramid at each end. It has insets just like the shape of the stone. That stone has been called "unchangeableness." Why? Well, let us see: After the world has learned about God's wonderful character, and all His creatures have been brought to perfection, they are to have what? They are going to have a grand review of the plan: All heaven and earth — all His creatures are going to be brought together in one. There will then be a great rehearsal. A first drama: and you will expect to find something like that in that stone. And that is just what we find. If you lay the stone down this way (long ways) it arches from point to point, it has a pyramid at each end. We thus learn what? In God's great purpose from the time of Adam's creation to the end of the millennial age, you will find the drama of earth. You will find a pyramid in one end at that time — the man Adam. And you will find another one at the other end — the Man Christ Jesus. As Adam brought imperfection — sin, six-sided through his disobedience — Christ Jesus, by means of His loyalty blotted this imperfection out of existence. And you will find the three worlds pictured there: three insets and three harbors. You turn the stone up this way (long ways) you will have the same four steps to glory as you found in the other stone.

And these patches of blue in the stone, when properly cut, give color to the whole stone. So likewise, in properly interpreting the ages and purposes of God, it brings harmony out of all these wonderful things which seem to indicate, for the time being, that God was changeable Himself. However, God is unchangeable if we properly interpret the matter. It brings out God's glorious plan from start to finish, and you see then what a wonderful Being our God is.

Well, now we have the grand review — remembering this is just the way St. John sees it. This is what the John class see. You say: "Well, where did you get it from? Did you get it up here (pointing to his head)?" Not a bit of it. The Lord had a servant here, who was faithful in giving out the proper allowance of food at the right time. Therefore, the twelfth stone was the amethyst. It was just like the jasper stone, having a base to base: but it was three-sided, instead of four-sided. It is called a royal stone.

diagram of amethyst stoneThere is a legend about the amethyst, that if any one drank wine from an amethyst cup they would not become intoxicated. We do not know if that is true, but we do know this: that this cup which that servant poured  —  six volumes of Scripture Studies — did not make us drunk, did it? You can drink all you like from that cup, and I tell you it kept us sober all right. It is a royal stone. It is, in color, violet bordering on purple; composed of a strong blue and a deep red: So then it is that royal color — loyalty to the ransom. Oh yes, we used to think we were only hobbyists on the ransom, but that is our main doctrine, and like a scarlet thread, it runs through all the doctrines: Loyalty to Christ and the heavenly Father, and one another, and loyalty to God's purposes and plans, and to His children and all.

Now note: Who was it that showed the John class these things? Rev. 21:9: "And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, Come hither, I will shew thee the bride, the Lamb's wife." Then He showed him a beautiful woman? Oh no! He showed him that new Jerusalem. Which volume was it? It was one of those seven. It was the seventh volume which was used to explain that city to you and me, the details of which we now have the privilege of understanding. Don't you see that it was that stone — the summary of all contained in those volumes put together, which is the cup? Yes!

We want to talk to you about the pearl. It is a developed stone. The pearl is unlike all other jewels. But this pearl was developed. Now, we see the reason why the little flock in a particular sense is likened unto the jewels: In Matt. 13:45, 46: "The Kingdom of Heaven is likened unto a merchant man seeking goodly pearls, who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it." We all recognize who that was! Our Lord Jesus came down here on earth and sold all He had to purchase the pearl — the pearl being the Church. Yes, that is the most precious of all. Now you know the heavenly beings are like these precious stones, for even Lucifer in his perfection is said to be a precious stone of "thin covering."

What about the pearl? Are they made that way? No, they are developed. How? In the oyster shell, by means of a foreign substance coming into that shell the oyster is throwing one coat or layer over this foreign substance: Thus layer after layer is put on, and it is so thin that it cannot be discovered by the naked eye, and these layers with thousands of angles; and with all the colors of the rainbow. As a result of the oyster putting on layer after layer, the pearl is developed, until it is just simply reflecting all the rays of the sun, the rainbow and the light. As the rays of light surround it, it transmits a marvelous beauty.

You see the picture: If we think we are somebody, just remember we are likened in this picture to an oyster, and it has about as little brain as anything alive. But this foreign substance that comes into contact with the oyster is what? The new creature — the new mind. It is not something of the old mind at all. It is the new mind, and what are we to do with this new mind? Develop it. How? "Precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little and there a little." (Isa. 28:13.) And just put one layer on after another: What for? That we might get the knowledge, and thus have wisdom. And since the Lord has furnished us with the knowledge and we are feasting upon God's wonderful promises and it develops in us rightly we will receive of that pearl-like quality. Do we see then the reason why the great company class could not be likened to pearls? They fail to apply what the Lord has provided in the way of food. They are not putting over the layers, but are allowing something else to take their attention and thus do not become pearls.

Now then the gates of that wonderful wall of the city you remember was just pearls. We see then why the little flock is likened unto pearls, and likened unto gates. And the great company shall enter through the gates. They will not become gates. Why? Because they will not become pearls. Therefore, if you and I hope to be of that pearl class, you see what we need to do. We must make use of all the good things the Lord has provided in His Word for that class; and if we do so, friends, we will develop that pearl-like quality. If we do not, and eat only of the leaner foods we will be lean in character. Therefore, may the Lord bless us with a greater determination that we will have all those qualities here pictured as being in that wall in that new Jerusalem class, and thus hear, eventually, the "Well done." Amen!

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