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CURE, which you are now about to read, was written in behalf of the perplexed people, "that THY way may be known upon earth, THY saving health among all nations." — Psalm 67:2.
Herein Judge Rutherford, of world note as author and public speaker and student of prophetic Scripture, points to the certain and only cure-all.

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ALL THE NATIONS are sick unto death. Distress of mind and body is upon all peoples. Fear of what seems immediately about to befall makes their condition intolerable. This much will be conceded by all reasonable persons. The people are in great need of real consolation. In vain have they hoped for better things, and "hope deferred maketh the heart sick". (Proverbs 13:12) Is there a cure for national and individual sickness? There is one sure and absolute cure, because that remedy is prescribed by the Almighty, who never makes a mistake.
Divers remedies have been prescribed by men and have been tried out, and have completely failed. No real doctor prescribes a cure for human illness until he first makes a diagnosis of the case with an effort to ascertain the cause of the disease. All human remedies for national sickness have been brought forward without consideration's being given to the cause of the disease; and the suggested remedies, being merely a "chance shot in the dark", always fail. The remedy can be seen and appreciated only after one ascertains the root of the evil that has produced the illness. The Almighty God has placed within your reach a knowledge of the cause of national and individual sickness and has prescribed the complete cure. Will you avail yourself of the opportunity to gain that knowledge, which is of greatest value?

Abortive Remedies

Before examining the evidence as to the cause of the sickness and the complete cure provided, give consideration to human remedies, that you may appreciate how weak and inadequate they are. Some of the human remedies offered as a cure for national ills are these, to wit: Fascism, Communism, rule by dictators, and the League of Nations. Fascism and Nazism, which are one and the same, regiment the people, take away their liberty of thought and action, overburden them with taxation, destroy real manhood, and turn men into infidelity. Communism is likewise a complete failure, and has been and is used chiefly as a scarecrow to the people to make the way easy for selfish men to set up a dictator to rule. The League of Nations is a complete washout and has repeatedly demonstrated its impotency to do any good for any people or any nation.
Politicians see themselves slipping rapidly and are fearful for their jobs, and in their desperation to hold on to what they have grabbed they turn to almost any suggested remedy that comes from men. The earthly money-grabbers utterly disregard the rights of their fellow creatures in their attempt to take everything in sight, but their material wealth will avail them nothing at the final showdown. The clergy, with pious and sanctimonious attitude, say to the politicians and other grabbers of material wealth and power: "Look to us, and let us all unite our efforts to save ourselves." Forming an alliance amongst themselves, they rely entirely upon their own power to save what they
have acquired and to hold on to their positions in the future.


As a remedy for the ills now afflicting men and nations religion is held forth. Politicians in their desperation for a remedy are saying: "We must have more religion to stabilize and save the~state and nation." Does religion hold out any hope of cure for the ills of the nations and individuals? There are thousands of religions. The various nations have and practice many different religions. Can the people look to any of them for a cure? If so, to what religion? The clergy will answer: "Just any old religion." But their answer does not satisfy a reasonable mind. A brief examination of the religions and the history thereof will be illuminating here and enable one to see how utterly inadequate religion is to bring any help to the people.
What is religion? It is a belief in and practice of certain doctrines and formal ceremonies, based upon the teachings of men, and which teachings have been handed down by tradition from one generation to another. There is no absolute and certain authority upon which religion can base a conclusion. There are divers and numerous heathen religions. Within the borders of the nations called "Christendom" there are three primary religions, to wit: The Jews' religion; the Roman Catholic religion; and the so-called "Protestant" religion; and in each one of these primary religions there are many divisions and denominations all somewhat different and all unsatisfactory.
The "Jews' religion" (Galatians 1:13,14) brought about the foul crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the murder of Stephen, and the widespread and malicious persecution of numerous Christians, the disciples of Jesus Christ. (Acts 9:1-13) Jesus Christ denounced the practice of the Jews' religion as a fraud, and the practitioners as hypocrites. It was the practice of the Jews' religion that caused the complete destruction of Jerusalem and of the entire nation of Israel, and that nation has never been and never will be permitted to again exist as a nation. Jew religionists continue to practice their religion, but it is manifest that it holds out no hope for humankind.
After the death of the apostles of Jesus Christ the Catholic religion came into existence, and the leaders therein immediately engaged in polities and have practiced politics and have prosecuted and carried on wars of conquest from then even to this very day. The record of that religious organization is written in human blood and tears of bitterness. Fraudulently and hypocritically operating in the name of God and of Christ, the Catholic religious organization has continually carried on a campaign of intolerance toward and persecution of all persons who have tried to understand the Bible and teach its truths to others. The cruel Inquisition of that religious organization has left its slimy trail in almost every land on earth. It has ever been known as an unclean thing, for the reason that many of its leaders and priests have been and are morally putrid. The organization is ruled by a few men who maintain headquarters at Vatican City, Rome, and which small
body of rulers is known as "The Roman Catholic Hierarchy of authority".
Centuries ago false doctrines were promulgated by the official element of the Catholic religious organization, and those false doctrines and formal practices have been handed down from one generation to another. By that means millions of sincere persons have been deceived and fraudulently overreached and induced to support the Catholic organization. There are millions of sincere people who by the organization are called "the Catholic population", but the Catholic Hierarchy has withheld from those people the Bible and substituted for the Scriptures the false teachings of men. By employing such false doctrines and practices millions of credulous people have been woefully deceived and robbed of their material wealth, and from them has been taken freedom of thought and action, and the people have been steeped in ignorance and superstition concerning God and his Word of truth.
The Roman Catholic religious organization has an unbroken record of meddling in the politics and commercial affairs of the nations, and of using fraudulent and dishonest schemes to gain control of the political offices of the nations. That religious organization fully approved and backed up the brutal war recently prosecuted by the Fascists of Italy against the harmless people of Abyssinia. The Catholic religious organization is now openly supporting the war of rebellion against the nation of Spain, and which war has caused the untimely and brutal slaying of multitudes of innocent persons. That same religious organization, which falsely
claims to operate in the name of Christ, is now in an alliance with Japan in her prosecution of a malicious war of conquest against China. The Roman Catholic religious organization, operated by the Hierarchy, is the greatest scheme that has ever been operated to keep the people in ignorance of the truth.
Years ago certain sincere persons organized what is known as Protestantism and which, then, was a protest against the false teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic religion. Soon thereafter, however, the so-called "Protestant" organization indulged in practices like unto those employed by the Catholic religion. The record of "Protestantism" also is that of inquisition, persecution of the true followers of Christ Jesus, and prosecution of cruel wars of conquest, dabbling in the political affairs of the nations, and of teaching and practicing false doctrines that are defamatory of the name of Jehovah God and of Christ Jesus. The original Protestantism is dead; the modern "Protestant" organization is but a side-show to the Roman Catholic Hierarchy. Its leaders are ignorant of God's organization, have substituted man-made theories and practices for the Word of God, and have turned millions of professed Protestants into ignorance and superstition.
The Jews' religion completely repudiates Jesus Christ. The Catholic and Protestant religions claim to believe in and follow Christ; and now in these modern days the three religions named join forces to carry forward their political and commercial schemes, which are seductive and work great injury to the people. Recently the governor of one of the states of
America, who practices the Jews' religion, made a public declaration to this effect, to wit: "What we need is more religion. We must look to religion to save the nation." From the undisputed record of the afore-mentioned religious organizations it is easy to be seen that religion can do nothing to cure the sick world. Religion is more than hopeless, because it continuously works injury to the people.

A Racket

The practice of religion has proved beyond all doubt that it is a racket of the very worst kind. It operates in the name of God and takes advantage of the peoples' reverence and awe toward the Supreme Being, and of their fears of the future after death, and thus forces upon the people belief in unreasonable, false and harmful doctrines, such as "purgatory", eternal torment, divine right of kings, and like doctrines. By false doctrines the religious leaders wrongfully extract large sums of money from the rich and the poor, by falsely representing to the living that their beloved dead are in a place called "purgatory", there consciously enduring torture. Upon the false representation that the clergy can say prayers in behalf of the dead that will shorten their duration of 'suffering' in "purgatory", the living are induced to hand over large sums of money, upon which ill-got gains the priestly leaders of the religious systems live wantonly. They well know that there is no such place in existence as "purgatory". The practice of their religion therefore enables them to obtain money under false pretenses.
The religious leaders claim that the clergy are superior to the common people and that the clergy are therefore entitled to freely receive the best of material things, which must be handed over to them by others. By this means, in addition to robbing the people as aforesaid, they induce the people to build for the religionists large and costly edifices, in which the "favored ones" carry on their religious practices and reside and indulge their beastly appetites, making "their belly" their "god". (Philippians 3:19) When a poor man dies, his widow is not permitted to carry his body into such a religious edifice for a funeral service unless she contributes a specified sum of money therefor. The practice of these false religions robs the people, from the cradle to the grave. They claim authority to perform marriages and extract money for that; claim authority to bestow blessings or curses, upon the birth of the children, and obtain money for that; claim authority to provide special benefits at funerals, and wrongfully obtain money for that; and then claim that they can get the dead out of a place where they are NOT, and fraudulently obtain money for that. Never was there such a racket practiced among human creatures as that practiced by religious leaders. Religion therefore holds out no hope for the people, and if the distinguished governor had known what he was talking about he would never have uttered such words. The fact is, he was throwing a little sop to the people at the suggestion of the clergy, his supposed "spiritual advisers".


Is Christianity, "another religion"? No. Religionists carry on their organizations under the name of the "Christian religion", but that claim is wholly false. There is no such thing in existence as the "Christian" religion. The word "Christian" has been attached to religion for the purpose of deceiving the people. Christianity means the teaching of and full obedience to the law and commandments of Jehovah God, which are set forth in the Bible, the Word of God, even as Jesus Christ taught and fully obeyed the law and the commandments. Christianity was founded by the Lord Jesus Christ, because he is the first anointed one of Jehovah. The Jew clergy were then claiming to be the children of God, and they falsely taught the doctrines or traditions of men, and to those clergymen Jesus said: 'Ye have made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition. Ye hypocrites, well did Isaiah prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far removed from me.' (Matthew 15:1-8) The Jews' religion practiced today is the same as that practiced when Jesus was on earth. It holds out no hope for mankind. For the nations that are called "Christendom" religion has been substituted for Christianity and the people have been kept in ignorance of the difference between religion and Christianity. The politicians and the commercial men have been induced to believe that religion and Christianity are the same thing, whereas in truth and in fact religion is completely op-
posed to Christianity. Religion holds out no hope for humankind.


How did religion originate, and who introduced it? Religion is the deceptive and subtle scheme of Satan the Devil, and was brought forward and employed by the Devil to deceive men and to reproach Jehovah God, and its practice has been carried on all these centuries for that purpose. In brief, its history is this: Satan the Devil organized a rebellion against the Almighty God by means of which he led many angels and men into his trap and into his conspiracy against God and righteousness. His wrongful act resulted in the death sentence being passed upon Adam. Then the Devil challenged God to place a man on earth who under the most severe test would remain true and faithful to God. That challenge raised the question of whether or not God is the supreme power. Instead of immediately destroying the Devil, God permitted his challenge to stand and the Devil to remain in order that all creation might have an opportunity to learn who is supreme and to whom they must give allegiance if they would live. Therefore God said to Satan: 'For this cause have I permitted thee to remain, that I might show thee my power and that my name might be declared in all the earth.' (Exodus 9:16, Leeser) From then till now Satan has endeavored to uphold his challenge and for that reason has done everything within his power to reproach the name of Jehovah God and turn men away from God and thus lead them into destruction.
Jehovah God is the Giver of life and attending blessings. (Romans 6: 23) Satan is the chief wicked one, himself condemned to ultimate destruction, and his purpose is to lead all creation into destruction. Satan set about to induce men to believe that salvation is to be had without reference to Jehovah God. Shortly after the flood Satan organized religion by putting forward a man named Nimrod and by inducing the people to look upon Nimrod as one mightier than Jehovah God. The people hailed Nimrod and worshiped him. Then Nimrod set up a dictatorial, organized political rule by making himself the dictator. Then he gathered the people into towns or settlements and introduced commerce or trading amongst them, enabling the shrewder to get the advantage of the gullible. (Genesis 10:8-10; 11:1-9) Thus the Devil, by his visible religious agent Nimrod, ruled the people politically, controlled the fruits of their labor commercially, and by religion caused the people to be very superstitious, and thus he held them together and turned them away from God. Thereafter other tribes were organized into nations, and the Devil saw to it that every nation had a religion, which was and is a reproach to the name of Almighty God. Up till the time of Abraham only a very few men had remained faithful and true to the Almighty.
Then God selected the descendants of Abraham, who are called "Jews", and organized them as a people for himself. God had declared to Abraham, the father of the Jewish people, that he would raise up a seed which would in due time rule the world in righteousness for the benefit of all who obeyed him. That promised
seed is Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:16) In order to protect the Jews and to safeguard them against the Devil religion until the coming of Christ Jesus, Jehovah God gave to the Jews his law and commandments written in the Bible. "It [the law] was added because of transgressions, till the seed should come . . . Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring Us unto Christ." — Galatians 3:19-24.
The Scriptures disclose that the Jewish nation was unfaithful to God and turned to and practiced the Devil religion and thus reproached the name of Jehovah. That people fell under the wily and deceptive influence of the Devil. Time and again God warned the Jews against religion. He sent his prophets to them, warned them against the religious leaders, and informed the people that unless they turned from religion and obeyed God's commandments he would destroy them. Only a few individual Jews gave heed to such warning, and they, and they alone, escaped destruction. The Jewish nation was completely destroyed and will never again exist as a nation.
Jesus Christ, by and through his faithful apostles, established Christianity. For three and one-half years Jesus taught the people of and concerning their salvation that would come to them only by and through God's kingdom. He instructed them that they must obey the law and the commandments of the Almighty God and to shun the Devil religion. For this reason the religionists caused the crucifixion of Jesus. After his crucifixion his faithful apostles continued to preach the gospel of and concerning Christ Jesus and his kingdom. Many
persons believed their teaching and became Christians. The Devil then took advantage of the situation and brought into existence another religion, and which was falsely named "the Christian religion", and the people have long been induced to believe that the so-called "Christian religion" was taught by Jesus Christ; but in truth and in fact all religion is opposed to Christ and Christianity. The Catholic organization, from the beginning, has taken the lead in the so-called "Christian religion", and in due course came the Protestants with many divisions or denominations, who followed in the same pathway of error, and with points of differences in their doctrines they have organized more than two hundred sects, each fixing their doctrines to suit themselves. All of these so-called "Christian religions" are but a form of the Catholic religion. In most of the fundamental doctrines taught by them they agree; in this, to wit: Immortality of the human soul; and hence they claim there is no death; which doctrine is a direct contradiction of the Word of God, which says: "The soul that sinneth, it shall die." (Ezekiel 18:4) They agree on the false doctrine of fiery torment in "purgatory" or in hell, of non-Christians after death. They agree on the false doctrine of the trinity, and the superiority of the clergy over the common people or laity; and they teach the people that human, political rulers constitute "the higher powers", which the Scriptures name and show are God and Jesus alone. (Romans 13:1) They all agree that their mission is to "convert the world" to their religious doctrines. They together approve war, by which many human
lives are destroyed, and which is in direct violation of God's everlasting covenant; and they are all in full agreement in their opposition to and persecution of Jehovah's witnesses, who are the only Christians on earth who are attempting to assist the people to get an understanding of the Bible.
Now here note the conclusive proof that religion is man's great enemy and the instrument invented and employed by the Devil to bring man into complete destruction. Jesus denounced the Jews' clergy as hypocrites because they had substituted tradition, that is, doctrines of men, for God's commandments and had induced the people to follow tradition, which leads to destruction. (Matthew 15:7-9) The Jews' clergy were then working hard to get people to join their church organizations. Catholic and other religious leaders today are doing exactly the same thing. Therefore the words of Jesus apply to all such religious leaders or clergymen, to wit: "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte; and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves." (Matthew 23:15) Today the religious clergy, and particularly the Catholic, boast of the great number of persons they have induced to join their religious organization; and these words of Jesus prove that after such credulous persons have become the followers of religious leaders by joining their organization they are "twofold more the [children] of hell [Gehenna; destruction]". Religion is therefore the enemy of man and the opposer of the Almighty God. Flee from religion as a deadly thing.

Against God

All religions are against God and against his kingdom under Christ. Of this great fact the people are kept in ignorance by reason of the influence of the religious leaders. Millions of sincere people on earth, Catholic and Protestant, look for and hope for the coming of Christ's kingdom. To blind the people to the real facts the religionists and politicians together organized the League of Nations, and then the religionists enthusiastically declared that League of Nations to be "the political expression of God's kingdom on earth"; which claim is entirely false and defamatory of God and of Christ Jesus.
The ambition of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy is to control the nations of the earth. For that reason that religious organization has for many years maintained the "Jesuit" organization, which is a secret religious order, the work of which is to originate and operate schemes to deceive the people, gain control of them, and to grab political power and wealth. Carrying out its purpose, the religionists organized Fascism and by that means grabbed control of Italy and then quickly announced its full agreement with the Roman Catholic Hierarchy. Shortly thereafter Fascism, under the name of Nazism, was organized in Germany by the same class of religionists. The religionists had put forward Communism and used that as a scarecrow to frighten the people into submission, and which enabled the religionists, Fascists or Nazis, to grab control of Germany, which is now ruled by a dictator. Fascism and Nazism and Roman Catholicism, meaning one and the
same thing under three names, operate constantly to persecute the witnesses of Jehovah, the true followers of Jesus Christ, which witnesses of Jehovah seek only to inform the people of God's gracious provision to cure their ills.
Now the Roman Catholic Hierarchy has made an alliance with Japan, which people practice another religion, and the Vatican now backs up and supports Japan in her desperate attempt to grab China and control it. The Roman Catholic religionists now call for "a united religious front", in which it, the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, is always in the lead, and its purpose always is to grab control. The "Protestants" and Jews fall upon the necks of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, and all move along together claiming that religion is the means of salvation of the people and the nations. To be sure, there are millions of sincere persons held under these religious organizations who have been deceived and who do not understand that religion is a racket and a subtle enemy of the people. These sincere persons must be informed, that they may have a chance to seek deliverance.
Religionists, led by the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, have now launched and vigorously prosecute a campaign looking to the control of all the nations of the earth and the rule of all the nations by dictators. Their unholy ambition has been accomplished in several European nations. When Germany was taken over by a dictator, they immediately began a cruel persecution of all persons who studied the Word of God and who attempted to instruct others concerning God's kingdom. The same course of action is being taken amongst practically all the peoples
and nations of the earth. The following is an example of the operation of the religious political schemers working together, to wit: The head of a large financial institution, who is a Roman Catholic, attended a conference at Washington, D. C., and thereafter said to the board of directors of his financial institution: "We must arrange our company to suit the following conditions and plans in the United States. There will be an inflation of the currency, then a revolution, and then a dictator to rule." The people see now this movement being carried forward to accomplish that very thing. Already there has been an inflation of the currency and an orgy of spending, and much preparation for a dictator to take charge of the national affairs. The government of the United States is now so much in debt that in all probability it will follow the example of Germany by canceling the present money issue when a dictator takes control. Then all the liberties of the people will be at an end and the fanatical religionists will dominate the thoughts and actions of the people. It is reported on good authority that in many of the Roman Catholic cathedrals in America boxes that have the appearance of piano boxes are moved into basements of these organizations, and are filled with guns and ammunition. Such is the course of religionists. The people can never hope to receive a lasting cure or help from religionists.

The Cure

Jehovah God is supreme, and soon the facts will fully vindicate his name by and through Christ Jesus. Jehovah knew the end from the
beginning, and he has permitted the Devil to have full opportunity to carry out his challenge. Approximately nineteen centuries ago Christ Jesus was crucified, and by the shedding of his lifeblood he purchased the human race, and through him alone can the human race be delivered. (John 3:16) God's provision to give life to those who believe on and obey him is through Christ Jesus: "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord." —Romans 6: 23.
Those who have an opportunity to know and to serve God and Christ Jesus, and who do so, will live, and those who refuse to believe on the Lord shall not see life: "The Father loveth the Son, and hath given all things into his hand. He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life; and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him."  — John 3:35,36.
Jehovah God never fails to fully perform his promises. For centuries Satan the Devil has been the invisible ruler of the world, accomplishing his purpose by fraud and deceit, practiced particularly at his instance by religionists. God promised that in due time Satan and his rule shall for ever end and that Christ Jesus shall rule the world in righteousness. Concerning that rule by Christ Jesus the King, Jehovah said: "The government shall be upon his shoulder; and his name shall be called Wonderful Counsellor, The Mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end." (Isaiah 9:6,7) His kingdom is the hope and cure of nations and of men.
Just before the crucifixion of Jesus he told his disciples that he must go away and receive the kingdom and that in due time, at the end of the rule by Satan, Jesus would return and set up his kingdom. (John 14:1-3) His disciples then propounded to Jesus this question: 'What shall be the evidence of your coming and of the end of the world?' Then Jesus answered that the first sign would be the world war, in which nation would rise against nation; and that came to pass in 1914. Furthermore, Jesus said that the war would be followed by distress of nations with perplexity, and men's hearts failing them for fear of what they see coming upon the world. (Matthew 24: 3-21; Luke 21:7-26) The condition there named is now being experienced in all nations. The religionists, including the League of Nations, the Fascists and the Nazis, have formed a conspiracy to rule the earth, and now together stand in the place of God's kingdom under Christ, claiming that they are going to rule and recover the peoples and the nations. (Isaiah 8:9-12) Concerning that unholy combine, which claims the right and power to rule and to cure the present condition of sickness, Jesus says: 'When you see that abominable thing standing in the place where it ought not to stand, then flee to the kingdom of God.' (Matthew 24:15,16; Mark 13:14) It is time to give heed to the warning of Christ Jesus.
If you believe that Jehovah is the Almighty God; that Christ Jesus, his beloved Son, is the Redeemer of man and the world's rightful Ruler; that the Bible is the Word of God and therefore man's true guide; and if you believe the facts as they exist, and which facts are before
your eyes, then it is time for you and all such honest and sincere persons to arouse yourselves and look well to the only means of escape, cure and salvation. To be sure, the Devil will do everything within his power to keep men in ignorance of these vital truths, and he will continue to use the religious clergy, particularly, for that purpose, because he knows his end is at hand and that he must deceive the people. At the same time God is causing his great truths, showing you the way to be cured, to be brought to your attention in order that all those people of good will toward God may be delivered from the Devil and his powerful influence and that the people may find the way to complete cure of their ills. The responsibility now is upon each person from the time these truths are brought to his attention.
Christ Jesus is the Redeemer of the human race, and the owner thereof, by the will of Jehovah God. He is the great Physician, who will cure the ills of nations and of men. The kingdom of God under Christ Jesus is the only hope of the nations and of the people. Pointing to his beloved Son, Christ Jesus, Jehovah says: "Behold, my servant whom I have chosen; my beloved in whom my soul is well pleased: I will put my spirit upon him, and he shall declare judgment to the nations. And in his name shall the nations hope." (Matthew 12:18, 21, American Revised Version, margin) There is no other name given under heaven whereby men can be saved. (Acts 4:12) The kingdom of God under Christ is the cure for national and human ills.

Fate of Religion

On the surface it now appears that religion is about to triumph. The Roman Catholic Hierarchy, operating what it calls "Catholic Action", and leading other religions, confidently expects that soon that organization will rule the world. For that reason the religionists violently oppose and persecute Jehovah's witnesses, who, by the Lord's grace, carry the truth to the people. It is to be expected, in fulfillment of God's prophetic Word, that those religionists will for a very short season seem to completely control the nations and that then they will felicitate each other and say, in substance: "Now we are at peace and we are safe from exposure by Jehovah's witnesses and have everything our own way." Concerning this the Lord caused to be written in the Bible these prophetic words, to wit: "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." (1 Thessalonians 5:3) As sudden destruction fell upon the world at the flood, and upon the nation of Israel, so sudden destruction at the hand of the Lord God shall fall upon all the religionists.
God has declared that at Armageddon Satan's entire organization shall be completely destroyed. (Matthew 24:21; Revelation 16:13-17; Psalm 145:20) Religion is the chief means by which the Devil holds his organization together. Therefore at the very beginning of the battle of the great day of God Almighty called "Armageddon" all religion shall perish from the earth. That will be God's "strange act", of which he speaks through his prophet, to wit: "For the
Lord shall rise up as in mount Perazim, he shall be wroth as in the valley of Gibeon, that he may do his work, his strange work; and bring to pass his act, his strange act." (Isaiah 28: 21) Jehovah God is now doing his "strange work" by sending his witnesses to the people to warn them of the disaster rapidly approaching, and which shall befall Satan's organization, and which will begin with the downfall of religion. He commands his witnesses to tell the people how the Devil has used religion to deceive them and to defame God's holy name. This work of testifying to the people appears to many to be a "strange work", that anyone should expose religion. If it appears strange to you, then it is time for you to examine your Bible, together with the well-known facts, and see where you are. The fact that you have been long deceived and led to believe that religion is a good thing will give you no protection at the great conflict, which is shortly to be fought between the unseen forces of Jehovah and those of Satan.
Shortly before the destruction of Jerusalem, which destruction came upon the Jews because they had forsaken God's law and turned to the practice of Devil religion, God sent his prophets to warn the Jews of the approaching disaster and to inform the people that their only means of escape and safety was to flee to his "servant", the King. (Jeremiah 27:6-13) Thus God made a prophetic picture of what shall shortly come upon the religious organizations of the world. At the time that God's prophets went to the Jews, the religious leaders or clergy of that people persecuted the prophets because they
brought the truths to the attention of the people, which truths exposed the hypocrisy of the religionists. The Jewish clergy denounced that testimony work of the prophets as a "strange work". What came to pass then upon the Jewish nation was a type foreshadowing what is now about to befall "Christendom". The Jews then were the only chosen people of the Lord who claimed to serve him. Now "Christendom" claims to be serving God but has in fact turned away from God and served the Devil religion. Hence the fall of Jerusalem is a type of what shall befall the. religionists of the present time.  — 1 Corinthians 10:11-13.
Now Jehovah God sends among the people of the nations his witnesses, not to convert the people to some religion, but he commands them to tell the people the truth as set forth in the Bible and to warn them of the approaching time of great tribulation which shall shortly fall upon the world, and, above all, to proclaim to the people that Jehovah is the Almighty God, Christ is his King and Ruler of the world, and that his kingdom is the only hope and the only cure for the fatal sickness of mankind. The Devil, through the religious leaders, greatly opposes God's message and messengers and cruelly persecutes Jehovah's witnesses, even as the Jewish clergy persecuted Christ Jesus and his disciples. But, regardless of opposition and persecution, Jehovah's witnesses must continue to give warning to the people in obedience to God's commandment. Therefore this warning is given to you.
The world is sick unto death. No human remedy can cure that sickness, and all sane people
now clearly see this fact. There is one sure cure, and that is the kingdom of God under Christ Jesus. The true followers of Christ Jesus have long prayed for the coming of that kingdom. Now it is here. As the world's rightful King, Christ Jesus has taken his power and begun his reign, and within a short time Jehovah God, true to his promise, and acting through Christ Jesus, will exhibit his supreme power by completely destroying Satan's organization. Just preceding that great destruction Jehovah now causes this gospel of and concerning his kingdom to be proclaimed throughout the world. (Exodus 9:16; Matthew 24:14) All who refuse to hear and refuse to hasten and take their stand on the side of Jehovah God and his King shall suffer complete destruction at the battle of Armageddon. Those who do hear and give heed to God's warning have the promise of protection and safety during that great tribulation. To such the Lord, through his prophet, now says: 'Gather yourselves together, seek meekness, seek righteousness, it may be you shall be hid in the time of God's wrath.' —Zephaniah 2:1-3.
There are millions of people now on the earth who will give heed to the warning sent them by the Lord and will find the way to life, health and happiness. This is confidently stated because the Scriptures so declare, that a "great multitude" will forsake religion and stand boldly and without compromise on the side of Jehovah God and his King. (Revelation 7: 9-15) At the present time such persons of good will are coming forth from every country, nation, kindred and tongue, declaring themselves on the side of God and Christ Jesus, engaging in the witness work
of telling others about the kingdom, and thus are constantly praising and serving the Lord and his kingdom. Religion shall end for ever, and that within a short time. Christianity will stand for ever as a monument in honor of the name of Jehovah God and to his praise.

The Way

By authority of the Most High, Christ Jesus says: "I am the way, and the truth, and the life." (John 14: 6) And again: "This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." (John 17:3) Therefore to be cured of all illness and to receive health and life one must know the way provided by Jehovah, quickly enter that way, and follow faithfully in obedience to God's commandments as Jesus blazed the way. Christ Jesus is the great Executive Officer of Jehovah God clothed with all power and authority. (Matthew 28:18) Every creature that gains life must become obedient to him. (Philippians 2:9-11) Christ Jesus', true to his promise, has returned and begun his reign and has already cast Satan out of heaven and down to the earth, and for this reason Satan now brings great woe upon the people just before his destruction. — Revelation 11:18; 12:1-12.
No nation or people could long exist under the present unrighteous condition. Since the year 1918 the condition in every country and nation has grown worse. The ruling powers have become more selfish and oppressive of mankind. Jehovah will see to it that such powers as now dominate mankind shall no longer endure. As the great Physician, Jesus Christ
will perform the major operation upon the world by completely cutting away the oppressors and all things that oppress and do injury to the people and dishonor God's name. "He shall judge the poor of the people, he shall save the children of the needy, and shall break in pieces the oppressor." (Psalm 72:4) It becomes absolutely necessary to remove the cause for wickedness, in order that the real cure may follow. Hence the trouble upon the world just ahead, and which shall be immediately followed by the blessings God will administer to mankind through Christ Jesus, the righteous Ruler.
As stated in the Scriptures (Matthew 25:31-46), all nations are now before Christ Jesus, the great Judge, who is judging and separating the cruel, wicked and oppressive ones from those who are of good will toward God and toward his people. That the people may have notice of what is taking place and what the immediate future holds, the Lord sends faithful men and women as his witnesses to the people to inform them, thereby directing their attention to what he has long ago recorded in his Word, the Bible. Through this Word he discloses that the harsh, wicked, religious class of persons who oppose the message of God's kingdom, are designated by him under the symbol of "goats"; and that those persons who are of good will toward God, and who show consideration and kindness to Jehovah's witnesses, the Lord designates as "sheep". The Lord then causes the people to put themselves in one or the other of the two classes. Each person automatically puts himself in one class or the other by his own actions. If he is a religionist, and is opposed to God's king-
dom and His witnesses, he declares himself to be a "goat", fit for destruction. If he is on the side of God and Christ Jesus and does good to the followers of Christ as he has opportunity, he thus puts himself in the "sheep" or favored class of the Lord. As to the fate of each, the Lord Jesus says that the "goats" shall be completely destroyed at Armageddon and that the "sheep" shall be protected and receive everlasting life upon the earth. You must therefore choose which side you will take. To this extent your destiny is in your own hands.
The kingdom of God under Christ the King is the hope of the nations and the people. If you would escape destruction at Armageddon and would live you must take the side of Christ Jesus the King. This you do by believing that Jehovah God is the true and almighty God and that he is the Giver of blessings to those who obey him (Hebrews 11: 6); and that Christ Jesus is the Redeemer and Savior of man, and the world's rightful Ruler. (John 3:16; Isaiah 9: 6, 7) Having taken this stand, then you must be diligent and seek meekness and righteousness. Meekness means that you are teachable, that is, that you desire to learn the truth and seek to know and to understand the truth. You must therefore inform yourself of God's purpose, as such truths are set forth in the Bible. Righteousness means that you are on the side of Jehovah and Christ Jesus, obeying God's law and his commandments. You must "seek righteousness" by diligently, consistently and steadfastly doing that which the Lord God commands in his Word. Such a course means that you must fully separate yourself from all religion and surrender
yourself in obedience to the law and the commandments of God.
The WATCH TOWER SOCIETY consists of a company of men and women who are entirely devoted to Jehovah God and his kingdom under Christ, and those men and, women in obedience to the Lord's commandments now put forth their best endeavors to aid the people to gain a knowledge of what is contained in the Bible. This they do in order that the people may intelligently choose whom they will serve. This Society is not a religious organization. It is made up entirely of the servants of the Almighty God who diligently endeavor to obey his commandments and worship him in spirit and in truth. They are Christians, because they follow Christ Jesus. That Society publishes books which enable yon to find in the Bible the answer to every question concerning your salvation, life, and eternal welfare. Among those books published special attention is here called to the one entitled Riches and also the one entitled Enemies. Those two books will enable you to easily locate all your enemies and then to see the plain way that leads to boundless riches. That Society also provides electrically transcribed speeches or discourses which briefly explain the Scriptures; and these transcribed speeches are brought to your door that you may hear the instruction given in the Scriptures. The Society also publishes the Watchtower magazine, and a magazine called Consolation, which publications enable you to properly examine the present-day happenings in the light of the Scriptures. The men and women who call at your homes with those publications and recorded speeches will arrange
Bible study in your homes to aid you to become acquainted with the great and vital truths which God has provided for those who love him. Such is not man's provision, but the provision which the Lord has made.
Having read the foregoing pages, you have been warned in accordance with the commandments of Almighty God. (See Ezekiel 33: 7-14.) The responsibility to make further progress now rests upon you, and you must choose the way you will go. Jehovah's witnesses are now attempting to aid you by bringing your attention to these truths; and when this witness work is done, then the great Executioner, Christ Jesus, will begin the destruction of all who are opposed to his kingdom. (See Ezekiel 9:4-9.) The great climax is at hand. The rule of Satan, which has brought fatal sickness upon the nations and the people, must shortly end for ever. If you continue in support of the Devil religion, you are certain to suffer the destruction that will befall Satan's organization. If you seek refuge under Christ Jesus the King and obey his commandments, you shall live. The cure for the ills of the nations and of the individuals of the world is the kingdom of Jehovah God under Christ Jesus the King. That cure is full and complete and will bring upon the obedient ones their greatest desire and will enable them for ever to dwell together in peace, happiness and joy.
If you desire further information, address a post card to the WATCH TOWER, 117 Adams Street, Brooklyn, New York, stating your desire, and you will receive an immediate reply.

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