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WHAT ARE THE FACTS? These were not uncovered by some fact-finding body of prejudiced and partial men, but by Almighty God himself, and "it is impossible for God to lie". Judge Rutherford here brings you face to face with them.
Of such importance are the facts that Judge Rutherford's speech at Royal Albert Hall, London, England, was transmitted by radio beam and direct line wires to other auditoriums in more than 50 cities in the United States, Canada, Great Britain. Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, where, all together, more than 150,000 assembled in convention. Simultaneously it was broadcast by a transcontinental chain of 118 United States radio stations.
It is now published that millions more may read, rightly face the facts, and be lastingly benefited.

10,000,000 copies
International Bible Students Association
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Cape Town, Berne, Shanghai, and other cities.
Made in the United States of America


FACTS fully stated are never open to successful contradiction, and therefore they stand admitted.
The body that assembles the facts should do so honestly, without prejudice or partiality and free from fear of any creature. When assembled, the facts should be presented to the people uncensored.
Because the full statement of facts tends to shock the susceptibilities of some persons furnishes no excuse or justification to withhold from the public any part thereof, particularly when the public welfare is involved. When presented to the people, those hearing should face the facts with calmness and sobriety and then sincerely take the course which is for their best interest. Previous belief or opinion should never be permitted to hinder one in receiving and considering a statement of facts.
A fact is a statement of truth. The great primary fact that stands out before all creation, and which is not subject to successful contradiction, is this, to wit: That many centuries ago the Almighty God, who alone is called Jehovah, declared his purpose to set up a righteous government, which shall rule the world in righteousness, in which there is no unrighteousness, and before which ruling power all human creatures shall stand equal and be given a fair
opportunity to gain everlasting life in peace and prosperity.
Another indisputable fact, and that which stands over against God's righteous government, is a hideous monstrosity, which has recently appeared in the earth and which in utter disregard of the inalienable rights of human creatures is moving with rapidity to seize control of and rule the world, to regiment the people and make them serfs. The people dread that monstrosity and are yielding to it only because of fear.
Today there is no righteous government on the earth, and it will be freely admitted that in every nation there is great distress and perplexity among the people and men's hearts are failing them for fear. Only once before in world history have conditions been anything like those of the present time. The cause then was the same as the cause now, which has brought about present distressing conditions. Judging the future by the past, and judging it with even greater certainty from the Word of Almighty God, we know what is upon the. world and what shall be the result in the near future.
Ail nations of the earth face the same condition, No one, therefore, should be moved by prejudice or partiality against another because of race, nationality or color. God made of one blood all nations of men that dwell on the earth, and all men are entitled to the same fair consideration.
There cannot be the slightest doubt that all nations are facing death, and the people of all nations who desire life will soberly hear the facts, candidly consider them and act with wisdom.
Where can be found the safe guide in this hour of distress and perplexity? The answer is, In the Bible, which is God's Word of truth and which is given to man for his instruction in the way of righteousness. (2 Timothy 3:16) I speak now to the people of the British Commonwealth of Nations, and to the people of America, which nations form the major part of "Christendom", and which people have for centuries acknowledged the Bible as God's unchangeable Word of truth, and which people therefore are in an implied covenant to take the Bible as their guide. The people of those nations profess to be Christians, and Christ Jesus always obeys the commandments written in the Bible, and no one can be a Christian without doing the same thing; therefore let us follow his perfect lead.
Facing the. facts which we know to exist, and viewing such in the light of the Bible, we are certain to see the right way that leads out of the darkness that has come upon the world.
Thousands of years ago God declared and had recorded in his Bible prophecy foretelling the distressing conditions on the earth that all the nations now experience. He set forth therein the cause of such conditions, foretold the facts that would come to pass which constitute the fulfilling of prophecy, plainly stated what
would be the final result, and pointed out the only possible way of escape and safety. The question now is, Shall we face these facts and follow the unfailing guide, or shall we refuse to give heed thereto and suffer the consequences? That question every person must now determine for himself.


The Almighty God gave his word of promise that ho would make his Messiah, the Christ, the Head of his righteous government, who shall rule the world in righteousness and administer life everlasting to all men who obey him, and men named at Hebrews eleven shall rule the earth, (Genesis 12: 3; Isaiah 9: 6, 7; Psalm 45:16) That government of necessity must be a theocracy, and every member thereof must be in exact harmony with Jehovah God and move according to his commandments. Why did God make that promise?
The Scriptures answer: God made Lucifer the overlord or god of the world and placed the perfect man under his lordship, Lucifer rebelled against God. His name God then changed to that of Satan, that old Serpent, the Devil and Dragon, and the sentence of death was entered against him. (Revelation 12:9; 20:2) Because Adam had joined the Devil in rebellion he was sentenced to death, and as a result thereof and by inheritance all men have been born in sin and therefore imperfect and unrighteous. Then Satan declared that God could not put on the earth men who would be faithful and true to Jehovah
and who would maintain their integrity toward him. (Job 1: 9-11; 2: 4, 5) That challenge was a defamation of God's, name and raised the question of his supremacy. Therefore God delayed the execution of Satan in order to give him the opportunity to make proof of his wicked challenge, which God knew Satan could not do. His failure would be a vindication of Jehovah's name. Therefore God said to Satan: "For this cause have I allowed thee to remain, in order to show thee my power; and in order that they [my witnesses] may proclaim my name throughout all the earth." —Exodus 9: 16, Leeser.
To make good his challenge the Devil must turn men away from God and cause them to oppose Jehovah. His chief means of accomplishing that purpose is fraud or deceit. His name Serpent means deceiver. He has deceived all men except those who have strictly adhered to and obeyed God's commandments written in His Bible. Knowing that men by nature look to some higher power, Satan brought in religion as a form of worship and led men to deify creatures rather than to worship Jehovah God the Creator in spirit and in truth. Until recently all of us believed that religion and Christianity are the same. The legislative bodies of the land and the courts also have used, and continue to use, the words religion and Christianity as synonymous terms. Now God has made it clearly to be seen by those who diligently seek the truth that religion is a form of worship but which denies the power of God and turns men away from God.
whereas Christianity means the strict obedience to God's commandments. Religion and Christianity are therefore exactly opposite to each other.
By means of deception Satan has blinded practically the entire human race, the exception being those faithful men who at all times have diligently obeyed God and maintained their integrity toward him and by so doing have proved Satan to be a liar and that God can put men on the earth who will remain true and faithful to Jehovah, Since the first coming of Christ Jesus until now there have been on the earth a few creatures who have truly followed in the footsteps of Christ Jesus and have been witnesses to the name and majesty of Jehovah God. All of these the Devil has bitterly opposed and persecuted,


God fixed the time limit during which he would not interfere with the Devil's efforts to prove his wicked challenge. That time limit must end, and then Satan's role must cease. When on the earth Jesus emphasized the fact that the Devil is the invisible ruler of the wicked world and that in God's due time Satan's world would come to an end. Jesus specified the physical facts that would come to pass showing when the end of that world arrives. According to the prophecy of Jesus, what are the things to be expected when the world comes to an end? The answer is, world war, famine, pestilence, dis-
tress of nations, and, amongst other things mentioned, the appearing of a monstrosity on the earth. (Matthew 24; Luke 21) The World War came In 1914 in fulfillment of that prophecy, marking the time when God sent forth Jesus Christ to rule while the Devil is still operating. —Psalm 110: 1,2.
Famine and pestilence quickly followed the World War. World distress is now upon all the nations, and fear has seized hold upon all of them, and such is in fulfillment of the prophecy. (Matthew 24:3-12: Luke 21:20-26) These are the indisputable physical facts which have come to pass proving that Satan's world has come to an end, and which facts cannot be ignored. What then is to be expected? The Scriptures answer: God's "strange work", that is, his witness work, quickly thereafter to be followed by his "strange act", which is Armageddon, the battle of the great day of God Almighty, the worst tribulation that ever came upon the world, and which shall be the last. —Matthew 24:14. 21, 22.


The time limit is up. God's kingdom is here, and Armageddon is impending. Mark this, that Jehovah said that just preceding Armageddon he would cause his name to be testified in all the earth. (Exodus 9:16) For that very purpose God has taken out from amongst the nations "a people for his name", (Acts 15:14) All of those thus taken out must be witnesses to the name of Jehovah God, because he so declared
and he has given them that name. (Isaiah 43: 9-12; 62: 2) God is now using those witnesses to carry on his "strange work", which work consists of these witnesses' going about amongst the people and telling them the truth of and concerning Jehovah's purpose and of his kingdom, and particularly pointing; out to them that religion is opposed to God's kingdom and is the means the Devil uses to deceive the people and turn them away from God and lead them into destruction. That appears to be a very "strange" kind of work to all of those who are not Christians, because they have been led to believe that religion and Christianity are the same and that both proceed from God. The Lord definitely points out that such "strange work" of witnessing must be done before the final end; as it is written: 'This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to all nations as a witness, and then shall the end come,' (Matthew 24:14) Such witness work is now in progress and must be finished before Armageddon.


Jesus Christ taught his followers to always pray for the coming of God's kingdom, and accordingly all professed Christians for centuries have prayed, 'Thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as in heaven,' Religionists, while uttering that prayer, act exactly contrary thereto. They do not desire God's kingdom on earth, but desire to continue their own schemes to rule the world.
Jesus and his apostles emphasized the great truth of the second coming of Christ and his kingdom, which would appear at the end of the world. Now Christ has come and his rule has begun. He has cast Satan out of heaven, and now Satan's operations are confined to the earth, and for this reason, as the Scriptures declare, the great woes have come upon the nations of. the earth. (Revelation 12:12) The final showdown is near, and the Devil knows that his time is short; and in order to deceive the people and plunge them into destruction, by which he expects to defeat God and sustain his own challenge, the Devil brings forth in opposition to God's kingdom under Christ, and as a substitute therefor, a hideous monstrosity, by which the people are being further deceived.


Jehovah God is supreme, but the Devil denies that fact. God's righteous government is a theocracy, because Christ Jesus, the Head thereof, does everything according to Jehovah's will. In mockery of Jehovah Satan sets up a counter government, in which he puts himself in a place similar to that of Jehovah God, and his religious representatives on the earth he assigns to the place similar to that occupied by Christ Jesus; and his cruel dictators he substitutes in the place of the faithful men whom the Lord declares he will "make princes in all the earth", and who shall rule in righteousness. (Psalm 45:16: Isaiah 32:1) That monstrosity is an
abomination in the sight of God, and such monstrosity, God foretold by his prophets, would appear at this time. —Matthew 24:15; Daniel 11:31; 12:11.
The kingdom of God under Christ is the means of vindicating Jehovah's name and providing salvation for humankind. Satan's monstrosity in opposition to God's kingdom claims to be the means of saving the world in this hour of great distress. Satan is thereby deceiving or fooling many people. Religionists support the monstrosity as against Jehovah's kingdom. Christians fully support Jehovah's kingdom under Christ. The monstrosity and God's kingdom are deadly foes. One must lose; the other must win. The League of Nations was brought forth as a substitute for God's kingdom, and that has failed, as God by his prophets foretold. Now the great monstrosity appears in another form, and blasphemously assumes to rule the world and to destroy everyone who supports God's kingdom.
What is that hideous monstrosity? It is the totalitarian government or ruling power, which makes the State supreme, regiments all the people, rules them by arbitrary dictators, compels all to render complete obedience thereto, and which monstrosity therefore is a fraudulent mimic of God's righteous government. Now mark the indisputable facts.
Fulfilled prophecy shows that in 1914 Jehovah enthroned Christ Jesus and sent him forth to rule, while Satan still exercises his power in the world. (Psalm 110:1,2) In 1917 Satan brought
forth in Russia a Communist or Bolshevik government, which was the first appearance of a totalitarian rule, and which opposes God and his kingdom. It declares that the State is the supreme power, and it persecutes those who serve God and Christ Jesus.
In 1922 Italy became a totalitarian government, which rule defies God and his kingdom, declares the State is the highest power, and vigorously opposes the proclamation of God's kingdom within Italian territory.
In 1933 Germany was seized by the Nazis, and is now ruled by an arbitrary dictator, which government also declares that the State is supreme, defies Jehovah God and his kingdom, and cruelly persecutes all who even name the name of Jehovah and who have in possession publications telling of Jehovah and his Word, the Bible, and of his righteous government under Christ Jesus.
Religion has always been the tie that binds together earthly powers and which through fear keeps the people in subjection. The Roman Catholic religious organization has always claimed to be the representative of Christ on earth, but the indisputable facts show exactly to the contrary. Jesus Christ made it clearly to appear that his kingdom has nothing in common with this world over which Satan exercises power, and he emphatically warned his followers to keep themselves separate and apart from the politics of the world and commands them to strictly obey God's commandments (John
18: 36; James 1: 27) Contrary to the commandments of the Lord the Papacy assumes temporal power and becomes a part of worldly governments and puts its ambassadors in practically all the nations and exercises political power throughout the earth. Regardless of what good intentions may have existed when formed, the Catholic Organization of Authority has become entirely political. It continues to operate under a religious name, is against God and his kingdom under Christ, and hence violently opposes the proclamation of truth concerning God's kingdom. The Papacy is willing to make an alliance with any political power that will recognize the Roman Catholic Hierarchy as the spiritual part of world powers. The Hierarchy has made such alliance in order that the Papacy may occupy the place as a super-government, and therefore the Vatican became a part of the power that governs this world. That religious organization therefore is a part of the monstrosity now appearing in and claiming the right to rule the earth. Here mark more facts which cannot be disputed.
When Mussolini marched to Rome to take possession thereof he was an avowed atheist, opposed to God and his kingdom, and would not tolerate anyone who supports God's kingdom or advertises the same. He was then opposed to all religious organizations. But in 1929 Mussolini and the pope, the head of that mighty religious organization, entered into an alliance by which temporal power in Italy was restored to the
pope, and Mussolini became a devoted Catholic, and therefore a supporter of religion.
Likewise the dictator of the totalitarian rule of Germany has entered into an alliance with the pope, and he is an avowed Catholic and supports the Catholic religion, and protects it within that arbitrary government.
Recently Mr. Forbes, executive secretary of the Communist party, proposed mutual co-operation between Communism and the Roman Catholic Hierarchy in state affairs. In answer thereto the pope, acting through his cardinal and authoritative representative (Verdier), at Paris, made reply to the Communist party in these words: "If this gesture of the outstretched hand from your side expresses the wish to become better acquainted with your Catholic brothers in order to give better respect to the religion which inspires them to their convictions, their feelings, their works, then the church will not refuse to carry out this work of enlightenment and you will recognize that this can contribute greatly to the happiness of all." To such generous offer from the pope the Communist party responded in these words: "The outstretched hand of the Communist party to the Catholic people remains outstretched." (New York Times, July 26, 1938) True, the Catholic Press of America, since the Hierarchy's connection with the Fascists was exposed in Australia, in Seattle, Washington, and in other places, has had much to say about a possible
break between the pope and the Fascists. Such publication is merely a political trick to keep the people deceived and in the dark while the Totalitarians march on and seize control of America and England.
The indisputable facts are that the Roman Catholic Hierarchy has stooped wholly to political methods to gain control of the world, and concerning such an honest Catholic of New York has written a book entitled "Rome Stoops to Conquer", and therein submits the proof that Vatican City's chief objective is to rule the world in conjunction with radical powers. The Hierarchy has placed its trusted men in the key positions of political office in practically every nation of the world, which men are first Catholic and, regardless of the just rights of the people, always carry out the will of the Hierarchy in political governmental affairs. These facts, which cannot be disputed, disclose the Roman Catholic Hierarchy's determination to act as a kind of spiritual super-government over the dictators of the world, forming a part of the monstrosity, and which violently opposes Jehovah and his kingdom under Christ Jesus. The monstrosity moves onward!
Between 1521 and 1531 came the break of the German states and Great Britain with the Papacy. Now Germany is in an alliance with the Papacy, and Great Britain is rapidly moving in that direction. The United States of America, once the bulwark of democracy, is all set to become a part of the totalitarian rule, Most of the
American people are totally ignorant of the fact that Congress has recently enacted a law by which the president can become a dictator in one hour and can absolutely control every part of the nation, even as Germany is now misruled.
Thus the indisputable facts are, that there is now in the earth Satan's dictatorial monstrosity, which defies and opposes Jehovah's kingdom under Christ, and that such totalitarian, arbitrary rule is fully supported by the Hierarchy, which admittedly is the leading religious organization in existence. These facts the people must face, and learn the meaning thereof, in order to safeguard their own interests. Jehovah and Christ Jesus are the real friends of the people, and the followers of Christ Jesus, who are Jehovah's witnesses, are the only ones who visit the people to comfort those in distress, and this they do in obedience to God's commandments.


Since the time of Abel religionists have persecuted those who obey God's commandments, and this appears to mean that religion is of the Devil. Religionists persecuted Jesus even unto death, and he plainly told them that they were and are the sons of the Devil and that their political-religious organization is a product of Satan and is an abomination in the sight of God.  —Matthew 23: 2-35; John 8: 42-44.
Jehovah's witnesses and their companions, the Lord's "other sheep'", which are called
"Jonadabs", are wholly devoted to God and his kingdom under Christ. They suffer persecution continuously at the hands of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy in every nation on earth, and in such persecution the totalitarian government works with the Papacy. In Germany thousands of true followers of Christ Jesus now linger in prison because they told the truth, and for no other reason. In many parts of the British Empire and in the United States, Jehovah's witnesses suffer great opposition and much persecution, and such is always at the instigation of religionists, and particularly the Roman Catholic Hierarchy. Why do religionists bitterly oppose and persecute the true followers of Christ? Jesus answered that question in these words addressed to his true followers: "[Because] I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. . . . If they have persecuted me, they [the religionists] will also persecute you." (John 15:19, 20) These faithful witnesses of the Lord are persecuted because they tell the truth of God concerning his righteous government.
In Northern and Southern Rhodesia, as well as in West Africa, in Australia, the Fiji Islands, Port of Spain, and other crown colonies, in Quebec, and in other parts of the British Empire, not only are Jehovah's witnesses and their companions opposed, but their Bible literature is confiscated and destroyed and these true Christians are viciously persecuted, and all such opposition is at the instance of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, who always have their men on
the job. If the Hierarchy represented God, as claimed, why is it necessary to oppose and persecute others because they tell the people about God's kingdom under Christ as the only means of salvation? In many nations laws are enacted which, it is claimed, are directed against Communists, but which laws, in fact, are directed against true Christians, the purpose being to prevent them from bearing witness to God's kingdom. God foretold that this would be done, in these words; 'They [opponents] frame mischief by law; they gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood.' (Psalm 94:20,21) Being Scripturally unequipped to defend themselves and their position, the religionists resort to persecution by law. Astute lawyers, representing the Hierarchy, write such laws and subtly induce the law-making body to enact the same on the plea that such laws are in the public interest to protect the people from Communism, while at the same time Communists and the Hierarchy hold out their hands to each other in mutual co-operation.
Mark now the language of the Blasphemy Act recently passed to the first reading in the British Parliament: "If any alien —(a) participates in the organization of any assembly for the purpose of propagating beliefs of an atheistic nature, or delivers speeches calculated to bring the Christian or any other form of religion in contempt, or (b) sells, distributes, makes, publishes, or has in his possession for sale or dis-
tribution, any document containing blasphemous matter, he shall be liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months and to deportation," A jury trial is denied, and a Catholic court may fix the punishment. Nothing appears in this proposed law prohibiting the blasphemy of the name of Jehovah God and Christ Jesus, Only religious practitioners seek legal protection from exposure, and those religionists constantly blaspheme God's name by claiming what belongs only to God.
If that bill becomes a law, never again would I be permitted to call the attention of the British people to the subtle scheme of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy to seize control of this nation to rule it by a cruel dictator, and to deprive the people of their liberties. It would be contended that the telling of such facts of and concerning a religious organization would tend to bring the so-called "Christian religion into contempt", whereas my sole purpose is to warn the people of the great enemy that seeks their destruction and to tell the people of God's kingdom, which is their only hope. Do real men and women desire such law to be enacted in this land? It will be enacted if the totalitarian combine can deceive a sufficient number of the members of Parliament to pass it.
When the totalitarian Catholic combine gains control of the British Isles, which it is certain to do, then all liberties of the people will be at an end. For many centuries this and the other
nations have claimed to be Christian and have openly endorsed the fundamental principle as stated by Blackstone, the well-known law writer of England, in these words: "Laws of the state derive their validity from their conformity to the law of God. No human laws are of any validity if contrary to God's law." What will be the condition when all nations become totalitarian? That will prove beyond all doubt that such nations have become wicked and have entirely forgotten God, and oppose his righteous government; and the end of those nations is stated by the Lord in these words: "The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God." (Psalm 9:17) That means the complete destruction at Armageddon of the nations; and the ones who lead the nations to so forget God and bring about their destruction are the leaders of religion, and particularly the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, which now by law attempts to keep the people from hearing the truth concerning the only hope of the world.


Shall the work of proclaiming the truth throughout the earth to the name of Jehovah and his kingdom cease because of opposition by the Hierarchy totalitarian combine? From the throne of heaven comes in thundering tones the answer, "No!" Such is Jehovah's "strange work", which he commands must be done by his witnesses immediately preceding Armageddon, and nothing can stop it until God says, "It is
done." Amidst like persecution Jesus continued the work assigned to him until it was finished. The faithful apostles followed his lead and did likewise until their work was completed. It is the expressed will of Jehovah that every true Christian today shall continue to proclaim the name of Jehovah and his kingdom until Armageddon. God will shield and deliver his people while they obey his commandments, and they need not fear man or Devil, and thus they are going on.
For the encouragement of his people Jehovah made many prophetic pictures in times of old, which he is now causing to be fulfilled and understood by those who love him. Among those prophetic pictures is that of Jehoshaphat and the enemies acting against the Israelites. Jehoshaphat and the faithful Israelites pictured Christ and his faithful followers. Ammon, Moab and Mount Seir conspired to destroy the Israelites, and they pictured the totalitarian combine. Their united armies marched on Jerusalem to destroy it. Jehovah gave command that his people should not flee from the enemy, but should boldly march out to meet the enemy, singing the praises of Jehovah as they went, and to his people Jehovah said: 'Be not afraid of the enemy: the battle is God's.' Then God brought about the complete destruction of the combined enemy, thus showing what shall come to pass upon the totalitarian crowd at Armageddon.
Another prophetic picture is that of Saul, the Philistines, and David. Saul pictured the un-
faithful religionists, who claim to serve God but who submit to the opponents of God. The giant Goliath, who led the Philistines, pictured the totalitarian Hierarchy combine that is now bluffing all nations with the determination of forcing them to yield to dictatorial rule. David, the anointed of God, pictured Christ Jesus and his faithful followers now on the earth. David engaged the giant in combat and slew him, thus disclosing what is now in progress and what God through Christ Jesus, the antitypical David, will do to the totalitarian combine at Armageddon.
Let the Hierarchy, including the pope, together with all others that form the totalitarian, dictatorial rule, the representatives of which are now listening to this speech, thereby hoping to find some occasion against God's people, now take notice. To such opponents we now say: "'Today you stand before the judgment seat of Christ, the great Judge of the world. According to the undisputed facts you are convicted out of your own mouth, and the Lord's final judgment has been entered against you and you are going to die. You have willingly yielded to Satan, abandoned God and his King, and have permitted the Devil to gather you to Armageddon, that battle of the great day of God Almighty, as Jesus foretold. (Revelation 16; 13-16) The final showdown has come. Your high-sounding titles, your garments, your exalted positions, your money, and your boasted power, shall now completely fail you. Christ Jesus, the anti-
typical David, has called your bluff. Jehovah's witnesses do not fear you, but they do fear and serve God and Christ.
"For the purpose of preventing your exposure you now seek the destruction of Jehovah's witnesses. You come to us with your laws subtly enacted and wrongfully enforced. You come to us with your strong-arm squad, with your armies and navies, all armed to the teeth, with sword and cannon. We meet you upon the battlefield with songs of praise to Jehovah's name upon our lips. We come to you in the name and strength of Jehovah God and his King, whom you have defied. At the battle of Armageddon Christ Jesus, leading his invincible army, will slay you and give your dead carcasses to the fowls of the air and to the wild beasts of the earth, and all creation shall know that Jehovah is the Almighty God, that Christ Jesus is the rightful Ruler of the world and the Vindicator of God's word and name, and that Jehovah can put men on earth who will remain true to him."
Only once before in world history were conditions similar to those of today. That was at the time of the flood, which Jesus declared was a type foretelling the present-day conditions. (Matthew 24:37-39; Luke 17:26,27) Then the earth was filled with a wicked crowd that defied Jehovah God. Jehovah sent Noah to warn the people of impending disaster. At God's command the ark was built, which was a type of God's organization under Christ. Refusing to give heed to the warning, God then destroyed
all flesh on the earth, and only those who joined Noah in the ark were saved. Those survivors pictured the Lord's "other sheep", who now take refuge in God's organization under Christ, the antitypical ark.


Every purpose of Jehovah shall be performed. (Isaiah 46:11) His kingdom of righteousness is here. Let all take warning. Ambitious men have set up in the place and stead of Jehovah's kingdom that monstrosity, the totalitarian government, which boastfully claims it shall save the world. That monstrosity is a "desolating abomination" in the sight of God and brings only suffering and death to the people. By his prophet Daniel Jehovah foretold its coining and its end. The indisputable facts show that the totalitarian government blasphemously claims that which belongs only to God. To all who see these facts and who candidly face them Christ Jesus gives these words of warning: "When ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, . . , then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains." (Mark 13:14) Mountains symbolically represent God's kingdom, particularly the capital organization under Christ, the Chief thereof. Such is the antitypical city of refuge (Numbers 35: 6-32), and only those who flee from Satan's rule and take their stand on the side of God and Christ will find protection and safety at Armageddon. After Armageddon begins will be too late to flee, and therefore God
commands that the warning be given now, and that is why Jehovah's witnesses are giving it.


The English-speaking people have had freer access to the Bible than any other people on earth; therefore their greater responsibility before the Lord, Centuries ago men who sincerely believed in God and Christ formed themselves into an association called "Protestant", which they did in protest against the works of the Catholic Hierarchy. Alas, in these days of great peril and when all should be declaring the name of Jehovah and his kingdom under Christ as the only means of salvation, the "Protestant" organization remains silent and therefore tacitly supports the "abomination of desolation", which blasphemously stands in the place of God's kingdom, where it ought not to stand. Let "Protestants" and all persons of good will toward God awake and turn quickly to the Bible and there, in the light of present-day events, learn that God's kingdom is the only hope of humankind. Learning such fact, then quickly take your stand firmly on the side of God and his kingdom; otherwise you shall perish at Armageddon.
Jerusalem, where God put his name, was typical of "Christendom". "Christendom," like Jerusalem, has fallen away from God. Before Jerusalem fell Jehovah sent Jeremiah his prophet to give warning to the people that all those of good will might awake and flee to safety. Jehovah caused to be enacted a prophetic drama in
which he used Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, to play the part picturing Christ Jesus at the present time. As Jehovah warned the people of Jerusalem, so today he warns the people of good will in "Christendom" in these words: 'He that abideth in this city [organization of "Christendom"] shall die, but he that goeth out and fleeth to Christ shall live,' (Jeremiah 21:9; 38:2) "Why will ye die, thou and thy people, by the sword, by the famine, and by the pestilence, as the Lord hath spoken against the nation that, will not serve the king of Babylon?" —Jeremiah 27:13.
The totalitarian combine is going to get control of England and America. You cannot prevent it. Do not try. Your safety is on the Lord's side; but there really will be but a short time that the combine will hold sway, because it is written in the Lord's Word, at 1 Thessalonians 5: 3, that when this crowd says, 'We are now at peace and safety,' the Lord sends sudden destruction upon them, and they are at their wits' end, and they shall find no way of escape.


If the name of Jehovah God is vindicated by and through his kingdom, the totalitarian combine and all rule under Satan must perish. The issue shall be settled soon at Armageddon. That issue is not between Catholics and Protestants, Jews or Gentiles; the issue is not between Fascism, the Hierarchy and Communism, because all of them are on the same side. The
great issue is Jehovah God and his kingdom under Christ, the world's rightful Ruler, against the rule of Satan by and through his political-religious totalitarian combine. Let all take warning! Every human creature on earth must decide whom he will serve. Those who remain under the rule of Satan's makeshift shall die. Those who take their stand firmly on the side of Jehovah and his kingdom under Christ, and who sincerely and diligently serve that kingdom, shall live. Choose which side you will take.


The great and indisputable facts, which all must now face, are these:
Jehovah God's kingdom has begun. The end of Satan's world has come. God is now carrying on his "strange work", which consists of his witnesses under the command of the Lord giving testimony of the kingdom to the peoples of earth. After that work is finished, then immediately follows Armageddon, which will completely wreck every institution and every part thereof that stands in opposition to the kingdom under Christ.
Only the Lord's "other sheep", the Jonadabs, who compose the "great multitude", will survive that great tribulation. (Revelation 7:9-17) Those faithful ones remaining true and steadfast to God and his King have the Lord's promise that they shall be carried through Armageddon, even as Noah and his family were carried over the flood. Now we see the Jonadabs hurrying to the Lord and forming the "great multitude", and
they must all be gathered before Armageddon begins, even as Noah's family had to be taken into the ark before the deluge began. According to the words of the Lord those of the "great multitude" come from all nations of the earth and now engage actively in the service and praise of Jehovah and his King. —Revelation 7:9-15.
At the beginning Jehovah gave command to perfect man to "multiply and fill the earth". That command has never been fulfilled, because the perfect man fell away. God's command shall be completely fulfilled. The "great multitude" will be the only ones left on the earth after Armageddon. They will be righteous in the sight of the Lord because of their faith and obedience. They will carry out the divine mandate to multiply and fill the earth. Therefore the "great multitude" will be privileged, according to the Scriptures, to marry and bring forth children in righteousness and fill the earth with a joyful and righteous race that will forever praise the name of Jehovah God.
We have no ill will toward and no controversy with any person because of his religious belief, nationality or color, but we are against every part of Satan's organization. We must tell the truth and give the warning, because God has commanded that to be done. (Ezekiel 33:7 and 5) I propose the following Declaration and I urge upon all persons who desire to live to make that Declaration their own. Those who so declare should vote Aye; those opposed, No!

We declare that the Almighty God is Jehovah
and that there is none other; that Christ Jesus is the King of the world, the Vindicator of Jehovah's name, and the Savior of men.
We recognize the totalitarian government, in which politics and religions join together to rule the world, as the product of Satan brought forth as the substitute for God's kingdom and that the same is the "desolating abomination" foretold by God's prophets; that it holds no hope for mankind, but will bring suffering and death to the human race, and we therefore declare ourselves unalterably opposed to that satanic monstrosity.
We recognize that Jehovah's kingdom with Christ as King is God's means provided for out salvation and for the vindication of his great name. We therefore declare ourselves wholly for Jehovah God and his King and kingdom, and by His grace we will serve and faithfully support his kingdom henceforth and forever, having full confidence that by so doing we may receive from Jehovah his favor and life everlasting through Jesus Christ our Lord, and to God's eternal glory.

[The great visible audience and also the invisible adopted the declaration by a tremendous shout AYE. The speaker continued:]
Why do the great newspapers ignore these vital facts? The democracies of earth, and particularly Great Britain and America, are in great danger of totalitarian rule. The Roman Catholic Hierarchy of Authority, the Fascists and the Nazis are conspiring together to gain control and rule all the nations by dictators. Although the newspapers know this fact they
refuse to publish the truth concerning the same, and so far as the press is concerned the people are kept in ignorance. The newspapers therefore indirectly support the conspiracy and are unfaithful to the people.
Centuries ago the Almighty God gave his word that in his due time and amidst great distress and perplexity in the world, exactly what we row see, he would set up his righteous government with Christ as King, and which will rule the nations in righteousness. That kingdom is now at hand and is the only hope of the nations and the people. It is of greatest importance to the people that they know about it, but the newspapers refuse to publish anything about the kingdom for fear of shocking the religious susceptibilities of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy and their allies. Such publication would interfere with the religious racket. For centuries both Christians and religionists have prayed as Jesus taught, for the coming of God's kingdom on earth, but only the Christians have desired that kingdom. Religionists have an ambitious desire to rule the world in the place and stead of God and Christ. Religion is therefore a snare and a racket, and the Lord's kingdom will do away with religion and all fraudulent schemes. The religio-political combine is against the kingdom of God.
It is the business of Jehovah's witnesses to make known to the people God's kingdom under Christ as their only hope. Because they do so those Christians are opposed and cruelly persecuted by the Roman Catholic Hierarchy and
the Fascist and Nazi allies. The metropolitan press has become at least a silent tool of the religious combine afore-mentioned. All are against God and against Christ and his kingdom, and therefore against the interests of the people who desire to live. Having been warned, they have taken their stand against the Lord's kingdom, and must bear the consequences.
In Germany and other countries, at the instance of religionists, Jehovah's witnesses are cruelly punished and some of them killed because they tell of God's kingdom. All over the earth today the Roman Catholic Hierarchy are desperately trying to prevent the people from hearing this message of truth. Wholly unable to answer the facts, they resort to bludgeon methods, causing the police to lock the people out of their halls and seizing their literature telling of the Kingdom. To the Hierarchy I say, that for centuries you have bluffed and frightened the people into submission to your nefarious racket and oppressive schemes and now your day has come and the Lord adjudges you opposers of his kingdom and declares that he will destroy you.
Because the Lord declares that the clergy of the Hierarchy and their Fascist allies are modern-day counterparts of the Pharisees and their allies, I here quote the words of Jesus at Matthew twenty-three, which are properly applied to the Hierarchy, the opposers of God's kingdom. The clergy of the Hierarchy demand to be called "father", while Jesus says: 'Call no man father on the earth,' Further the Lord says:
'Woe unto you, Hierarchy clergy, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. Ye devour widows' houses, and for a pretense make long prayers: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation. Woe unto you, Hierarchy clergy, hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excesses. Woe unto you, Hierarchy clergy, hypocrites! for ye are like whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but are within full of dead men's bones and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers! how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Wherefore, behold, I send unto you my witnesses, and some of them ye kill, and some of them ye scourge in concentration camps and in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city.' 'Howl, ye Hierarchy clergy, and cry, and wallow yourselves in the ashes, ye principal of the flock; for the days of your slaughter and of your dispersions are at hand, and ye shall fall like a pleasant vessel, and ye shall find no way of escape.'  —Jeremiah 25: 34, 35.
I ask all who are on the Lord's side and who approve what is here said about the Hierarchy and their allies, who oppose God's kingdom, to now say, AMEN!
['Approved' voiced by unanimous AMEN.]


Broadcast in many countries

"Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth."
 —Genesis 1: 28, Rotherham.

TO HAVE a part in the vindication of Jehovah's name is man's greatest privilege. God is now revealing to those who love him how this great privilege may be enjoyed, and it behooves everyone to eagerly grasp the truth as it is revealed.
God created the earth for man, and he created man to inhabit the earth. His creation is not in vain. To the perfect man God gave the command: "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth." Adam and his wife Eve were then righteous, therefore God's commandment means that it is his purpose to fill the earth with righteous human creatures. That mandate to be fruitful and multiply is unto life for the creatures brought into the earth. The earth has not yet been filled with righteous people. That must yet be accomplished.
If God does not fill the earth with righteous humans that will abide forever, then the creation of the earth and of man is in vain. We know that nothing is in vain with God. He says: 'My counsel shall stand, and I will do my pleasure. I have purposed it, and I will do it.' (Isaiah 46:10,11) Adam did not perform that divine mandate, because he sinned before his children were born.
Will God's commandment to multiply and fill the earth ever be fully performed in righteousness and under righteous conditions on the earth? The mere bringing back to life of the dead who have received the benefit of the ransom sacrifice, or who may thereafter: receive the same, could not be a fulfillment of that mandate. If all the dead were awakened and restored, that would not constitute a fulfillment of God's mandate, for the reason that such would be accomplished by God's power through Christ Jesus and not by man's obeying and fulfilling God's commandment. That mandate must be carried out. But how? Do the Scriptures reveal to man the manner of its fulfillment?


It has pleased God to make prophetic dramas by which he reveals to those who love him his means of carrying out his purpose. Before the divine mandate to fill the earth could be carried out all the wicked must be removed and a righteous overlord installed in office. Noah and the attending circumstances and the flood constitute a prophetic drama by means of which God makes known his purpose concerning the filling of the earth. We have the authoritative words of Jesus that the flood and the ark were typical.
The father of Noah was named Lamech, which name means "powerful", and the part played by Lamech in the drama of the flood pictured Jehovah, the Almighty God, whose power is without limitation and who is the Father of Jesus Christ.
Noah played the part representing Christ Jesus. After Noah's birth his father uttered a prophecy which doubtless was spoken at the direction of Jehovah and is a part of the prophetic drama. The prophecy is contained in this text: "And Lamech lived an hundred eighty and two years, and begat a son; and he called his name Noah, saying, This same shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground which the Lord hath cursed." —Genesis 5: 28, 29.
The name Noah means "rest" or "comfort", and in this he foreshadowed Christ Jesus, the beloved Son of God, who is the comfort and rest of Jehovah. In harmony with this it is written that, when Noah left the ark at the conclusion of the flood, he built an altar unto God and offered sacrifices, "and the Lord smelled a sweet savour [(margin) savour of rest]: and the Lord said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man's sake." —8:20,21.
The earth was filled with violence, and God sent Noah to give warning of the impending deluge by which he would destroy all flesh or human creatures on the earth except those who found safety in the ark. The flood came, with this result: The nephilim of Satan's invisible organization were removed from the earth; the disobedient angels, "the sons of God" who had materialized and formed unions with human women and produced "mighty men", were removed by being imprisoned, and the offspring of that improper union were destroyed. The
only survivors were Noah and the members of his household, eight in all. —Genesis 6:1-20, American Revised Version.


The Devil had set himself up as equal to Jehovah. He evolved schemes to reproach Jehovah's name. He knew that Jehovah had commanded Adam to multiply and fill the earth. The Devil decided to prevent that from being done. He set about to debauch the human race and to fill the earth with a wicked people whom God would have to destroy. The Devil's scheme appeared to be making real progress. If he succeeded, the Devil concluded, he would prove his own supremacy and Jehovah's inferiority. The result of the flood in destroying all except Noah's family would prevent Satan from carrying out his purpose and would be a vindication of Jehovah's name. It therefore appears that the primary purpose of the flood was the vindication of God's name and word, and closely connected therewith were matters concerning the human race relating to the filling of the earth.
Because of Noah's faith and obedience he was righteous in the sight of God. He is mentioned in the Scriptures as "a preacher of righteousness". (2 Peter 2:5) God commanded Noah to build an ark, which he did, and which ark was a picture of God's organization under Christ as the Head thereof, which organization includes the members of the body of Christ, The family of Noah received and gave heed to the warning
and believed on God, and because of their faith and obedience they were counted righteous, taken into the ark, and carried over the flood and saved. God declares that his purpose in having the ark built was to keep alive the righteous ones of the human race.
The command of Jehovah given to Adam to "multiply and fill the earth" could be carried out only by righteous creatures, and that must be done after all the wicked are removed from the earth. The flood and the devastation it wrought, therefore, was a picture of Armageddon, the great day of God Almighty, and the destructive work it will do.


The players in that prophetic drama were, to wit, Lamech, who pictured Jehovah God; Noah, who pictured Christ Jesus and the members of his body; and the ark, which pictured the organization Zion, of which Christ Jesus is the Head and Builder at God's command; the deluge picturing Armageddon. We have the positive statement of the Scriptures that such drama was performed and recorded long ago for the comfort and hope of God's people on the earth at the end of the world, where we now are. (Romans 15:4) With confidence we may expect to receive from the Lord an understanding of that prophetic drama, and the understanding of It will increase our zeal and hope.
The members of Noah's family were carried over the flood, finding safety in the ark; and the
question is, Whom do they picture or represent in the prophetic drama? The Scriptural proof is that they pictured the "other sheep" of the Lord (John 10:16), that is, those whom we now call "Jonadabs" and who will form the "great multitude". —2 Kings 10:15-23: Revelation 7: 9-17.
Noah's three sons were born after Noah was 500 years old, and a short time before the flood. Likewise a short time before Armageddon Christ Jesus, the antitypical Noah, begins the gathering unto himself of his "other sheep", who form the "great multitude". A long period of time elapsed from the birth of Noah until the birth of his three sons. Likewise a long period of time elapsed from the birth of Jesus until the bringing forth of the Jonadabs, his "other sheep". Now the kingdom is here and the Jonadabs are coining forth and appreciating the fact that it is their great privilege to learn about and fully support the kingdom of God under Christ as the only means of salvation and vindication.


It has been argued that God delayed the setting up of his kingdom for six thousand years in order to permit a sufficient number of persons to be born and then die, so that at the resurrection there would he enough to fill the earth. That argument is not supported by reason nor by any scriptures. There has been no delay, but God has permitted the Devil this period of time in order to have full opportunity to make good his challenge before the destruction of his or-
ganization, and in that period of time God has taken out "a people for his name", which people must be witnesses of Jehovah to bear testimony in the earth in fulfillment of God's prophetic utterance to the Devil recorded at Exodus 9:16.


The first essential for one to be gathered unto the Lord is to hear the message of truth. That person then must exercise faith in God as the source of life, and in Christ Jesus as his Redeemer, whose precious blood bought the human race, and that Christ is the Administrator of Jehovah to give life. (Romans 10:9-15) The Lord Jesus came to the temple of Jehovah in 1918, gathered unto himself the faithful consecrated ones, judged and approved them, brought them into the temple, and instructed them, and then sent them forth to declare his message in order that his "other sheep" might be permitted to hear and flee to him for refuge. Thereafter the "other sheep" began to hear, but it was not until 1935 that the Lord disclosed to his people that his "other sheep" constitute an earthly class that shall live on the earth forever. What further steps must the "other sheep" take in order to receive God's approval and protection?
All persons who receive the benefit of the ransom sacrifice must make a consecration by agreeing to do the will of God, and must openly confess this agreement to others. This must be done by the Jonadabs, and hence they must join with the remnant to become witnesses for
the Lord. They must find protection in God's organization, which shows that they must be immersed, baptized or hidden in that organization. The ark, which Noah built at God's command, pictured God's organization, and those who entered the ark and found refuge there from the deluge were thus hidden, and that was a picture of baptism, as stated by the apostle, to wit, "The ark . . . wherein few, that is, eight souls, were saved by water. The like figure whereunto, even baptism, doth also now save us." (1 Peter 3:20,21) In fulfillment of that part of the picture Christ Jesus has built God's capital organization, unto or under which the Jonadabs must be immersed, baptized or submerged out of sight and completely separated and hidden from Satan's organization. Under the protection of the Lord's organization they may be safely carried over Armageddon. (Zephaniah 2:1-4) Therefore the "great multitude" must find refuge and protection in the anti-typical ark, being there hidden from the world.
A like picture was made when the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, and concerning which it is written: "For 1 wish you not to be ignorant, brethren, that our fathers were all tinder the cloud, and all passed through the sea; and that all were immersed into Moses in the cloud and in the sea; and that all ate the same spiritual food, and all drank the same spiritual drink; for they drank [water] from a spiritual Rock which followed them; (but the Rock was the Anointed)." —1 Corinthians 10: 1-4, Diaglott.
The Israelites were thus "baptized unto Moses", Those in the ark were baptized unto Noah. Both Noah and Moses pictured Christ Jesus and his organization, therefore showing that all the Jonadabs must come under the protection of the organization of which Christ is the Chief. That is their antitypical "city of refuge" (Numbers 35:6-32), and there they must remain until the end of Armageddon. Being carried over Armageddon will prove that God counts them righteous. The obedient Israelites found protection and .safety from the waters of the Red Sea: those in the ark found protection and safety, while all others suffered destruction; and both of those pictures foretold Armageddon, at which time those under Christ will find protection and safety, while all the world will suffer destruction in the fiery tribulation such as never before was known. John the Baptist must have referred to that baptism unto Noah and unto Moses as typical of the baptism unto Christ when he said: "He [Christ] shall baptize you with the holy [spirit] and with fire." (Matthew 3:11,12) The "fire" manifestly refers to Armageddon, from the destructive effects of which those under Christ and in Christ will be protected. This is further proof that universal protection and "universal salvation," find absolutely no support in the Scriptures, but are a trick of the Devil to turn the minds of men away from Jehovah.
Those who as Jonadabs flee to Christ and there find protection must continue to seek
righteousness and meekness as the Lord commands. (Zephaniah 2:1-3) They must study to know God's will and must be diligent to obey his commandments. They must be faithful; they must be entirely devoted to God's kingdom, and must keep themselves separate from the world, refusing to participate in any worldly schemes. Thus doing they have God's promise to be carried over Armageddon.


The fact that the divine mandate to "multiply and fill the earth" was given to righteous Adam before he sinned is conclusive proof that the mandate can be carried out only by righteous human creatures who live and bring forth children in righteousness and under righteous conditions. Who, then, can fulfill that mandate? Not the remnant (Romans 11: 5), of course, because they are spiritual and their abiding place is in heaven.
The great mass of the people that have lived since the flood have been wicked. Today the earth is tilled with a wicked class similar to that which filled the earth prior to the flood. The most wicked and blasphemous of all those who now encumber the earth are the religious leaders, and particularly those who constitute the Roman Catholic Hierarchy of Authority, who blasphemously claim that which belongs only to God, falsely claim that they are representatives of the Lord, bring great reproach upon God's name, and persecute Jehovah's witnesses and
the Jonadabs, and which religions organization is the chief instrument of the Devil on earth. Certainly none of such will ever have anything to do with carrying out the divine mandate. There is no reason, and certainly there is no Scriptural proof, that God will ever raise such out of death, nor any others who have been willfully wicked and who have spurned and opposed Jehovah's organization. It is true that the Scriptures say 'there shall be a resurrection of the just and the unjust', but there is a wide distinction between those who are unjust by reason of inheritance, being born such, and those who are willfully wicked and who oppose God's kingdom. Certainly those who now hear of and refuse to believe on Christ as the Redeemer and as the world's rightful Ruler shall continue to abide under the condemnation of death, as plainly stated at John 3: 36. The purpose of the deluge was to clear the earth of the wicked; and likewise the very purpose of Armageddon is to clear the earth of the present-day wicked ones. Why should such wicked ones ever be awakened out of death and infest the ground and continue to reproach God's holy name? There is no reason to conclude that God will give them a "second chance".
But regardless of who shall be awakened out of death, none of the world in the general resurrection will come forth as righteous men and women.
At the end of the flood Noah and his family were the only human creatures living. God
counted such eight persons righteous because of their faith and obedience unto him. They therefore pictured the class of persons that God will count righteous at the end of Armageddon.


When Noah left the ark at the end of the flood he offered sacrifices unto the Lord, and. as it is written, "the Lord smelled a sweet savour [(margin) of rest]." (Genesis 8: 21) That seems clearly to refer to the comfort and rest that will come when Armageddon has ended and the earth is completely cleaned out of all the wicked. The sacrifices offered by Noah were also a part of the prophetic drama showing that after Armageddon all the persons on earth will be devoted to Jehovah. It was at the time Noah offered such sacrifices that God restated his mandate in those words: "And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth." (Genesis 9:1) Such words also must be a part of the prophetic drama foretelling how God will carry out his purpose to fill the earth with righteous people following Armageddon. The restatement of the mandate was to righteous men, showing again that only righteous human creatures can fulfil! that mandate. Since the great multitude will be the only ones that shall survive Armageddon, and they being counted righteous in God's sight because of their faith and obedience, it follows that God will use those human creatures to carry out his mandate to fill the earth.
Only eight persons survived the flood, and now, after a few brief centuries, the earth is filled with human creatures numbering many millions and almost all of whom are wicked by reason of the Devil's influence. If only a few millions survive Armageddon, what may those few millions do under the direction of Christ Jesus during the period of the thousand-year reign? It is absolutely certain that God's mandate to fill the earth must be carried out, because he has given his word, and his word shall not return unto him void. It therefore follows that it will be fulfilled within the thousand-year period with the creatures appointed to that work.


If this conclusion is Scripturally correct, then it would mean that those men and women forming the "great multitude" will marry and bring forth children in righteousness and unto life, There are now on earth Jonadabs devoted to the Lord and who doubtless will prove faithful. Would it be Scripturally proper for them to now marry and to begin to rear children? No, is the answer, which is supported by the Scriptures. Referring to the prophetic picture: Noah's sons and their wives had no children before or during the flood, and none were born of them until after the flood was dried up, and the record is that it was two years after the flood before children born are mentioned. (Genesis 11:10,11) There is no Scriptural evidence that any children were taken into the ark, but only eight persons were
taken therein: "And the Lord said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation." (Genesis 7:1) This is proof that the class pictured by those taken into the ark will be counted righteous by reason of their faith and obedience, and which is evidenced by their being carried over Armageddon. The Scriptures fully support the conclusion that the filling of the earth is not due to begin before, but after Armageddon. The words of Jesus further support this conclusion, to wit: "And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!" —Matthew 24:19.
It is the great privilege of the Jonadabs to now see that the kingdom is here and that it is their bounden duty, if they would live, to fully support the kingdom and do what the Lord has commanded them to do, which is to seek righteousness and meekness, and to join forces with the remnant and give testimony to the world of and concerning the kingdom of God under Christ. It will be far better to be unhampered and without burdens, that they may do the Lord's will now, as the Lord commands, and also be without hindrance during Armageddon.
There are Jonadabs who are fully devoted to the Lord and his kingdom many of whom have children and may have more. What must be expected of them? The obligation is laid upon the parents to teach their children the truth of and concerning the kingdom and to thus lead them in right paths that they too may seek righteous-
ness and meekness; and if the children do so, God's promise of protection also applies to them. Children born now are surrounded by the wicked influence of Satan and his organization, and their only protection is that they be taught and that they devote themselves to God and his kingdom organization. They must seek righteousness and meekness by learning and doing the will of God. Therefore the great responsibility upon the Jonadab parents now is to properly teach their children and lead them in the right way until they reach the age of individual responsibility, when such children must act for themselves in serving God. While it is not the obligation of the consecrated to seek out the children of others who are not consecrated and teach them, yet if any such children of others come to them seeking the truth they should count it a great privilege to so instruct those children who do seek the truth. This is proved by the fact that at the Feast of Weeks and at the Feast of Tabernacles the Israelites were assembled and the strangers and their children were received amongst them and instructed: and such furnishes a guide to the consecrated at the present time. —Deuteronomy 16:9-15.


Adam and Eve failed to carry out the divine mandate because of sin. After Armageddon the willful violators of God's law will be gone from the earth. The degenerate offspring of Adam will be dead, hence cannot influence the living.
Satan will be bound, and all of his wicked influence gone. There will be no religionists or religious organizations on earth to improperly influence the children. Christ Jesus, in full charge of the race, will carry out what Lucifer failed to do. Thus will be clearly demonstrated that the divine mandate to fill the earth with a righteous people can and shall be carried out. That will be a vindication of Jehovah's name and prove Satan a liar.
It was proper for perfect Adam and Eve to multiply and bring children into the earth, and it will certainly be in harmony with the will of God that those of the great multitude after Armageddon, being righteous, shall marry and bring forth children. The counsel concerning marriage as set forth in 1 Corinthians the seventh chapter did not apply to perfect Adam and his wife, and will not apply to the great multitude after Armageddon.
There appears to be no Scriptural reason why Armageddon will dissolve the marriage ties of the Jonadabs existing before Armageddon, and which Jonadabs survive Armageddon. Therefore if there be Jonadabs now that are married they may look forward with keen joy to the continuation of their marital relationship after Armageddon ends, when they may exercise the divinely given functions. They can now see and appreciate what a great privilege and blessing it will then be to dwell together in happiness and in righteousness and to produce and to bring
forth children in righteousness to the glory of God.
Those Jonadabs who now contemplate marriage, it would seem, would do better if they wait a few years, until the fiery storm of Armageddon is gone, and to then enter the marital relationship and enjoy the blessings of participating in filling the earth with righteous and perfect children.
Let the Jonadabs now view with calmness and sobriety and with keen joy the marvelous prospect set before them. Jehovah's unchangeable mandate is that the earth shall be filled with a righteous people who, continuing in righteousness, shall receive everlasting life through Jesus Christ; furthermore, that the survivors of Armageddon, who form the great multitude, will be righteous in God's sight and will be granted the marvelous privilege of carrying out his mandate first given to Adam, and that such will be done under the supervision of the righteous ruler, Christ Jesus, who will administer life to all who receive life; that the great multitude and their children shall live for ever in peace and joy, and need never have any fear of death, but such faithful ones, together with the princes of the earth, shall fully realize the righteous government on earth wherein God's will shall be done as in heaven; all of which was made possible by the full obedience of Christ Jesus unto death and by his resurrection and his kingdom.
What should the Jonadabs do now? They should devote themselves wholly to the kingdom
interests of Christ, they should see to it that their substance is now used to the glory of God and his kingdom, and therefore should do all within their power to advance the kingdom interest. As companions of the remnant of the body of Christ now on earth the Jonadabs should join with them in actively bearing witness to the people, giving them warning and telling them of the kingdom blessings that will come to those who obey. The faithful from Abel to John looked for the coming of God's righteous government and sacrificed everything that they might have a place to live thereunder. Now the glorious kingdom is here in full sight and will soon be in full operation, and those who love God will delight now to do ail within their power to make known to others the blessings of that kingdom. It is the kingdom of God under Christ now pitted against everything of Satan's organization, and the Jonadabs must align themselves uncompromisingly on the Lord's side, faithfully serving him and his kingdom at all times.


Children born to the Jonadabs before Armageddon must come under the redemptive provision made through Christ Jesus. The parents being imperfect, such children are born with imperfections and must be taught by the parents and must be obedient to the Lord if they receive life. Children born after Armageddon likewise must belong to Christ Jesus, because he has paid the redemptive price for all, including them.
He is "The Everlasting Father", who administers life, and there is no other name whereby men may live.


All who receive life must believe on and obey the Lord. (John 3:36) Therefore the children born of the great multitude must have faith, and must be faithful and fully obedient to the righteous Lord. The responsibility will then be upon the parents to properly teach their children until the children reach an age of individual responsibility, at which time the offspring must assume the responsibility and obey. The Scriptures show that each one born will have a full and fair opportunity under righteous conditions to prove his integrity to the Lord. The Scriptures fully support the conclusion that no babies will die after Armageddon. What could be the purpose of a baby's being born if it should die when it is a mere suckling? The Scriptures on this point now seem to be clear. God, through his prophet, says: "There shall be thenceforward no more a suckling of a few days, or an elder who filleth not up his days, but a youth a hundred years old may die, yea a sinner a hundred years old shall be accursed." —Isaiah 65:20, Rotherham.
This prophecy may now apply to the spiritual class in this manner: The number one hundred is a multiple of ten times ten, which means earthly completeness. The faithful remnant, having maintained their integrity, may be said to have
received everything on the earth they can receive, and hence they may know that the enemy cannot destroy them. If one should willfully become a sinner, he will die accursed, and no one will sorrow for him.
As to the children of the great multitude, Clod gives the assurance that they shall grow up under conditions of righteousness where nothing shall be permitted to hurt them and that such will continue to live until they have full opportunity to prove their integrity. Ten times ten equaling one hundred, and being symbolic of earthly completeness in every way, must mean that no baby shall die as a babe, and not at all until it first has full opportunity as an individual to prove its integrity. If, however, after having full opportunity that offspring willfully becomes a sinner he shall die accursed. That does not mean that he would be limited to one hundred years, but he must have full earthly opportunity, even if five hundred or the entire thousand years are required to prove his full devotion to the Lord.
No one will sorrow because of the death of the accursed ones, because all who live will be righteous and rejoice in the Lord's righteous judgment. Hence the prophecy says: "Therefore will I exult in Jerusalem [God's organization], and joy in my people, and there shall be heard in her no more the sound of weeping or the sound of a cry." (Isaiah 65:19, Rotherham) God has given a specific commandment, at Ezekiel 24:16, 17, that no one of the righteous
shall sorrow or weep because of the death of the willfully wicked. Such is strong corroborative proof that no babies will die as such, and therefore the offspring's death will bring no sorrow to the parents. Such babies will be born to life and must live until they have reached the age of individual responsibility. This will now be of great comfort and encouragement to those who will form the great multitude, because they can look forward to the fact that they shall be privileged to bring forth children in righteousness and never thereafter have any sorrow by reason of such children. Furthermore says Jehovah: "For behold me! creating new heavens and a new earth, and the former shall not be mentioned, neither shall they come up on the heart . . . creating Jerusalem an exultation, and her people a joy." (Isaiah 65:17,18, Rotherham) The apostle Peter wrote: "Nevertheless we. according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness." (2 Peter 3:13) The "new heavens" consists of Christ Jesus and his royal house, and is already created and builded up to the joy of Jehovah. (Psalm 102:16) The faithful princes (Psalm 45: 16), the great multitude and their children, will constitute the "new earth" wherein righteousness shall dwell and where there shall be continuous joy. In accord with this it is written: "And I heard a great voice out of heaven, saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall
be with them, and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes." (Revelation 21:3,4) That condition will obtain at the beginning of the thousand years instead of waiting until the end thereof. Therefore says the prophet concerning God's new earth: "There shall be heard in her no more the sound of weeping or the sound of a cry," Surely these truths are now a great stimulus to the Jonadabs to bend every effort to find protection and safety in the kingdom.


Those who have died and who will be resurrected must have a full and fair opportunity to live, but they will have nothing to do with carrying out of the divine mandate and filling the earth. They will be awakened imperfect and must be brought to righteousness and granted life after full obedience. There is no reason why that should require a thousand years, and there is no Scriptural evidence that the general resurrection will be accomplished during the thousand-year reign, but, on the contrary, it is written (Revelation 20: 5): "But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished." While there is a dispute about the authenticity of this text, the weight of authority is in favor of its authenticity. God has preserved it in the Bible, Resurrection meaning full standing to life, therefore at the general resurrection the divine mandate will have been fully carried out; paradise will then have been restored; then
will come forth the thief according to the promise of Jesus; also all the dead in their graves, that is, all in the memory of God, shall come forth, but not the wicked ones. Surely Judas Iscariot, and those of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, and the other "goats", will never be awakened out of death. The final adverse judgment against them is entered by Christ Jesus, who says that they go away into everlasting cutting off. (Matthew 25:33,41-46) Procure The Watchtower, which gives consideration to the texts relating to this matter, study the same carefully and you will have every reason to rejoice; and, continuing faithful, your joy shall never end. Every person who loves the Lord should be a regular reader of The Watchtower.


Specific and great truths now revealed must be kept in mind by those who have consecrated themselves to do God's will. Amongst such truths are these: Jehovah has commanded that the earth shall be filled with a righteous people. That shall be done. No unrighteous human can have any part in fulfilling that divine mandate. Adam was righteous when he received the mandate, but he became unrighteous and lost all, The commandment reaffirmed to righteous Noah and his sons was a prophetic drama, which drama must become a reality henceforth. The flood was for the purpose of cleansing the earth of wickedness then existing, and it was a type, the fulfillment of which will be the battle of
Armageddon and which will clean the earth of all wickedness.
The period of time elapsing from the restated mandate to Noah until the coming of the kingdom God has employed, amongst other things, to take out "a people for his name" (Acts 15: 14), and he has commanded that those so taken out must be his witnesses, proclaim his name and his kingdom throughout the earth, and do this just preceding Armageddon. That "strange work" is now in progress and soon shall he finished. It is bitterly resisted by the religionists, the chief agents of the Devil on earth. It will be finished according to God's will. Immediately thereafter shall follow the battle of Armageddon, at which time there will first be destroyed all the religious institutions and all who use religion to blaspheme and defame God's name and to exalt men. That means that the great religious institution, the Hierarchy, is certain to lose, and will perish for ever. There are many persons within or under that religious organization now that are sincere. Such must be warned and have the opportunity to hear the testimony and to seek a place of safety under God's organization. The obligation to give such warning and testimony God has placed upon the remnant and their companions the Jonadabs. To them the Lord God has said: 'Warn them from me. He that taketh the warning shall deliver his soul. If you do not give the warning, you will be held responsible for those who die without having heard the warning.' (Ezekiel
33: 5-9) Armageddon is near, and the conclusion of God's "strange work" is nearer. We must make haste in doing that work. No consecrated one will fear the scoffers or persecutors. The ones devoted to Jehovah will rely upon him and Christ Jesus and will move steadfastly forward engaging in the "strange work". The only ones who will survive Armageddon will be God's faithful children and those who flee to the Lord's kingdom, and who will therefore be carried through the great baptism of fire at Armageddon, and who shall then stand as righteous men and women before the Lord, forming the great multitude. With the keenest joy have in mind the great privilege that then will come to the great multitude, to wit: The carrying out of the divine mandate to fill the earth with a righteous race of people. They shall marry and bring forth children in righteousness, and none of their babies shall die, but will grow up and be given a full and fair opportunity to prove their own integrity toward God and, doing so, shall live forever.
Under the reign of Christ Jesus and the rule of righteous men on earth, the princes, the great multitude will rear families in righteousness during the thousand years and until the divine mandate is fully carried out. That will also be a vindication of God's name, proving that he car, put men on earth who will remain faithful to him and he can fill the earth with righteous men.
At the end of the thousand years, the earth being filled, there will be no more occasion for
marriage, the marital relationship and the rearing of children. Those sleeping in the dust of the earth having been awakened and given an opportunity to obey, all who do obey and are thus counted worthy to have a part in the resurrection and that "world without end" shall live. (Luke 20:35,36) Such great prospect now set before the "other sheep" of the Lord is a marvelous incentive to zeal and faithfulness. In harmony with this the Scriptures show that the great multitude now coining to the Lord are filled with zeal and serve God and Christ day and night. (Revelation 7:9-15) The faithful prophets of God saw by faith God's gracious provision for a kingdom of righteousness, and they rejoiced. They willingly endured all manner of persecution that they might have a part in that righteous government. They must wait until the coming of the kingdom, and now they will soon be back and enjoy the blessings of that kingdom and participate in it. Those taken out of the world, and who have become members of the body of Christ, have always rejoiced to suffer persecution in order that they might participate in the resurrection of Christ Jesus and in the vindication of Jehovah's name. Now their final duty on the earth is to prove their faithfulness by bearing testimony to the name of Jehovah and his kingdom while the Devil and his agents heap reproach and persecution upon them. The Lord's "other sheep" must be in full harmony with the Lord and with his remnant. None of these must lose any time or omit any
opportunity to obey the Lord in declaring the kingdom message. The kingdom is here, and certain and complete victory will crown the King, Christ Jesus, and those who stand with him. The earth is to be filled with a righteous people, and those faithful Jonadabs now living shall not die, but shall have a part in the performance or work of populating the earth with righteous people, and all these things to the eternal praise of Jehovah and the vindication of his name.
Today the Roman Catholic Hierarchy and allies are desperately fighting against God and his kingdom, trying to prevent the people from learning that the Lord will soon destroy the wicked and bring endless blessings to those who obey him. The fact that the religionists are thus opposing God's message is further proof that Armageddon is near; therefore we rejoice at this opposition, being fully confident that the Lord will gain complete victory over the wicked and give life to those who serve him. Henceforth we take the offensive in this warfare. Onward, soldiers of the Lord, and as you go continuously sing the praises of Jehovah and his King!



The following statement, written by a Catholic priest of Berlin and published in The German under date of May 29, 1938, is proof of the con-
spiracy between the Papacy and the Hitler totalitarian government of Germany:
"There is now one country on earth where the so-called 'Earnest Bible Students' [Jehovah's witnesses] are forbidden. That is Germany! The dissolution of the sect which, at that time, had found a strong foothold in Germany, did not come to pass under Brüning [chancellor of the German Reich before Hitler], although the Catholic Church in Brüning's time urged to have this done. However, the 'Most Catholic Chancellor' Brüning answered that he had no law which authorized him to dissolve the sect of the 'Earnest Bible Students'.
"When Adolph Hitler had come to power and the German episcopate repeated their request, Hitler said: 'These so-called "Earnest Bible Students" are trouble-makers; they disturb the harmonious life amongst the Germans; I consider them quacks; I do not tolerate that the German Catholics be besmirched in such a manner by this American "Judge" Rutherford; I dissolve the "Earnest Bible Students" in Germany; their property I dedicate to the people's welfare; I will have all their literature confiscated.' Bravo!
"However, the American episcopate, even Cardinal Mundelein, is not able to have Rutherford's, books, in which the Catholic Church is slandered, to be taken away from the book-market in the United States.!"

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