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"Let Your Name Be Sanctified"

Chapter 1


This present living generation of mankind is about to witness the sanctification of the greatest name in the universe! Hundreds of millions of people are yet without knowledge of this most important name. Other hundreds of millions may have some form of religion but they willfully leave the name out of their concerns or despise it, profane it or put no faith in it, and reproach it. The fact of the matter is, the vast majority of mankind is against the name. Yet it will be sanctified in a marvelous way, before friend and foe alike. This will be in answer to the prayer offered for more than nineteen hundred years by sincere lovers of the name.

2 Why should you, the reader, be interested in the sanctifying of a name maybe as yet unknown to you? Well, if you desire to see all poverty wiped out by a never-ending era of plenty, you should be interested in the sanctifying of that greatest name. If you desire mankind's ills and pains to be forever relieved by an eternity of perfect health for all living humans, you have cause for also desiring the sanctification of that most important

1. What important thing is to be sanctified in this generation, before whom and in answer to what?
2. Why should the reader be interested in the sanctifying of a name unknown as yet to countless people?

name. If you want injustice and wickedness to be ended, yes, if you want all grinding down of helpless masses of people by self-seeking men greedy for material riches and for power over others to be stopped and punished for all time, this coming sanctification of The Name is what you are really desiring. If you want a clean, incorruptible government higher than that of imperfect men; if you want the earth under such a righteous government to be healed and changed into a lovely garden, a delightful park everywhere; if, also, in hope of such an earth-wide paradise, you desire to live here to enjoy it in peace for all time, yes, to share its beauties and joys with your dead loved ones who have known only a life of hardship, suffering and sadness; that is, if you want the death to which we are now subject to be lifted off us and you want your dear ones to return from the realm of death to life, then you also want the sanctification of the greatest name in the universe. All those grand things depend on this long-prayed-for thing.

3 The sanctifying of anything means simply the making of it holy, the setting of it apart as sacred, the holding of it sacred, as being something not to be used in a common, ordinary way that would make it unclean, impure, unrespectable and degrading. But today, ideas of what is holy differ the world around; and what is holy to one may be shocking to another. What is truly holy, however, has nothing to do with any uncleanness, even when practiced in a religiously sincere way. The sanctifying of the greatest name in the universe will therefore make it shine in purest light, in a glory that will make men stand in awe of it, highly respect it and dread ever to use it in an unworthy, worthless way or speak reproachfully of it or bring reproach upon it. All will have any misunderstanding or misrepresentation of the name cleared up.

3. What does the sanctifying of anything mean, and what will the sanctifying of the greatest name result in and mean?

All will have their appreciation of the name deepened. They will in a heartfelt way respect it for all it is worth, for all that it stands for. The greatest name of all deserves the full honor that is due to it.

4 How precious it is to have a good name! Long ago a king in the Middle East who had the name for being the wisest man of ancient times wrote: "A name is to be chosen rather than abundant riches."* This king knew, for he was very rich; and the passing of time has not lessened the truth of his proverb. After he made a thorough study of all the empty ambitions and vain occupations of men, he made a report to the congregation of his people and said: "A name is better than good oil." † He composed a song that ranks as "the song of songs," and in it he had the beautiful lover say of her beloved one: "For fragrance your oils are good. Like an oil that is poured out is your name." ‡ A good name has a fragrance surpassing that of a costly ointment, and mere money cannot buy it. It is better than having children to carry one's family name into future generations. It has more power with heaven than material riches.

5 A good name brings more soothing satisfaction to its deserving owner, and more comfort and encouragement to people who love its owner. Those who do not want to live their lives in vain seek after a good name. There is a right and successful way of seeking after it.

6 Each reader of this book respects his own

* Quoted from Proverbs, chapter 22, verse 1, of The Holy Bible, according to the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, 1961 edition.
† Quoted from Ecclesiastes 7:1 in The Holy Bible, NW.
‡ Quoted from The Song of Solomon 1:3 in The Holy Bible, NW.
4. How did the wisest man of ancient times rate the preciousness of a name, and what power does it have with heaven?
5. How does a good name affect its owner and the lovers of its owner?
6. Why will the possessor of the greatest name take action in its behalf, and how will this affect all creation in heaven and earth?

name. He craves to have it respected and held in good esteem by others, for this means so much to him, among righteous people. Likewise the possessor of the greatest name in the universe respects his own personal name. He respects it above every other name in the universe. In fact, he is jealous for his name. Ever standing ready to defend it and to glorify it with all zeal and earnestness, he declares: "I will be jealous for my holy name." * All creation in heaven and earth will be better off for it when he takes the due action to clear his name and makes it known in its true worth to all living creatures.

7 Who is this one whom all living creation must yet come to know? Who else could he be but the Creator of the universe? The visible heavens and the earth reveal him to be the Scientist in Chief. The scientists of this modern space age cannot catch up with him; they are finding that his knowledge and application of science are unfathomable. He is an eternity ahead of them. And since pure science is absolute truth, so he is truthful. He has displayed a complete mastery of science, not only in his created universe with which modern scientists are only slightly familiar, but also in the Book that he has caused to be written. He has a marvelous purpose concerning our universe into which each seeker of life in eternal happiness can fit. His purpose concerning the universe is stated in his Book. In it also his name is made known.

8 He is not ashamed of the name he bears. He has supreme confidence in himself. He inspires his intelligent creatures to have the highest confidence in him. Hence, when declaring his purpose and when making his promises of future good things, he swears by himself or by his own name. Yes,

* Quoted from Ezekiel 39:25 in The Holy Bible, AS.
7. How do the scientists of this space age compare with this one, and where is his purpose stated?
8. How has he shown supreme confidence in himself, and what will he yet again make for himself?

in his inspired Book he has given guarantees of things to come over his personal name. His name will never be besmirched by a failure to fulfill his stated purpose or to live up to his covenants or to make good all his promises. In the past he made a name for himself numbers of times. He will yet again make a glorious name for himself before all earth's swarming population.

9 The Creator of the universe is a holy Person, and his personal name is holy. It has been known to man since the beginning of man's history. Yet it is so little known or respected today. The reason why is well known; and the ones responsible for this are also well known. In ancient times the Creator had a people, an entire nation, for his name. He had a holy city upon which his holy name was called; and in this capital city was the temple that was built to his name, where its praises were sung and where it was called upon in prayer and thanksgiving. He raised up mouthpieces, prophets, to foretell the future in his name and to write of coming events. He proved himself to be the greatest Fighter in the universe, and this was all for his name's sake. Victories he won in battle for the deliverance of his people from their enemies. But the greatest battle in all human history and in all the history of the universe he will yet fight and win for his own name's sake. Thus his name will become the most celebrated in heaven and earth.

10 From the very beginning he has been interested in preserving his name among his creatures in heaven and on earth. In harmony with this he has not let his people who bear his name die out. To this very year he has on earth a people who bear it as his true and devoted worshipers. In their case he has kept his own prophetic promise: "I

9. How long has the Creator's name been known, how was his name given prominence in ancient times, and how will his name become the most celebrated?
10. For preserving his name among creatures, whom has he preserved till now, and how is his name becoming more known and reverenced?

will set them as a praise and as a name in all the land of their shame. At that time I shall bring you people in, even in the time of my collecting you together. For I shall make you people to be a name and a praise among all the peoples of the earth, when I gather back your captive ones before your eyes."* By his use of these gathered ones he is becoming more widely known all around the earth. Millions today are hearing the name proclaimed. Hundreds of thousands are coming to reverence it. They are hastening to make their peace with its Bearer now, before he stages his supreme fight.

11 The reader of this book may be among the millions of religious persons who for many centuries ignorantly prayed for the sanctifying of the Creator's name. The religious leaders have kept them in ignorance of this holiest and greatest name in all the realm of the living. It is not strange, then, that many of those who prayed have been prejudiced against the very name for the sanctification of which they have so often prayed. But what sense is there in being prejudiced against it just because many men who were linked with it in the past proved unfaithful and unworthy? The Creator is still holy and true. He still has respect for what he is called. In his almightiness he will carry out his announced purpose and will sanctify his holy name in spite of anyone's prejudice against it. After that he will never let it be profaned by mankind again. "And I shall certainly sanctify my great name, which was being profaned among the nations, which you profaned in the midst of them," says he in his unchangeable purpose.† Why, then, should we resist and fight against the best thing that could happen and will happen?

* Quoted from Zephaniah 3:19, 20 in The Holy Bible, NW.
† Quoted from Ezekiel 36:23 in The Holy Bible, NW. 11. In the face of what coming event is it not good sense to be prejudiced against the name because of unworthy ones once linked with it?

12 Upon the sanctification of his name rest the life and happiness of all who desire to prove worthy of eternal life without pain, sorrow, hunger, imperfection, subjection, injustice and oppression. All of us who are his creatures owe it to him to worship him as God, the only living and true God. From him alone there comes to us the valid hope of a new world of perfect satisfaction for all lovers of right, of justice and of goodness, and he also makes it possible for us to realize that glorious hope in his due time. Its realization means a paradise established on earth, with peace among all peoples of whatever present-day language, race, nation, color and social or educational standing. Our realizing that hope means a happy, blessed, useful life of purpose forevermore, in full harmony with the Creator of the everlasting new world of righteousness.

13 The names of men who are the prejudiced or willful opposers of what is in the highest interest of mankind will die out, rot away in reproach. "The remembrance of the righteous one is due for a blessing, but the very name of the wicked ones will rot." * The name of the righteous Creator will shortly be proved to be the greatest name in all the universe. It is imperishable. After all the infamous oppressors of mankind have perished forever and the remembrance of them ceases for all time, the Creator's name will survive in undying universal glory. Then great will be the reward and great the happiness of all those who pray and who sincerely live in harmony with the prayer: "Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified." †

14 Oh! As to the name itself, to learn what it is we must go to the Book of the Name.

* Quoted from Proverbs 10:7 in The Holy Bible, NW.
† Quoted from Matthew 6:9 in The Holy Bible, NW.
12. Why do we owe it to him to worship him as God, and what hope does he make it possible for us to realize?
13, 14. What will be the outcome with the names of the opposers and the name of the Creator, and where must we go to learn what the name is?

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