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"Let Your Name Be Sanctified"

Chapter 16


In this the seventh decade of our twentieth century we are fast approaching a day of reckoning. It is the day when this old world must settle accounts for the history it has made over the past four thousand years. It is not a nice history. The wrong course that marks all its history has resulted in the unsettled, disturbing situation of today. For all effects or results there are always adequate causes. All the operations of nature illustrate the unchangeable law that what we sow must produce what is of a like kind. That irrevocable law is not the outworking of mere blind force. It is the law of the Creator of the universe and of all the laws governing it. It is the law of God. It never fails to work.

2 This world, with its loudly publicized efforts to establish peace with justice and prosperity, thinks that it can mock God, whose very existence it doubts or does not take in account. It has not heeded the warning of these inspired words: "Do not be misled: God is not one to be mocked. For

1. (a) For what must this old world of today settle accounts? (b) According to what unfailing law must this occur?
2. (a) Whom has this world thought that it could mock, contrary to what Scriptural rules? (b) What day is this world therefore fast approaching?

whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap; because he who is sowing with a view to his flesh will reap corruption from his flesh." (Galatians 6:7, 8) "For it is wind that they keep sowing, and a stormwind is what they will reap." (Hosea 8:7) Unavoidably this world is fast approaching the day of reckoning with God the Lawgiver of the universe. This world is nearing the "great and fear-inspiring day of Jehovah." — Malachi 4:5.

3 The certainty of the coming of this "great and fear-inspiring day of Jehovah" is now made more positive. The forerunner of that day has already come and is sounding the timely warning. The merciful record that Jehovah God has made for himself shows that he always gives due warning before he executes his judgment. In this particular case that affects us he long ago warned: "Look! I am sending to you people Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and fear-inspiring day of Jehovah. And he must turn the heart of fathers back toward sons, and the heart of sons back toward fathers; in order that I may not come and actually strike the earth with a devoting of it to destruction." — Malachi 4:5, 6.

4 The name Elijah means "Jehovah Is God." The original Elijah of the tenth century B.C.E, was a prominent witness of Jehovah.

5 In the first century of our Common Era John the Baptist came as a fulfillment (but only in a small-scale way) of the above prophecy of Malachi. Jesus Christ himself identified John the Baptist as such foretold Elijah because of the kind of work that John did. John's name means "Jehovah Has Been Gracious," and he was a martyr and witness of Jehovah. Neither the original Elijah nor John the Baptist has returned in our modern day. Who,

3. How has the certainty of the coming of this day been made more positive, and this in fulfillment of what prophetic warning?
4, 5. (a) Who was the original Elijah, and to what extent was the prophecy of the sending of Elijah fulfilled in the first century of our Common Era? (b) What question arises in our day concerning the Elijah to be sent?

then, is the foretold "Elijah the prophet" for our fateful day? Who is the forerunner of the "great and fear-inspiring day of Jehovah" now coming on?

6 Since it is Jehovah God that promised to send this forerunner and since it is Jehovah's day of which he gives warning, this forerunner must come in the name of Jehovah. He must be Jehovah's witness, just as Elijah was and John the Baptist was. Elijah and John were both Israelites by birth. The forerunner in our time must be a spiritual Israelite. Elijah performed his work when there was just a remnant of worshipers of Jehovah in the land of the ten-tribe kingdom of Israel. Likewise John the Baptist came when there was just a remnant of worshipers in the realm of Israel. The forerunner who fulfills the role of Elijah the prophet in our eventful time has come when there is also a mere remnant of worshipers of Jehovah in the realm of what claims to be spiritual Israel.

7 Today Jewry, including the Republic of Israel, is natural Israel or Israel according to the flesh. But those who worship God through Jesus Christ claim or pretend to be spiritual Israel, people who are Jews, not on the outside, but on the inside, people whose circumcision is, not outside on the flesh, but inside the heart. (Romans 2:28,29) So-called Christendom claims to be spiritual Israel. Every observing or investigating person knows that in Christendom's domains there is today only a remnant who are true worshipers of Jehovah as God. In her domains there are relatively few who make up a "people for his name." So this time which is marked by such a remnant is the due time for the coming of this foretold Elijah.

6. In whose name must this forerunner come, of what spiritual nationhood must he be, and in the days of how many worshipers of Jehovah God must he come?
7. Who claims to be spiritual Israel today, and what situation as to Jehovah's worshipers in spiritual Israel today marks it as the due time for Elijah's coming?

8 Long ago when Isaiah prophesied, Jehovah called the entire nation of Israel his "servant," saying: "Ye are my witnesses, saith Jehovah, and my servant whom I have chosen." (Isaiah 43: 10, AS) Today Christendom claims to be spiritual Israel, in the new covenant with God through the Mediator Jesus Christ; hence Christendom ought to be Jehovah's witnesses. Christendom, according to her religious claim, ought to be Jehovah's servant whom he has chosen. But where do we have evidence or proof, even within the last hundred years, that Christendom has served as Jehovah's witnesses? Instead of serving Jehovah, Christendom has actually been a hindrance and opposer to the "people for his name." To that extent Christendom has served the "god of this system of things," who has "blinded the minds of the unbelievers." (2 Corinthians 4:4) Christendom, like the unfaithful ten-tribe kingdom of Israel, has turned to the worship of golden calves. She has set up hundreds of religious sects, Catholic and Protestant, and these she worships out of reverence for the men and women who founded such sects, completely ignoring the apostle Paul's question: "Does the Christ exist divided?" (1 Corinthians 1:13) As if through golden calves, Christendom endeavors to worship God. She is not his unified servant.

9 In promoting idolatry toward religious sects and leaders, emblems and symbols of numerous kinds, her clergy have been like Jezebel, who promoted Baal worship in Israel. Just as Jezebel married King Ahab of Israel and persecuted the prophets of Jehovah God, so Christendom's religious sects, Catholic and Protestant, have married

8. (a) According to Christendom's claim today, what should she be to fulfill Jehovah's words to Israel through Isaiah? (b) How has she been like the ten-tribe kingdom of Israel in trying to serve God?
9. How have Christendom's clergy been like Jezebel, and what has this meant for the religious sects of Christendom?

the national political organizations, that is to say, the State. This has not meant in all cases the setting up of a State Church, but it has meant the taking part by the religious sects in the politics of the land. Jezebel as a wife was subject to King Ahab; likewise through wedlock with the political State the religious sects of Christendom have made themselves subject to the State.

10 Let an international war come along, and then it becomes evident whether the religious sects are married to the political State. Then it becomes evident whether Christendom's religious sects are subject to their national political organization or to Jehovah God of the Ten Commandments. Then the religious sects of Lady Christendom show themselves willing to sacrifice their sons to a baptism of fire, just as the Israelites of old used to "burn their sons in the fire as whole burnt offerings to the Baal." — Jeremiah 19:5.

11 Christendom's clergymen, Catholic and Protestant, have served as priests and prophets of Baal. And just as Baal was a nature god, so the clergy have gone over to the teaching of a nature god, the evolution theory regarding man's origin. James 4:4 names Christendom an adulteress through friendship with this world.

12 There are, however, in the domain of Christendom a remnant, seven thousand as it were, who have not bent down to Baal or waved a kiss to his modern image. (1 Kings 19:18) These are indeed a people for Jehovah's name. Who are they? Let Jesus, who belonged to the people for Jehovah's name in his day, answer. In his prophecy on the conclusion of this system of things he raised

10. When an international war comes along, what facts become evident about those sects as to their ties, subjection and sacrificing?
11. How else have Christendom's clergy shown their Baalism, and of what kind of adultery is she guilty?
12. However, what remnant is there in Christendom's domain today, and under what figure of speech did Jesus foretell this remnant in his prophecy on the conclusion of this system of things?

the same question when he said: "Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time? Happy is that slave if his master on arriving finds him doing so. Truly I say to you [apostles], He will appoint him over all his belongings." — Matthew 24:3,45-47.

13 Who is this "faithful and discreet slave" who is appointed over all the Lord's domestics and who comes to be appointed over all the Lord's belongings? Nineteen centuries ago, in the days of the "remnant" in the land of Israel, it was the apostles and their fellow Christian believers. They were the spiritual "Israel of God" and unitedly made up his one "servant," his "holy nation." This "servant," made up of many believing, dedicated, baptized, spirit-anointed members, was the slave whom the Master Jesus Christ "appointed over his domestics," from the day of Pentecost, A.D. 33, onward. Believing uncircumcised non-Jews or Gentiles were added to this "slave" class to form part of Jehovah's "people for his name." (Acts 2:1-47; 9:15-20; 15:14-30) Recorded history of our nineteenth and twentieth centuries bears witness to the fact that there is likewise a "people for his name" today. They are a mere remnant in the domain of Christendom, which is the modern counterpart of the ten-tribe kingdom of Israel of the days of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. Who, then, should be the "slave" or "servant" today?

14 The answer that the Scriptures uphold today we here allow the religious journal known years ago as Zion's Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence to give, in its sixteenth issue of publication, as of October, 1880, page 6/7, namely:

13 Who was that "faithful and discreet slave" that was thus appointed in the land of Israel nineteen centuries ago, and what group today is in a similar position?
14 As to the identity of that "slave," how did Zion's Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence answer in its issue of October, 1880, by the pen of one of its contributors?

" 'Blessed is that servant, whom his Lord HAVING COME (elthon), shall find so doing.' Was there such a servant? Of course, we do not understand that it means one individual, but evidently a small company, best symbolized by a single servant. There was such a one, giving meat in due season, and receiving the blessing, for years."

This was part of the article entitled "When and How Will Christ Come?" from the pen of W. I. Mann, one of the regular contributors. The editor and publisher of the magazine was then C. T. Russell, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, previously of the Congregational Church.

15 Were those who backed that magazine a "people for his name" and acting as the united servant of Jehovah God? From the start, Yes! In its very second issue, that of August, 1879, on page 2, under the heading "Do You Want 'Zion's Watch Tower'?" it said this:

"We have sent out about 6,000 copies each, of the July and August Nos. of 'Zion's Watch Tower' as samples. . . . Do not suppose these remarks to be an appeal for money. No. 'Zion's Watch Tower' has, we believe, JEHOVAH for its backer, and while this is the case it will never beg nor petition men for support. When He who says: 'All the gold and silver of the mountains are mine,' fails to provide necessary funds, we will understand it to be time to suspend the publication...."

16 To this day that magazine with such a humble beginning has not suspended publication, but is now published in 59 languages to the number of more than 3,800,000 copies each issue. Jehovah's backing is unmistakable. Since March 1, 1939, that magazine has carried the title "The WATCHTOWER Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom," and

15. From the very start of that magazine how did its backers show themselves to be the united servant of Jehovah God?
16. (a) What evidence is there today to show whether Jehovah has been the backer of this magazine? (b) How was its stand for Jehovah displayed more from March 1, 1939, onward, and, in the way of sacrifices, which one alone has it supported from the start?

has carried at the foot of the front cover a quotation from Isaiah 43:12, which reads, in part: " 'So you are my witnesses,' is the utterance of Jehovah." Furthermore, the magazine was first published really in defense of Jehovah's great altar of sacrifice, that is, in defense of the ransom sacrifice of his Son Jesus Christ, the only acceptable sacrificial victim on that altar. It has been against modern Baalism and its human sacrifices and materialism. — 1 Timothy 2:5, 6.

17 By all proofs this "faithful and discreet slave" class is the servant of Jehovah whom he sends, as in the case of John the Baptist, "with Elijah's spirit and power," to perform the final fulfillment of Malachi 4:5,6. Even before Zion's Watch Tower began to be published in July, 1879, its editor and fellow contributors were interested in Malachi's prophecy concerning Elijah. They believed that it had not been fulfilled completely in John the Baptist, but that, as John the Baptist had preached the first coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, so there should be a similar forerunner to precede the second coming of Jesus Christ, this time in the spirit.*

18 The Watch Tower issue of June, 1881, carried a fourteen-paragraph article about Elijah (pages 5, 6). The November, 1883, issue published the article "Elias Shall First Come," setting forth a comparison between Elijah and "The Church" and also showing that the Elijah class would have to do with a later-appearing Elisha class.

* See the 198-page book entitled "Three Worlds, and The Harvest of This World," published in Rochester, N.Y., in 1877 and of which C.T.Russell was a co-publisher; pages 120-124, under "Elijah the Prophet."
17, 18. (a) Who, then, is the servant whom Jehovah has sent, just as he sent John the Baptist? (b) What interest in the modern fulfillment of Malachi's prophecy concerning Elijah was shown by the editor and fellow contributors even before and shortly after Zion's Watch Tower began?

19 Has the prophetic drama as enacted by the original Elijah had its antitypical fulfillment in the "faithful and discreet slave" class? There are facts that we can consult for the answer Yes!

20 The "faithful and discreet slave" class of Christians early aroused the hatred of Christendom's clergymen, Catholic and Protestant, pictured by Queen Jezebel and also by Herodias the illegal wife of Herod Antipas. The modern Elijah class taught that:

21 Jehovah God is One, and Jesus Christ is his creature Son, and the holy spirit is Jehovah's active force, and therefore the doctrine of a trinity is unchristian and really of pagan origin. Furthermore, the Hebrew word Sheol translated "hell" in various Bible translations means the common grave of dead mankind, which is to be emptied under God's kingdom by the resurrection of the dead. It is not a place of everlasting fiery, sulphurous torment in which the modern Baal clergy like to picture the unchristian, churchless dead as being tortured for all eternity. The end of the world means, not the fiery destruction of our earth, but the destruction of Satan the Devil's system of things, which will be followed by the reign of Jesus Christ for a millennium to bless all the families of the earth with everlasting life on a paradise earth. The congregation of 144,000 will reign with Christ as kings and priests during his millennial reign over mankind. Like a virgin girl, this congregation is espoused to marry Christ. In view of this, the union of professed Christian churches with the political state is spiritual adultery; it means unfaithfulness to the Bridegroom Jesus Christ.

19. Has the prophetic drama of Elijah had modern fulfillment? If so, in whom?
20, 21. (a) The anger of what ones pictured by Jezebel and Herodias did the "slave" class arouse? (b) This was because the Elijah class taught what doctrines?

22 Such basic Bible teachings struck devastatingly at the very foundations of Christendom's religious systems, Catholic and Protestant. In itself this was enough to upset the religious clergy. But honest persons, and in many cases the "best members" of the sectarian churches, accepted these Bible truths and came out of Christendom's religious jungle, and joined in the spreading of these truths to others by word of mouth and by printed page. In this way they found relief from the spiritual famine that prevailed in Christendom. The Elijah class pointed to this famine as a fulfillment of Amos 8:11-14: "'Look! There are days coming,' is the utterance of the Lord Jehovah, 'and I will send a famine into the land, a famine, not for bread, and a thirst, not for water, but for hearing the words of Jehovah. . . . They will keep roving about while searching for the word of Jehovah, but they will not find it. ... those who are swearing by the guiltiness of Samaria [false worship], and who actually say: "As your god [the golden calf] is alive, O Dan!" and, "As the way of Beer-sheba [as the route to calf worship] is alive!" And they will certainly fall, and they will rise up no more.' " Jehovah God sent this spiritual famine into hypocritical Christendom by withholding the satisfying message of his Word from the sectarian clergy, Catholic and Protestant. All this upset them.

23 Like Elijah of old, the Christian remnant that had not bowed the knee to modern Baalism or taken up calf worship could say: "As Jehovah the God of Israel before whom I do stand is living, there will occur during these years neither dew

22. (a) Why were Christendom's clergymen upset at such teaching and its effects? (b) What relief from famine did persons get by accepting and spreading such truths?
23. (a) How could this Christian remnant take up Elijah's words in 1 Kings 17: 1 regarding rain and dew? (b) In this connection, what fact did Christendom's political rulers have to learn as respects the clergy?

nor rain, except at the order of my word!" (1 Kings 17:1) Jehovah had a true "people for his name" during all the religious famine in Christendom. The Son of Jehovah God had a "faithful and discreet slave" class within the domains of Christendom. Since the Master Jesus Christ had appointed this "slave" class to be "over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time," the famine-relief spiritual food could come only through this one "channel," this appointed "slave" class, the Elijah class. Showers and dews of blessing for Christendom's peoples could not come through the calf-worshiping, Baalistic clergy. Christendom's political rulers, like King Ahab of Israel, had to learn that fact. Their union or co-operation with the clergy, Catholic and Protestant, could bring no refreshing blessing.

24 Religious conditions in Christendom did not improve, or halt the rising tide of unbelief, or prevent the outburst of World War I in the very heart of Christendom. During her famine the Elijah class did not lack spiritual bread, water and oil. Jehovah saw that his "servant" class was nourishingly fed. Of course, to the clergy of Christendom these means of gaining spiritual sustenance appeared to be unclean, like the ravens that brought Elijah bread and meat at the torrent valley of Cherith and like that "Gentile dog," the non-Jewish widow of Zarephath near Sidon whose large jar of flour and small jar of oil provided Elijah his first meal at her house and then miraculously did not go empty as long as she harbored Elijah from the search parties sent out by King Ahab. Zion's Watch Tower published Bible food monthly for the Elijah class.

24. During the spiritual famine of Christendom how did the Elijah class fare, and how did Christendom's clergy view the means of spiritual sustenance?

25 In 1881 Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society was established under the management of the editor of Zion's Watch Tower. For still more effective work it became necessary to incorporate this Society under Pennsylvania State laws in 1884 and to set up the legal corporation first known as Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society, but now known world-wide as the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania. In order to expand the spiritual famine-relief work more greatly it became advisable to transfer the Society's headquarters from Allegheny, Pennsylvania, to Brooklyn, New York, in 1909.

26 Through this Society the religious literature began to pour out in quantity in the form of magazines, tracts, booklets and bound books. The six bound volumes became known as Studies in the Scriptures. They appeared in the following order: The Divine Plan of the Ages (1886); The Time Is at Hand (1889), its Study VIII being entitled "Elias Shall First Come"; Thy Kingdom Come (1891); The Day of Vengeance (later, The Battle of Armageddon) (1897); At-one-ment Between God and Man (1899); and The New Creation (1904). Christendom's clergy declaimed against this food from God's Word.

27 Like Queen Jezebel, who killed Jehovah's prophets during the famine, the clergy tried to kill the religious reputation of the Watch Tower Society and that of the remnant of Jehovah's worshipers who were working with the Society to spread the good news of God's kingdom and to warn men of the battle of Armageddon in which this old worldly system of things will end in destruction. The Jezebel clergy did many things

25. What Society was established in 1881, and for increasing effectiveness what was done respecting this Society in 1884 and in 1909?
26. What poured forth through this Society, and how did the clergy express themselves about such things poured forth?
27. How did the clergy act like Jezebel, killer of Jehovah's prophets, and how did the clergy's political allies look upon the Elijah class?

to the ultimate hurt of their own churchgoers. The prejudice they caused was a great obstacle to the remnant, but Jehovah protected and fed his loyal "servant" class. Like King Ahab, the political allies of the clergy looked upon the Elijah class as a troublemaker for nominal spiritual Israel.

28 Who is God's "channel" for serving pure Bible truth? That matter became a raging question. The religious clergy denounced C. T. Russell and the remnant associated with him as uneducated false prophets, without theological training. In turn, the "faithful and discreet slave" class boldly pointed out that the clergy of Christendom did not have the true ordination from God to be his preachers and were really not God's spirit-anointed ministers. (Isaiah 61:1-3) "Many Ministers Preaching Without Divine Authority Should Stop Preaching — Clergy and Laity Unscriptural Terms," read the headlines on the front page of The Bible Students Monthly, Volume 5, Number 1. There were great, stirring religious debates between representatives of both sides. Who is the true, approved prophet sent of Jehovah God? It was not for just the listening people to decide, but Almighty God himself must indicate it from heaven. Who is the true God? Jehovah as proclaimed by the Elijah class, or the trinitarian, hell-fire deity of the religious sects of Christendom? It required a test of fire from heaven to prove this hotly disputed point.

29 Elijah through King Ahab challenged the four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal in Israel to the fire test on Mount Carmel. Elijah's modern counterpart challenged the hundreds of thousands of clergymen of Christendom to a test in connec-

28. (a) What became a raging question, and what did each of the opposed sides say upon it? (b) How would the questions regarding prophetship and godship have to be answered authoritatively?
29. (a) To correspond with Elijah's challenge to the Baal prophets, the Elijah class challenged the clergy to what test in connection with the modern Ahab class? (b) As far back as what year and what publication had the basis for this test been laid?

tion with the political rulers, their patrons. The proof of the end of the "times of the Gentiles" would be a test that would call for more than a mere man to meet. A challenge on this very issue was hurled at the modern "prophets of Baal," for whom the political State, the modern King Ahab, specially provided. As far back as 1877 the book Three Worlds, and The Harvest of This World, of which C. T. Russell was the co-publisher, said, under the heading "The Times of the Gentiles," on page 83, ¶2, respecting the overturning of God's kingdom in Israel:

"Hence, it was in B.C. 606, that God's kingdom ended, the diadem was removed, and all the earth given up to the Gentiles. 2520 years from B.C. 606, will end in A.D. 1914, or forty years from 1874; and this forty years upon which we have now entered is to be such 'a time of trouble as never was since there was a nation.'"

Page 189 added, regarding Luke 21:24, AV:

"The seven prophetic times of the Gentiles, or 2520 years, is a long period, and without doubt began where God's kingdom, in the line of David, ended, at the beginning of the seventy years captivity, or B.C. 606. And as from where the harvest of the Jewish age began, to A.D. 70, was forty years so this 2520 years, or the 'times of the Gentiles,' reach from B.C. 606 to A.D. 1914, or forty years beyond 1874."

30 Besides repeated reference to A.D. 1914 in the Watch Tower magazine, the book The Time Is at Hand, published in 1889, dealt with the subject at length, in its Study IV, entitled "The Times of the Gentiles." The modern King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, or State and Church of Christendom, were alerted to the critical year 1914, when the lease of power that Jehovah God had granted to the Gentile nations to rule the earth without interference by God's kingdom through

30. (a) How did the modern Ahab and Jezebel keep being alerted to the critical year? (b) What did they rely on to keep world peace and the normal situation past the critical year?

King David's line would end. The Hague International Peace Conference of 1899 had resulted in setting up the Hague Court for international arbitration. Modern King Ahab and Queen Jezebel and the prophets of Baal looked to this man-made agency to keep world peace and the status quo past the year 1914.

31 The zero year of test came — A.D. 1914. In January of that year the Elijah class began showing the famous Photo-Drama of Creation, which, in four showings of two hours each, set forth the glorious purpose of God, by means of recorded lectures and beautifully colored slide pictures and motion pictures. This Drama called the world's notice to the approaching time of trouble such as had never yet occurred. (Daniel 12:1-4) The people of Christendom, especially the remnant of spiritual Israelites, watched closely.

32 The clergy of Christendom prepared themselves for a tremendous religious triumph by having continued world peace, for which they fervently prayed to their god, "the god of this world." (2 Corinthians 4:4, AV) Was there an answer to their prayers? No! June 28 came an assassination of international importance. Then came mobilization of armies; and on July 28,1914, war boomed forth in Christendom. By the end of September, at which time the "times of the Gentiles" would expire according to the Jewish or Bible calendar, nine nations of the world were already in the throes of world war.

33 That year the remnant of spiritual Israelites distributed in the United States of America and in Canada more than ten million copies of the tract,

31. In the critical year what did the Elijah class begin showing, to call attention to the approach of what?
32. (a) What was the prayer of the clergy to their god for 1914? (b) Instead, what was the situation in Christendom by the end of the Gentile Times that year?
33. (a) In that year what outstanding tracts did the spiritual Israelites distribute by the millions of copies? (b) What request in behalf of October 4, 1914, did President Wilson make and how did the Watch Tower Society's president respond, and why?

The Bible Students Monthly, Volume 6, Number 1, with the front-page article "End of World in 1914," and this distribution was followed up by Volume 6, Number 5, of The Bible Students Monthly treating the subjects "Distress of Nations Preceding Armageddon" and the cause of God's anger — the prophetic aspect of the present European War and its relation to the great Time of Trouble. President T. Woodrow Wilson of the United States of America called on the clergymen of the nation to make October 4, 1914, a day of prayer for peace in Europe. To this request the president of the Watch Tower Society, Charles T. Russell, responded as set forth in The Watch Tower as of October 15,1914:

"Our Honorable President with praiseworthy intent requested all Christian people to make October 4 a day of prayer for peace in Europe. However, we cannot concur with our Worthy President in this matter. Much as we appreciate peace — and we have all our life labored to be a peacemaker — we cannot pray the Almighty to change His plans to conform to those of our Honored President.

"For twenty-five hundred years God, through the Bible Prophets, has been telling His people about this great war and concerning the more terrible Armageddon which will follow it; and can we expect Him to reverse the program at our behest?

"The prayers of these millions praying for the prosperity of the Germans and the extermination of the Allies, and the prayers of other millions for the success of the Allies and the annihilation of the Germans, and the prayers of the Pope and of our President and other good people that this awful war shall promptly cease will all go unanswered, if we read our Bible aright. . . .

"For forty years we have been proclaiming this very war and its glorious outcome, by sermons, oral and printed, and in our books on Bible study in twenty languages. Now, when the very year has come and the prophecy is being fulfilled, could we consistently ask the Almighty to change His program? Nay! Rather, our discourse on October 4 was


from the Master's words, respecting the present 'DISTRESS OF NATIONS WITH PERPLEXITY, men's hearts failing them for fear of those things about to come on the earth.' — Luke 21:25,26. "Our address was given in the New York City Temple — fifteen hundred heard for two hours, and many were turned away."

34 The modern prophets of Baal prayed earnestly for peace. No sign of peace, no fire from heaven, came to answer their agonizing prayers. Quite soon Pope Pius X died, on August 20, 1914. "The outbreak of the World War in 1914 is believed to have hastened his death," says The Encyclopedia Americana, Volume 22, page 138, edition of 1929. His successor, Pope Benedict XV, made efforts to end World War I soon after his coronation on September 6, 1914, when he issued an encyclical to the Roman Catholic bishops exhorting political rulers to put aside their dissensions. Even on August 1, 1917, he issued his famous peace note; but World War I went on until November 11,1918. Prayers by religious clergymen for peace turned into prayers for their god to bless the fighting armies of their respective nations at war. No symbolic fire from heaven came in answer.

35 However, for the Elijah class fire from heaven continued to fall by the piling up of proof that the Gentile Times had ended in 1914 and that the prophecy of Jehovah's Word was true.

36 When four apostles of Jesus Christ asked him for a sign by which to know that the end of the old system of things was at hand and that he was present in the throne of his kingdom, he said:

37 "Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be food shortages

34. What answer to prayers and efforts for international peace, especially by popes, was there, to serve like fire from heaven?
35. For whom did symbolic fire fall from heaven, and in what way?
36. 37. In answer to the question on evidence as to the conclusion of this system of things and as to his royal presence, what was the first part of the evidence that Jesus gave?

and earthquakes in one place after another. All these things are a beginning of pangs of distress. Then people will deliver you up to tribulation and will kill you, and you will be objects of hatred by all the nations on account of my name."  — Matthew 24:7-9.

38 To fulfill this prophecy, Almighty God provided the foretold sign by permitting these "pangs of distress" to begin in the foretold year in the realm of nations that claimed or pretended to be His people, God's people. The fulfilling of this sign put the modern prophets of Baal to silence. But for the Elijah class it was fire from heaven from Jehovah. It proved that He reigned in heaven and that he had accepted the sacrifice of worship and service offered to him by the remnant. They were his true "servant," his true prophetic witnesses. The remnant of his worshipers saw and understood the miraculous sign; and in awe before him they cried out: "Jehovah is the true God! Jehovah is the true God!" — 1 Kings 18:39.

39 On October 31, 1916, Charles T. Russell died while out on a preaching tour. Shortly J. F. Rutherford was elected to the presidency of the Watch Tower Society. Now the proof of the end of the Gentile Times as a sign from heaven became more impressive when the sixteenth nation, the United States of America, joined the world conflict on April 6, 1917. After Jehovah had answered Elijah with fire from heaven, Elijah had all the prophets of Baal there slaughtered as servants of the false god, Baal, Satan the Devil. Likewise, in July of 1917 there began a slaughter of the modern prophets of Baal in Christendom by

38. What did fulfillment of this prophecy on time constitute for the Elijah class, and what, in effect, did the remnant of Jehovah's worshipers cry out?
39. (a) What change in presidency of the Watch Tower Society took place, and how did proof of the end of the Gentile Times become more impressive shortly afterward? (b) In that year, what began that compared with Elijah's slaughter of Baal's prophets?

the publication of the book The Finished Mystery. This was presented as the seventh volume of the Studies in the Scriptures; and it offered an explanation of the two prophetic Bible books, Revelation and Ezekiel, as then understood.

40 The slaughter work that this book would cause respecting the war-involved clergy of Christendom can be appreciated from such headings of the book as these: Ecclesiasticism's Seven Plagues; The Papacy's Last Stand; The Fall of Ecclesiasticism; Christendom's Blind Flight; The Hypocritical Ecclesiastics; Protestantism's Pollution; Churchianity to Be Destroyed; Church and State Go Down Together; Christendom Not to Endure; Christendom's Utter Downfall; Why Ecclesiasticism Must Perish. To God the clergy became as dead, slain by his Word. — Hosea 6:5.

41 After Elijah slaughtered the Baal prophets, he went up to the top of Mount Carmel and prayed for rain. A rain cloud appeared and came overhead and a great downpour occurred. Correspondingly, a great spiritual blessing was poured out on February 24, 1918, which grew in proportions as the years followed. This was when the then president of the Watch Tower Society, J. F. Rutherford, delivered the famous speech in Los Angeles, California, on the startling subject "The World Has Ended — Millions Now Living May Never Die." This talk boldly held forth the hope that the sheeplike people of earth who would turn to Jehovah and his righteousness would be hidden during the approaching battle of Armageddon and would survive into God's righteous new world with its wonderful opportunity for everlasting life on a paradise earth governed by God's kingdom. This remarkable announcement became the

40. From what chapter headings of The Finished Mystery can the manner of the slaughter work be appreciated?
41. After Elijah slaughtered the Baal prophets, what came in answer to his prayers, and what began in 1918, to correspond with this?

theme for public speakers of the remnant for years to come, all around the earth.

42 Incidentally, just prior to this talk, the February 15, 1918, issue of The Watch Tower published a leading article with the following being some of the subheadings: The Last Work of the Church; John the Baptist a Type; Experiences of Elijah and Elisha Typical; Signification of Elijah's Mantle. This revealed how intense was the interest of the faithful remnant of spiritual Israel in this subject at that critical time.

43 It was now as if John the Baptist was saying to the modern-day Herod Antipas, the political element of Christendom: 'It is not lawful for you to be having the ecclesiastical element, the clergy of Christendom, as your wife through a union or co-operation of the Church with the State.' This is spiritual adultery, condemned by Jehovah God, just the same as it was incestuous and adulterous when the already-married Herod Antipas married his half-niece Herodias, who herself was already married to her half-uncle Herod Philip, the half brother of Herod Antipas. For this denunciation Herodias bore a grudge against John the Baptist and took advantage of her unlawful husband, Herod Antipas, to have John beheaded while in prison. An earlier queen in Israel, Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab, showed the same murderous spirit toward the prophet Elijah. By her gods she swore to kill him, just as he had killed the prophets of her god, Baal. Then Elijah felt that he had to flee for his life.

44 The modern Jezebel, the clergy partners of the political element of Christendom, was infu-

42. Just prior to this, what did The Watch Tower publish to show the remnant's interest in the prophetic drama of long ago?
43. (a) How was it now as if the prophetic drama of John the Baptist and Herod Antipas was being re-enacted? (b) How had Herodias and Queen Jezebel shown a similar murderous spirit?
44. Of what did the modern Jezebel take advantage to wreak her vengeance, and what did she prevail upon her political paramours to do to the Elijah class?

riated by the condemnation of Church and State and by the exposing of the clergy as bloodstained spiritual adulteresses. She saw her opportunity to take advantage of Christendom's war in order to wreak her vengeance upon the Elijah class, the "faithful and discreet slave" class. She prevailed upon her royal husband, the political forces of Christendom, to charge the Elijah class with being traitors, with aiding the enemy, with conspiring against the political government to prevent its winning the war. Great was Jezebel's satisfaction when her political paramours banned the Bible literature of the Elijah class and when they threw many of them into prison. This reached a climax when officers and other prominent servants of the Watch Tower Society were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment in a federal penitentiary.

45 The Jezebel class also stirred up mobs against the Elijah class. In every way she used what influence and means she had to stop the work of the Elijah class and forever crush these witnesses of Jehovah out of existence. The work of the Elijah class was greatly cut down. Under the circumstances the Society's headquarters were moved from Brooklyn back to Pittsburgh, to small quarters. But by divine protection the magazine The Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence continued to be published semimonthly. Not an issue did it miss. It was like the hot round cakes and the jug of water that Jehovah's angel provided for Elijah on his flight southward from below Beer-sheba in Judea to Mount Horeb in Arabia.

46 For well over forty days Elijah was a fugitive from Israel and was inactive respecting the land

45. (a) How did the Jezebel class try to crush forever these witnesses of Jehovah, and what did the Society's headquarters feel obliged to do? (b) What continued to be provided, like the hot cakes and water provided for the fleeing Elijah?
46. (a) For how long was Elijah a fugitive from Israel and as good as dead to Jezebel? (b) How did the Elijah class enter into a similar deathlike state in 1918, and how did this agree with Revelation 11:2-8?

of Israel. To Jezebel he was as good as dead, just as the prophet Moses was dead toward Egypt during the forty years of his exile in the land of Midian. Likewise, when the climax of the persecution came in the spring of 1918, the witness work of the "slave" class, the remnant, was to all outward appearances killed, like John the Baptist. The Elijah class fled in fear. Like Elijah of old, they became quite disconsolate, uncertain of life, thinking the end of existence and work was at hand. This was especially the case since the remnant was part of the virgin class espoused to Christ as his Bride and she failed to realize her hopes of being glorified to heavenly life with him both in 1914 and now in 1918. This agrees with Revelation 11:2-8:

" 'But as for the courtyard that is outside the temple sanctuary, cast it clear out and do not measure it, because it has been given to the nations, and they will trample the holy city underfoot for forty-two months. And I will cause my two witnesses to prophesy a thousand two hundred and sixty days dressed in sackcloth.' These are symbolized by the two olive trees and the two lampstands and are standing before the Lord of the earth. And if anyone wants to harm them, fire issues forth from their mouths and devours their enemies; and if anyone should want to harm them, in this manner he must be killed. These have the authority to shut up heaven that no rain should fall during the days of their prophesying, and they have authority over the waters to turn them into blood and to strike the earth with every sort of plague as often as they wish. And when they have finished their witnessing, the wild beast that ascends out of the abyss will make war with them and conquer them and kill them. And their corpses will be on the broad way of the great city which is in a spiritual sense called Sodom and Egypt, where their Lord was also impaled."

47 The "two witnesses" here foretold pointed to

47. (a) Whom did those "two witnesses" picture, and why? (b) When were those "two witnesses" killed in modern fulfillment, and how?

the remnant of Jehovah's anointed witnesses, as prefigured by the two prophets, Moses and Elijah, who had appeared in the vision when Jesus was transfigured. John the Baptist performed no miracle, but Moses and Elijah did perform miracles like those described. Both men were in danger of violent death and took to flight, but they were sent back to the prophetic ministry by Jehovah God. The miracles that the "two witnesses" perform in fulfillment of the prophetic vision are of a spiritual kind. In the spring of 1918 the "wild beast," the one pictured in Revelation 13:1, 2 as rising out of the "abyss" of the sea, that is, the visible earthly organization of Satan the Devil, killed the witness work in its free public presentation. So it lay as if beheaded, like John.

48 That Great Serpent, Satan the Devil, was bent on bruising the heel of the remaining ones of the promised seed of God's "woman." His persecution of the "two witnesses" class was foretold by Jesus Christ as part of the evidence proving that the Gentile Times had ended in 1914 and that he was invisibly present in his kingdom and that this old worldly system of things was in its "time of the end." (Matthew 24:9-13; Daniel 12:1-4) The witness work was thus subjected to public disgrace, as if it were lying dead in the street.

49 Had the modern-day Elijah work failed? No; no more than the work of John the Baptist, the typical fulfiller of the Elijah prophecy, had failed because of his beheading. Just as foretold, John the Baptist had, prior to his violent death, gone in advance before Jehovah to make His ways ready. Jesus said that John was the "messenger"

48. What was the great Serpent bent on doing, and the persecution by him was foretold as part of the evidence to prove what important facts?
49, 50. (a) As to whether the Elijah work had failed or not, what assurance do we have from the work of John the Baptist? (b) Like John the Baptist, how had the anointed remnant served in fulfillment of Malachi 3:1?

foretold in Malachi 3:1: " 'Look! I am sending my messenger, and he must clear up a way before me. And suddenly there will come to His temple the true Lord, whom you people are seeking, and the messenger of the covenant in whom you are delighting. Look! He will certainly come,' Jehovah of armies has said." John baptized in water Jesus, the "messenger of the covenant," who came in the name of Jehovah. This water baptism was followed by the anointing of Jesus with holy spirit. It occurred three and a half years before Jesus rode into Jerusalem "in the name of Jehovah" and suddenly came to the typical temple there and cleansed it. Thus, till John was beheaded, John worked to "get ready for Jehovah a prepared people," and these he turned over to Jehovah's Son, Jesus Christ.

50 In modern times, in fulfillment of Malachi 3:1 on a world-wide scale, the remnant of anointed witnesses of Jehovah did serve as His messenger on earth. They did "clear up a way" before him before he came with his "messenger of the covenant" to the spiritual temple for its cleansing and for the execution of judgment.

51 In 1914 the Gentile Times ended, as signalized by World War I, and Jehovah God installed his heavenly Son Jesus Christ on the throne to rule in the midst of his enemies. This date 1914 therefore runs parallel with the date of Jesus' anointing, A.D. 29, to preach the "kingdom of the heavens" as having drawn near and to say: "The kingdom of God is in your midst." (Luke 17:21) What then?

52 Three and a half years from A.D. 29 to 33 (spring passover time) would find its modern parallel three and a half years from the fall of 1914 to the spring passover season of 1918. In that

51, 52. (a) Toward determining the time of Jehovah's coming to the temple with his Messenger, what modern date would correspond with A.D. 29, and why? (b) What date would therefore parallel A.D. 33, and what event would be due to occur then?

year the remnant of anointed witnesses observed the annual Lord's evening meal on Tuesday, March 26, world-wide. The events due to occur at that marked time should correspond with those of the parallel time in 33, namely, Jehovah with his "messenger of the covenant" should come invisibly to his spiritual temple to cleanse it and to judge.

53 Jesus, as the rejected living "stone," was killed shortly after he cleansed Jerusalem's temple and after he celebrated the passover and set up the Lord's evening meal with his faithful apostles. Likewise, after celebrating the Lord's evening meal in 1918 Jehovah's "two witnesses" were rejected and killed by the political element of Christendom egged on by the clergy, Catholic and Protestant, the modern Jezebel and Herodias. Still, the way had been prepared before Jehovah, before he came accompanied by his "messenger of the covenant," Jesus Christ, to the spiritual temple in the spring of 1918. By then a "prepared people" had been got ready for Jehovah's name. These were members of the spiritual temple of Jehovah God, to whom the question applied: "Do you not know that you people are God's temple, and that the spirit of God dwells in you? . . . the temple of God is holy, which temple you people are." (1 Corinthians 3:16, 17) Jehovah's coming to the temple meant a time of judgment for them, but for their purification. "It is the appointed time," says 1 Peter 4:17, "for the judgment to start with the house of God." The result of the judgment was to prove that the promised forerunner had not served in vain. He had prepared the way, that Jehovah might have a "people for his name," a people prepared to come through the judgment with faithfulness.

53. (a) To parallel Jesus' experience, what occurred to the "two witnesses" after the 1918 celebration of the Lord's evening meal? (b) Still what foretold work had been accomplished before then?

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