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"Let Your Name Be Sanctified"

Chapter 17


When Elijah fled from the reach of Queen Jezebel of Israel, he felt that it was time for Jehovah to take his life away. He felt that his jealous zeal for Jehovah had been in vain. He fled, not down to Egypt, but to the "mountain of God," to Mount Horeb in Arabia. But Elijah's work in Israel was not over.

2 At Horeb Jehovah visited Elijah, just as he had visited the shepherd Moses. "What is your business here, Elijah?" None but to escape death at enemy hands. Jehovah then served Elijah with a series of demonstrations: a rock-rending strong wind, an earthquake, then a fire. But Jehovah was not in these powerful demonstrations. After that there was the calm, low voice. With that calm, low voice Jehovah commissioned Elijah to do special work in and outside of Israel: to anoint Hazael as king over Syria; to anoint Jehu the grandson of Nimshi as king over Israel; and to anoint Elisha the son of Shaphat as his successor, "as prophet in place of you." This commission for further important work revived Elijah from his feeling of defeat. The next place the Bible locates

1, 2. (a) To what place did Elijah flee from Jezebel, and why? (b) At Horeb, how was Elijah shown that his work was not over, and so where does the Bible next locate him?

him is back in Israel, in his home territory of Gilead, there anointing Elisha.

3 In modern fulfillment, the Elijah work was not finished in 1918, and the Elijah class was not taken off the scene. In the spring of that year Jehovah accompanied by his "messenger of the covenant" had come to his spiritual temple to cleanse it and to judge.* In fleeing from the modern Queen Jezebel that year, the Elijah class fled to an encounter with Jehovah God at his spiritual temple, at the "mountain of God," as it were. They had no business to be out of God's active service in the very heart of Christendom.

4 World War I ended November 11, 1918. Peace set in. Now, not with terrifying manifestations of natural forces such as Moses and Israel experienced at Mount Horeb at the giving of the Ten Commandments, but in the quiet of the first postwar year, A.D. 1919, came the "calm, low voice" from the quiet pages of God's written Word, pages now further illuminated with the light of recent fulfillment of prophecies. Back to work, inside of Christendom, yes, outside of Christendom! That was Jehovah's commission to the Elijah class. Anoint Hazael, Jehu, Elisha! And then, to assure the Elijah class just as he had assured Elijah long previous, Jehovah spread a great field of ministerial work before the Elijah class, saying: "And I have let seven thousand remain in Israel, all the knees that have not bent down to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him."

* See the book You May Survive Armageddon into God's New World, Chapter 6, entitled "Adonay' Comes to His Temple." Published by the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society in 1955.
3. In modern fulfillment, to what encounter did the Elijah class flee in 1918, and was their work over?
4. (a) How and under what sort of circumstances was the Elijah class commissioned to further work? (b) In view of what fact was a great field of ministerial work set before the Elijah class?

5 On March 25,1919, the president of the Watch Tower Society, together with his fellow prisoners, was released from the Federal penitentiary on bail. They were returned to Brooklyn, New York. On May 14 their exoneration from the Jezebelian false charges was won, for their convictions were reversed by the Federal court. Now the operating conditions and facilities for the Elijah work ahead were restored. As of August 1 and 15, 1919, The Watch Tower in its two-part leading article entitled "Blessed Are the Fearless" pointed to an extension of the work on earth for the anointed remnant. It used the prophetic drama of Elijah and Elisha as a basis for this prospect. An international convention of these Bible students was held September 1-8, 1919, at Cedar Point, Ohio. On Wednesday afternoon, September 3, President J. F. Rutherford spoke at length on the theme of Elijah and Elisha and encouraged the conventioners to fearlessness for the work ahead. Still, an expectation of the early end of the future work was indicated with the remarks:

"The term world means order of things. We are witnessing the passing away of the old order and the coming in of the new. . . . We confidently believe that the end of the journey of the church is at hand and that within a short time all its members will be removed from the earth; that the time of trouble now on the world will then cease and the Sun of Righteousness, rising with healing in its beams, will bring comfort and peace and blessings to the people."

6 On Friday afternoon, September 5, President Rutherford announced the forthcoming publication of a magazine as a companion to The Watch Tower, namely, The Golden Age (now the maga-

5. (a) How, in 1919. were the Watch Tower Society's president and his fellow prisoners released for further Elijah work? (b) What prophetic drama was referred to as foreshadowing further work on earth for the anointed remnant, but how was the expectation of an early end to it expressed?
6. On September 5, 1919, what additional instrument for the work ahead was announced?

zine Awake!) to be an additional instrument for the great work ahead.

7 Sunday, September 7, 3 p.m., President Rutherford spoke to a public audience of about 7,000 on the subject "The Hope for Distressed Humanity." Already the Jezebelian clergy of Christendom had declared in favor of that international idol, the League of Nations. Rutherford, according to the report in the Sandusky (Ohio) Star-Journal of September 8, "then asserted that the Lord's displeasure is certain to be visited upon the League, however, because the clergy — Catholic and Protestant — claiming to be God's representatives, have abandoned his plan and endorsed the League of Nations, hailing it as a political expression of Christ's kingdom on earth." — See The Watch Tower, as of October 1, 1919, pages 291-299.

8 The remnant of anointed witnesses were greatly comforted, yes, stirred at the outlook for more Christian activity before the coming battle of Armageddon. As in Isaiah's vision of Jehovah God at the temple of Jerusalem, in answer to God's question: "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" they took up Isaiah's response and said: "Here I am! Send me." (Isaiah 6:1-8) All this had a revitalizing effect on the surviving anointed remnant. As it were, they rose from the dead. In them the prophetic vision of Revelation 11:11-13 regarding the "two witnesses" lying dead in the city street was realized:

"And after the three and a half days spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet, and great fear fell upon those beholding them. And they heard a loud voice out of heaven say to them: 'Come on up here.' And they went up into heaven in the cloud, and their enemies beheld them. And in that hour a great

7. What international idol had the clergy of Christendom already endorsed, and what did Rutherford say on this in his public address of September 7, 1919?
8. As in Isaiah's vision of the temple, what answer did the anointed remnant give to Jehovah's question, and how was Revelation 11:11-13 fulfilled in them?

earthquake occurred, and a tenth of the city fell; and seven thousand persons were killed by the earthquake, and the rest became frightened and gave glory to the God of heaven."

9 With vigor, joy and fearlessness the work went forward in behalf of the seven thousand in religious Israel whose knees had not bent down to Baal and whose mouths had not kissed his image. The anointed remnant were given to understand that the Elisha work would not be done after the Bride class had left the earth to be joined to her Bridegroom, but was a work to be performed by the faithful anointed remnant themselves. Whereas the message "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" was renewed and continued to be preached and published, yet the main work was centered on gathering in all those remaining spiritual Israelites, symbolized by the "seven thousand" anti-Baalists in ancient Israel. As Elijah anointed or commissioned Elisha of Gilead to be his successor, so the Elijah class were now really commissioning those who are carrying on the Elisha work today. As Elisha ministered to Elijah and "poured out water upon the hands of Elijah," so those carrying on the Elisha work today served with the ranks of the Elijah class and received theocratic training to carry out whatever of the commission the Elijah class would leave to be performed. — 2 Kings 3:11.

10 Ancient Elijah also resumed his association with the "sons of the prophets," of which there were groups at places such as Jericho, Bethel and Gilgal near Bethel. In modern times the Elijah class had been conducting what were called "schools of the prophets" to prepare public Bible speakers. But after 1919 the Elijah class gave

9. (a) The anointed remnant were given to understand that the Elisha work would be carried out by whom? (b) At that time what was the remnant's main work centered on, and what class today active was being commissioned and trained then?
10. With what groups did Elijah resume his association, and to what prophetic work did the Elijah class give attention after 1919?

attention to preparing all the members of the anointed remnant to engage in the prophetic work foretold in Joel 2:28,29.

11 That prophecy foretold that, as a result of Jehovah's pouring out his spirit upon all sorts of flesh in the last days, "your sons and your daughters will certainly prophesy. . . . And even on the menservants and on the maidservants in those days I shall pour out my spirit." Women as well as men were trained to preach the Kingdom message from house to house, in apostolic style. To this end the midweek Prayer, Praise and Testimony meeting was finally turned into a weekly Service meeting. From 1920 onward the anointed Elijah class saw that their commission was to fulfill the great feature in the modern-day evidence that shows we are living in the "time of the end," namely, Matthew 24:14, which prophesies: "And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come."

12 Great stress was then laid upon the vital matter of bringing forth the fruitage of the Kingdom. Christendom was producing the fruits of a man-made peace organization. In adopting the League of Nations she had rejected the royal Stone that had been laid in the heavenly Zion. Now more than ever was the obligation laid upon the anointed remnant to prove itself a "nation producing [the Kingdom's] fruits." (Matthew 21:43) Like ancient Israel, Christendom, which claims to be God's spiritual "vineyard," had produced merely "wild grapes." (Isaiah 5:1-7) Jesus Christ and his true congregation were the true vineyard, of which Jehovah was the Cultivator. (John 15:1-8) The

11. (a) Whose participation in the prophesying did Joel 2: 28, 29 foretell? (b) Hence whom did the Elijah class now train to preach in apostolic style and in fulfillment of what feature of the evidence proving the time of the end"?
12. What religious fruitage was Christendom's vineyard bringing forth at that time, but now was the anointed remnant bent on glorifying God?

anointed remnant of this spiritual vineyard would glorify Jehovah God the Cultivator by bearing much fruit of his kingdom.

13 Note the emphasis that was put on this at the second international convention at Cedar Point, Ohio, in 1922. On September 8, "The Day" of the convention, President Rutherford spoke on the text, "The kingdom of heaven is at hand." (Matthew 4:17, AV) In the closing paragraphs of this discourse to thousands of the anointed remnant from a number of countries, Rutherford said:

"Thus we see that those of the temple class are clearly designated as the Lord's witnesses at this time, .. . standing as his witnesses, fearlessly crying out the message: 'The kingdom of heaven is at hand!' . . . Since 1914 the King of glory has taken his power and reigns. ... Do you believe that the King of glory has begun his reign? [Cries of Yes!] Then back to the field, O ye sons of the most high God! Gird on your armor! Be sober, be vigilant, be active, be brave. Be faithful and true witnesses for the Lord. Go forward in the fight until every vestige of Babylon lies desolate. Herald the message far and wide. The world must know that Jehovah is God and that Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords. This is the day of all days. Behold, the King reigns! You are his publicity agents. Therefore advertise, advertise, advertise, the King and his kingdom."  — See the November 1, 1922, issue of The Watch Tower, pages 332-337.

14 In the January 1, 1926, issue of The Watch Tower the featured leading article was entitled "Who Will Honor Jehovah?" Paragraph 40 of this said: "As the day approaches for the Lord God to get for himself a name it is the privilege of those who are of the temple class, and therefore of Zion, to lift up their voices and tell the people concerning God and his wonderful kingdom."

13. How did Rutherford emphasize the bearing of Kingdom fruitage, toward the close of his talk on September 8, 1922?
14. What question did the Watch Tower issue of January 1, 1926, raise, and to the day for what did it call attention?

15 This issue between the false religious vineyard and the true spiritual vineyard of God was illustrated with the vineyard of Naboth, whose name means "Fruits." His vineyard was on God-given land inherited from his forefathers; and from it Naboth was not to be separated, according to Jehovah's law. King Ahab wanted this land next to his palace in Jezreel. "It is unthinkable on my part from Jehovah's standpoint," said Naboth to King Ahab, "to give the hereditary possession of my forefathers to you." He stuck to Jehovah's theocratic arrangement for Israel. Queen Jezebel then stepped into the situation and had Naboth publicly framed as a blasphemer against God and a seditionist against the king of Israel. Naboth, the adherent to Jehovah, was stoned to death along with his heirs, his sons; and Queen Jezebel directed King Ahab to take over Naboth's vineyard as State property. At the vineyard the prophet Elijah, sent there by Jehovah, appeared before Ahab. He pronounced Jehovah's condemnation on this foul conspiracy against the life and fruitful property of one of Jehovah's remnant of witnesses. He told of terrible punishment to come to King Ahab, his house and Jezebel.

16 In the years since World War I self-determination of peoples and nationalism have worked as strong forces on peoples. Christendom, putting man before God, has insisted on nationalism. The remnant of Jehovah's anointed witnesses, like Naboth, produced the fruitage of Jehovah's spiritual vineyard by preaching and spreading the Kingdom interests. Christendom's political rulers wanted to control the area of activity of the modern Naboth class by not letting the bearing of Kingdom fruitage coexist or thrive alongside the

15. As bearing on the issue between modern symbolic vineyards, how were Naboth and his vineyard mishandled, and what did Elijah have to say regarding this?
16. Why did modern political rulers covet the symbolic vineyard of the Naboth class, and how did the Jezebelian clergy act to procure for the politicians what belonged to Jehovah God?

nationalistic, Baalistic movement. The Naboth class stood firm for Jehovah's arrangement and for retaining the spiritual vineyard of Kingdom fruits. Then the Jezebelian clergy of Christendom conspired with the political rulers against these anointed bearers of Kingdom fruitage. The modern Jezebel used her influence with political governments. She painted up the fruitful Kingdom heirs as unchristian blasphemers, as unpatriotic obstructors of the expansion of nationalist aims, as seditious. In this manner she had them stoned to death as far as their reputation and good influence in Christendom is concerned. She tried to counteract the fruitfulness of the anointed remnant who would not bend down to modern Baalism, which is, in effect, Devil worship. She demanded for men what belonged to God. — Acts 5:29.

17 This called for the Elijah class to make strong protest. It made it necessary for them to point out from Jehovah's prophetic Word the disastrous consequences that would come from this committing of aggression against Jehovah's anointed remnant, the "faithful and discreet slave" class. The doom of the political element and the clergy element to violent destruction had to be pronounced.

18 As an instance, at the London (England) international convention of May 25-31,1926, in the public address on the subject "Why World Powers Are Tottering — The Remedy," Speaker Rutherford said:

"The clergy are the most reprehensible of all the elements that go to make up the governing powers of the world. Claiming to be teachers of the Word of God, their duty was to ascertain the truth and explain it to the others. But instead, they have caused the rulers of earth to commit fornication with an apostate church system, and

17. In protest to this mistreatment, what doom did the Elijah class have to pronounce?
18. What instance of this took place in London, England, during the international assembly of 1926?

have made the people drunk with their false doctrines. . . . Even now the ecclesiastics are hated by the other rulers, and soon this hatred will be manifested in a more tangible manner.  — Revelation 17:16, 17. ¶ The real reason for earth's trouble is, because the rulers have rejected God's duly anointed King and refused his kingdom. And since they persist in this course of defiance against God, he has declared that he will dash them to pieces as a potter's vessel. (Psalm 2:9) ... the testimony concerning the Lord and his kingdom. Failing to take heed to this, the Lord Jesus declares there shall follow a time of trouble such as the world has never known, and that this shall be the last trouble on earth. — Matthew 24:21, 22. ¶ All the nations and kingdoms of earth are rapidly marching to the great battle of God Almighty." — See The Watch Tower, as of July 15, 1926, page 216.

19 In this same public address Rutherford exposed the League of Nations, which the religious clergy had hailed as the "political expression of the kingdom of God on earth." But Rutherford said: "The Devil is its father," and he set forth Bible prophecies that predicted its destruction. The admission of postwar Germany to the League of Nations on September 8, 1926, did not work toward staving off this destruction, neither did the admission of Communist Russia on September 17, 1934. It was after the federal Republic of Germany was admitted to the League, and notably in the year 1927, that the preaching of the good news of the Kingdom from house to house on Sunday became a prominent feature of the work of the Elijah class, world-wide. This especially excited the wrath, indignation and opposition of the Jezebelian clergy, who worked through politicians and police and judges in an effort to stop this productive extension of the Kingdom preaching. Many battles in law courts resulted.

19. (a) In that public address, what international organization did Rutherford expose? (b) In the following year what effective extension of the preaching work was made, and why did many court battles result?

20 Undaunted, the Elijah class pronounced more vigorously than ever the judgments of God's Word against the modern King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. This culminated in 1930, when, on July 30 and August 11, Volumes I and II of the book entitled "Light" were released to the headquarters family of the Watch Tower Society in Brooklyn, New York. These two volumes were mainly a verse-for-verse explanation of the entire last book of the Bible, A Revelation. In remarkable symbols it pictures the plagues poured out upon Christendom and the final destruction of its "organized Christianity" like a harlot together with her political paramours in the battle of Armageddon.

21 In September, 1930, the book Light was released for general distribution. That same month in the Parliamentary elections in Republican Germany the Hitlerites and the Communists made noteworthy gains for seats in the German Reichstag. Gloom settled over London, England. The League of Nations became uneasy. Democratic political parties grew anxious. Christendom's democratic West became more fearful of mounting trouble from radical elements, both nationalistic and communistic, as in King Ahab's troubles with the aggressive government of Syria.

22 In 1931, while gathered in international convention in Columbus, Ohio, July 24-30, the Elijah class, the anointed remnant, the "faithful and discreet slave" class, brushed aside all the reproachful names that the Jezebelian clergy had heaped upon them and now embraced a name with Bible basis, "Jehovah's witnesses." It is based on Jehovah's words to his covenant people in Isaiah

20. How did the pronouncing of God's judgments reach its culmination with the release of the book Light in 1930?
21. In the month that Light was released for general distribution, what political development indicated that Christendom was in for troubles like those of King Ahab with Syria?
22. (a) In 1931 what name did the Elijah class embrace, and on what Scriptural basis? (b) By the release of the book Vindication (three volumes) what executional work was specially set forth, and also what rescue work preliminary to it?

43:10-12. Afterward at the same convention the first volume of the book entitled "Vindication" was released. This presented an explanation of the first twenty-four chapters of Ezekiel's prophecy, and graphically portrayed the destruction of the Jezebelian religion of Christendom. It also pointed to a work that needed to be begun at once, to rescue from that destruction the people who sincerely mourned over the unchristianity of Christendom's religious organization. The following year the remaining two volumes of Vindication were published. The third volume of this, in its chapter 10, entitled "His Executioner," (pages 9-97) set out a description of the execution of Jehovah's judgment pronounced by Elijah against King Ahab and Queen Jezebel and how this would be fulfilled in our day. Christendom and her League of Nations were not going to succeed.

23 Death of King Ahab from a Syrian arrow was not accompanied by the destruction of all of his royal house and of his queen, Jezebel. But his house could not succeed. His son Ahaziah ascended the throne, but inside of two years suffered an accident. Elijah sent word to this Baal worshiper that he would not recover. The king sent twice to arrest Elijah. Elijah again demonstrated the superiority of Jehovah God over Baal-zebub, the false god of King Ahaziah, by calling down fire from heaven to consume each band. The Baalistic king had no power over Elijah unless Jehovah God permitted the king to use it. So Jehovah told Elijah to go with the third band of soldiers and personally to deliver the message against the apostate king. After that King Ahaziah died, without an heir to the throne. This obliged his brother Jehoram to take the throne of Israel.

23. (a) Although King Ahab's house survived his death, what could that royal house not do? (b) How did Elijah demonstrate the superiority of Jehovah over the false god of Ahab's first successor?

24 Likewise with the Elijah class, the remnant of Jehovah's anointed witnesses. The political rulers had no real power over these dedicated men of the true God unless He granted it to them. The Elijah class have no favorable message for the recovery and survival of the political rulers of Christendom who worship Baal in co-operation with the Jezebelian clergy. The Elijah class had to obey God as ruler rather that men, and deliver his undiluted judgment message of death and destruction for Baal worshipers.

25 If any political authorities tried to destroy the Elijah class for fearlessly delivering this divine judgment message it would mean destruction at God's hand for such persecutors. This was the import of the message sent to Nazi dictator Hitler, who had dared to stop the work of Jehovah's witnesses in Germany, taking over their religious properties and trying to suppress them. On October 7, 1934, Jehovah's witnesses, both inside Germany and all around the world, gathered at their meeting places and sent by telegram, cablegram or other rapid transmission the following message:

"Hitler Government Berlin Germany: Your ill-treatment of Jehovah's witnesses shocks all good people of earth and dishonors God's name. Refrain from further persecuting Jehovah's witnesses otherwise God will destroy you and your national party. Jehovah's witnesses ____________"

26 Just a week later Hitler took Nazi Germany out of the League of Nations for his greater freedom of action. But the work of the Elijah class continued, even underground in Hitlerized Germany.

24 What power did political rulers of Christendom have over the Elijah class, and what sort of message was the Elijah class bound to deliver to the rulers?
25 If political authorities tried to destroy the Elijah class, what did it mean for such authorities, and what prominent instance of this was there in the case of dictator Hitler?
26 How did Hitler seek greater freedom of political action, but what went on just the same in Germany?


27 In the ancient prophetic drama Elisha ministered to the prophet Elijah for a number of years without special mention or prominence. After Ahaziah, son of King Ahab, died and his brother Jehoram became king of Israel, the time came for Elijah to be taken away and for Elisha to succeed him in the prophetic ministry.

28 On Elijah's journey to his point of removal, Elisha refused to stay behind with the sons of the prophets at Gilgal, Bethel and Jericho. He desired to be with his master Elijah when taken away, and get the benefit of his training and instruction to the last. The two came to the western bank of the Jordan River. Elijah took his official garment, wrapped it up and struck the waters. Miraculously they were divided to open up a way to cross on foot.

29 In the years following World War I the work of the Elijah class had gone on much longer than humanly expected. The ending of the work was thought to be in the not distant future. For example, President Rutherford received a cablegram on April 26, 1933, advising that the Hitlerite forces had seized the Branch plant of the Watch Tower Society in Magdeburg, Germany. That day Rutherford suggested to the headquarters family in Brooklyn, New York, that if this be the end of the work in Germany, this might indicate that the great final fight between Jehovah God and Satan the Devil's organization was then near. During all those years the anointed ones whom Jehovah would be pleased to use in any future work on earth were being trained in full harmony with the divine commission laid upon the Elijah class, the

27, 28. (a) Till the death of King Ahaziah, what do we hear of Elisha? (b) How long did Elisha show that he wanted to be with Elijah, and how did they get across the Jordan River?
29. (a) Since World War I, how long had the work gone on according to human expectation, and where was its end thought to be according to Rutherford's remark? (b) During all those years, who was being trained, and according to what commission?

"faithful and discreet slave" class. Then came the convention at Washington, D.C., May 31 to June 3, 1935.

30 In advance notice of this important convention of Jehovah's witnesses it was repeatedly requested that those friendly persons who were pictured by Jonadab the friend of King Jehu of Israel join the remnant of anointed spiritual Israelites at this convention in the nation's capital, saying: "Heretofore not many Jonadabs have had the privilege of attending a convention, and the convention at Washington may be a real comfort and benefit to them." (The Watchtower, as of 1935, pages 98,110,127,130) Among those who did attend "were a large number of Jonadabs who symbolized their consecration by water immersion." —  The Watchtower, July 1,1935, page 194.

31 The public address was on "Government." But the address Friday afternoon, May 31, captured the interest of those "Jonadabs" in attendance. In this address President Rutherford discussed "The Great Multitude," the scripture text for which is found in Revelation 7:9-17. For decades the exact identification of the "great multitude" had not been made. The address that Rutherford now gave had the ring of truth in identifying the "great multitude" of Revelation 7:9 (AV) with the "Jonadabs," the "millions now living [who] will never die" because they will survive the battle of Armageddon and live obediently on earth under God's kingdom by Christ. — See The Watchtower, as of August 1 and 15, 1935.

32 This startling message led to a marvelous division of the waters of the symbolic Jordan River. As it were, the Elijah workers and those

30. Who were Invited with particular mention to that Washington convention of 1935, and who were among the ones there baptized?
31. On Friday afternoon of that convention the identification was made of what class shown in Bible prophecy?
32. How had the "other sheep" been previously identified in 1923 and 1931, but after their further identification at Washington, D.C., what special effort was really made?

privileged to carry on the Elisha work stood at the bank of the Jordan River. Years previous, on August 25, 1923, at the Los Angeles (California) convention President Rutherford had discussed Jesus' parable of the sheep and the goats. (Matthew 25: 31-46) He had pointed out that the peoples of the nations would be divided into two classes, symbolic sheep and goats, and that the sheep class do good to the remnant of Christ's spiritual brothers and will pass through the battle of Armageddon alive to enjoy earthly blessings under God's kingdom. (The Watch Tower, October 15, 1923) Also in 1931 these "other sheep" were explained to be the people crying and sighing who get marked in the forehead by the symbolic man clothed with linen, with the writer's inkhorn at his side, and who are therefore spared by Jehovah's executional forces at Armageddon. (Ezekiel 9: 2-6; Vindication, Volume I, pages 94-116) But from 1935 onward the anointed remnant, the symbolic "man . . . clothed with linen, with a recorder's inkhorn at his hips," made special efforts to divide these "other sheep" from the goats. — John 10:16.

33 On January 31, 1936, there was released at Brooklyn headquarters the new book entitled "Riches," containing "information which will enable every person to realize in fullness the greatest desire and fondest hopes of humankind." This was announced as a "publication particularly designed for instruction of those who already are of and those who shall yet swell the ranks of the 'great multitude.' " (The Watchtower, January 15,1936, page 18) Then on February 23, 1936, President Rutherford broadcast the speech "Separating the Nations" from Los Angeles, California, over a network of 115 radio stations, this being short-

33. In harmony with this dividing of the waters, what book was published in 1936, and what speech was broadcast over a tremendous network in 1936, and what service opportunity was opened in 1937?

waved to foreign stations. The Watchtower as of May 1, 1937, page 130, announced the opening for modern Jonadabs to become "company servants" in congregations of Jehovah's witnesses if qualified members of the remnant were not available.

34 For the first time The Watchtower as of February 15, 1938, page 50, when announcing the coming Memorial celebration, invited their companions, the Jonadabs, to be present when the anointed remnant celebrated the annual "Lord's evening meal" on April 15, 1938.

35 In the Bible the peoples are symbolized as "waters." (Isaiah 17:12; Revelation 17:15) Thus the waters of the symbolic Jordan River were divided by the Elijah class in using their divine commission as an "official garment" in striking the waters. In the Middle East the literal waters of the Jordan River rush down from the north into the basin of the Dead Sea or Salt Sea, 1,292 feet below sea level, the lowest sheet of water on earth. When Elijah miraculously divided the Jordan, the waters below continued on their descent into the lifeless Salt Sea, like the peoples who will be destroyed by Jehovah's executioners in the battle of Armageddon. The waters above were held back from this rapid descent into the Dead Sea, like the members of the "great crowd" who are spared by Jehovah's executioners in this "time of the end" and at Armageddon.

36 At this first dividing of the symbolic waters of the peoples those who are anointed and commissioned to serve as the successor to the Elijah work were at the side of the Elijah class. For years they had continued receiving good training to serve as successor.

34 For the first time what special invitation was published in the spring of 1938?
35. Symbolically speaking, what was the Elijah class thus doing, and with what instrumentality, and thus what were those of the "great crowd" like?
36. In this operation who were at the side of the Elijah class, and receiving what benefit?

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