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"Let Your Name Be Sanctified"

Chapter 18


The progress of the dividing of the symbolic waters of the peoples, by the spirit of Jehovah God operating through the Elijah class, meant the gathering of more of the "other sheep" to the right hand of the reigning King Jesus Christ. (2 Kings 2:8; Matthew 25:31-46) This did not please the Devil, who used to be worshiped by the ten-tribe kingdom of Israel under the form of Baal. He tried to stop the dividing of the "sheep" from the "goats" by means of Fascism, Nazism and militant Catholic Action, and finally by bringing on World War II. Like World War I, this too began in the very heart of Christendom by action of a Roman Catholic dictator in 1939. Various lands, even of the western Allies, banned Jehovah's witnesses or banned their Bible literature or prohibited its importation. By now ten thousand of Jehovah's witnesses, including many of the "other sheep," found themselves in Nazi Germany's prisons or concentration camps. In America Jehovah's witnesses were mobbed in forty-four out of forty-eight States. The rate of progress in gathering the "other sheep" to the

1. (a) The dividing of the symbolic waters resulted in the gathering of whom to the right side, and who was displeased at this? (b) How did he try to stop the dividing work, and with what success?

King's right side was slowed down; but by God's spirit it did not cease.

2 Under threat of being mobbed, the Theocratic Convention of Jehovah's witnesses was held in Detroit, Michigan, July 24-28,1940. Watch Tower President Rutherford was then a very ailing man; yet he featured on the program, delivering the public talk "Religion as a World Remedy — The Evidence in Support Thereof." A year later, on August 6-10, another Theocratic Assembly was held, in St. Louis, Missouri. This presented more hopeful prospects for the witness work in the future. Here 3,903 symbolized their dedication of themselves to God by water baptism, like that of Jesus; and at the public address on "Children of the King," an estimated 115,000 heard the failing president speak. Later that year he took to his bed, as the gloom of World War II thickened, its outcome doubtful.

3 Rutherford now arranged for a feature of the work by means of which great expansion had been gained to be discontinued. He called in the Society's regional and zone servants, in connection with whom stimulating local assemblies had been held. In their place special pioneer Kingdom publishers were appointed for work in different localities in small groups. This arrangement began December 1, 1941. Was the end expected?

4 Rutherford was abed on the Pacific Coast when the United States of America was plunged into World War II Sunday, December 7,1941. Two men of the anointed remnant (one since 1913 and one since 1922) and one of the "other sheep" (since 1934) were summoned from Brooklyn headquar-

2. Under what circumstances did President Rutherford serve at the Detroit Assembly of 1940, and then at the St. Louis Assembly of 1941?
3. What feature of the work was discontinued December 1, 1941, and what service arrangement was put in its place?
4. (a) After America got into World War II, who were summoned to Rutherford's bedside, and what did he give them? (b) What expectation did he fail to see realized, but how did he die?

ters out to Rutherford's bedside at the home called "Beth-sarim," San Diego, California. On December 24,1941, he gave these three his final instructions. For years he had been hoping to see the faithful prophets, including Elijah and Elisha, resurrected from the dead and installed as Kingdom "princes in all the earth" in God's new world. (Psalm 45:16) But on Thursday, January 8,1942, Rutherford died at seventy-two years of age, as a faithful witness of Jehovah God, completely devoted to the interests of God's kingdom. He had proved himself fearless in support of Jehovah's side of the paramount issue of Universal Domination.

5 As viewed from our present time, it appears that there the Elijah work passed, to be succeeded by the Elisha work. It was as when Elijah and Elisha had crossed the Jordan River by means of a dividing of the waters to the east shore and were walking along, awaiting the removal of Elijah. Elisha asked Elijah for a first-born son's portion of an inheritance, "two parts in your spirit." Just two parts in Elijah's spirit allowed for all the remnant of seven thousand in Israel who had not worshiped Baal to share also in Elijah's spirit. Elijah said: "You have asked a difficult thing. If you see me when taken from you, it will happen to you that way; but if you do not, it will not happen." If a first-born son was at his father's deathbed he had the privilege of closing the eyes of the deceased and caring for his affairs. (Genesis 46:1-4) So Elisha purposed to be present like a first-born at his master's departure.

6 As they walked and talked, suddenly a fiery war chariot and fiery horses appeared. It parted the two prophets, and Elijah was swept upward by a windstorm. Like a first-born, Elisha cried

5. Evidently what there passed away, and what parting gift requested of Elijah is here called to mind?
6. (a) How was Elijah parted from Elisha? (b) To what did Elisha become heir, and what fact did the sons of the prophets now recognize about Elisha?

out: "My father, my father, the war chariot of Israel and his horsemen!" Jehovah of armies was really the war chariot for Israel, particularly for his anointed remnant, a fact that Elisha observed later on at Dothan. Elisha became heir to Elijah's official garment that had fallen from him. With it went its powers. This became manifest when Elisha returned to Jordan's shore, wrapped up the garment and struck the waters, saying: "Where is Jehovah the God of Elijah, even He?" The waters were divided, and Elisha crossed on foot. When the "sons of the prophets" at Jericho saw Elisha, they said: "The spirit of Elijah has settled down upon Elisha." No mourning ceremonies were held for Elijah. Three days of search by fifty men failed to find any dead body over which to mourn.  — 2 Kings 2:9-18.

7 In 1942, in the throes of World War II, the Elijah work passed. It passed away, fighting for the interests of the spiritual "Israel of God." The Elijah class was not then in flight from the face of modern King Ahab's house nor of Jezebelian religion and its clergy. The Elijah class was in God's favor and under the protection of Jehovah of hosts, as symbolized by the fiery war chariot and fiery horses. It was not destroyed by its enemies in Christendom. It was taken away in divine favor after a great miracle had been performed, the beginning of dividing the symbolic waters of the peoples who were threatened with destruction in a symbolic Dead Sea. The Elijah class was not taken aloft and then dropped to its destruction. No; but it finished with success and in integrity. It left the interests of God's kingdom to a faithful successor who would cling to the commission from God through the anointed Elijah class, just the same as this successor had stuck to the Elijah

7. Under what spiritual circumstances did the Elijah class pass away, and to whom was the completion of their commission from God left?

class to the end. The carrying out of the Elijah commission kept on without a hitch.

8 The anointed Elisha class undertook the responsibility of carrying out fully the divine commission as symbolized by Elijah's official garment. Five days after Rutherford's death the boards of directors of the Watch Tower corporations for New York and for Pennsylvania held a joint meeting and unanimously elected N. H. Knorr, one of the anointed remnant, to be president of both corporations of the Society. There was grief over the passing of a faithful fellow worker, but there was no interruption of the work for the sentimental purpose of mourning over the dead. The change in personnel did not cripple the work, because this is not a man's organization but God's visible organization on earth. The dividing of the people of the nations had to carry on, to gather out a "great crowd" of "other sheep."

9 To get back to work with the "sons of the prophets," Elisha had to make a test of God's spirit upon him and get back across the Jordan River. He did so by repeating Elijah's miracle of causing the waters of the Jordan to divide. Likewise with the Elisha class in 1942. As it faced the work ahead the initial question was: "Where is Jehovah the God of Elijah, even He?" He was where he could be expected to be, with his anointed remnant in their pursuit now of the Elisha part of the work in this "time of the end." The Elisha class addressed itself to the dividing of the symbolic "waters."

10 In the very same issue of The Watchtower that

8. What responsibility did the Elisha class undertake, who was elected president of the legal Society, and why was there no crippling of the work at this time?
9. To get back to the "sons of the prophets," what test of God's spirit upon him did Elisha have to make, and, likewise, in 1942, to what work did the Elisha class address itself?
10. Along with announcement of Rutherford's death, what work did The Watchtower describe as yet ahead of the Elisha class, and so what assembly was held in 1942, with how many reporting preaching work?

announced the death of J. F. Rutherford as "a faithful witness," appeared the special leading article entitled "Final Gathering." Instead of talking mournfully, this article roused the Elisha class to a further vigorous activity, for it dealt with Jeremiah 16:16 and described a tremendous work yet ahead of fishing and hunting for many more of the "great multitude" out of all nations. (The Watchtower, as of February 1,1942, pages 35-45) With this in view the New World Theocratic Assembly was held September 18-20, 1942. At that time there were upward of 106,000 Kingdom publishers reporting their preaching activities, this report being incomplete because of inability to get reports from some countries engaged in World War II.

11 With the key Assembly city, Cleveland, Ohio, fifty-one other American cities and Honolulu, Hawaii, were telephonically tied in. There were also twenty-six foreign cities that carried the identical features of the Assembly program. Forward with the work of dividing the symbolic waters! was the spirit of this mid-war Assembly.

12 The keynote speech was "The Only Light," and was based on Isaiah's prophecy, chapters fifty-nine and sixty. The light of Jehovah's kingdom by Christ would never be blacked out by totalitarian forces of Christendom, but God Almighty was then giving his witnesses on earth the "Go ahead" signal despite total war and persecution. The witnesses had to arise and shine and preach the Kingdom message till the end of this old world at Armageddon. A complete Bible edition, King James Version, printed entirely on the Watch Tower Society's own presses, was released to the conventioners.

11. How extensive was this mid-war assembly, and what was the spirit of it?
12. What was the theme of the keynote speech, and what newly printed Bible edition was released to the conventioners?

13 The address of the Society's new president, on "Fighters for the New World," revealed that the "great multitude" had long ago been typified by the self-sacrificing daughter of Judge Jephthah of Israel; and after this address he released The New World, a new bound book that was to begin a new series of Bible study books published by the Society. The sending out of representatives of the Society to the thousands of congregations was to be resumed on October 1,1942, these to be known as "servants to the brethren."

14 The president's public address was entitled "Peace — Can It Last?" It disabused any minds of thinking that World War II was to wind up in the universal war of Armageddon. The war into which America had recently entered was to end in a peace, during which the League of Nations was to come out of its abyss of helplessness. But this new international organization for peace would fail, and the peace would end with the outbreak of Armageddon. Hence, even before the end of World War II, it was time to prepare for the world-wide witness work during the then coming peace that would not last! The combined total attendance for this public meeting was upward of 125,000. Certainly the Elisha work was on! The striking of the symbolic waters to divide them was undertaken again with renewed vigor. Elijah's spirit had settled down upon the Elisha class!

15 The years since then have told their tale regarding the exploits of the anointed Elisha class, accompanied by an ever-increasing number of the "great crowd" foretold in Revelation 7:9-17. In the case of the original Elisha, he was recognized by

13. What did the president's speech reveal concerning the "great multitude." what new book was released, and what arrangement was to be resumed by the Society the following month?
14. What did the president's public address disclose concerning the then coming peace, what was it therefore the time to prepare for, and what, also, became evident concerning Elijah's spirit?
15. Before discussing the exploits of the Elisha class, whom did the "sons of the prophets" recognize as Elijah's successor, and how did they fare under the care of this successor?

the "sons of the prophets" as Elijah's successor. Elisha did many things in their behalf. He healed the bad drinking water of the city of Jericho for them. He caused the widow of one of these sons of the prophets to have a miraculous increase in her oil supply to get herself out of debt and keep her sons free. At Gilgal near Bethel he healed the poisoned pottage to save the lives of the sons of the prophets. He fed a hundred of them from a mere twenty small loaves of barley and some grain in a bread bag, so that they even had leftovers. At the Jordan River, when aiding in the expansion building work of these prophets, Elisha made an axhead borrowed by one of them to rise from the river bottom and float on the waters to be recovered, that this witness of Jehovah might not be put to a loss. Under Elisha's care the remnant of prophets prospered.

16 To parallel this, the Elisha class at once began arrangements for producing better preachers of the Kingdom news, in furtherance of the prophecy of Joel 2:28: "Your sons and your daughters will prophesy." At the time, the Watchtower Society of New York was maintaining a Kingdom Farm upstate near South Lansing, New York, to provide a plentiful supply of food for the headquarters staff of workers. At this farm there was located a large emergency building, named Gilead, which was the name of the territory from which both Elijah and Elisha came. What was now to be done with this three-story building having large dormitory facilities and an auditorium?

17 At a meeting of seven members of the joint boards of directors of the Pennsylvania and New York corporations at Brooklyn headquarters on September 24,1942, or right after the New World

16, 17. (a) To parallel this, what arrangements were made in line with Joel 2: 28. and what building at Kingdom Farm came under consideration? (b) At the directors' meeting of September 24, 1942, what decisions were made as to schooling both at "Gilead" and in all organized congregations?

Theocratic Assembly, it was unanimously voted to set up a school in the Gilead building for training missionaries and special representatives of the Watch Tower Society to serve in all parts of the earth. It was also decided to prepare and print on the Society's presses a sixty-four-page booklet with material for a fifty-week course of study, this to be used for conducting an Advanced Course of Theocratic Ministry in all organized congregations of Jehovah's witnesses throughout the earth. The "God of Elijah" blessed these decisions.

18 On Wednesday, February 1,1943, at Kingdom Farm, New York, the president of the Watchtower Society inaugurated what has become known world-wide as the Watchtower Bible School of Gilead. The dedication exercises began at 8 a.m. with the School's four instructors and 100 students, 18 of these being of the anointed remnant and 82 being of the "great crowd" of the "other sheep." Each half year a new class was admitted, the students being drawn from the Society's special representatives and from faithful pioneers, specialists in the work who were already qualified ministers of the Kingdom message. Since then this missionary school has graduated 3,638 students, who were brought there for study and training from 95 lands and islands of the earth and who have been assigned to work in 117 lands outside the United States.

19 At the opening of the School World War II was due to run for over two years more. Hence the first students were specially instructed, as far as a foreign language is concerned, for missionary work in Latin America, the lands then most con-

18. What did the president of the Society inaugurate on February 1. 1943, and as a result working assignments have been made to date to how many lands outside the United States?
19. (a) At its beginning, because of world war conditions, for work in which lands were Gilead students particularly equipped, but how was the field widened at the close of World War II? (b) Where was the School transferred in 1961, and with what new arrangements did it open February 6?

veniently open for missionary extension. With the close of World War II the door opened for Gilead graduates to be sent to locations all around the globe. In 1961 the Watchtower Bible School of Gilead was transferred from Kingdom Farm down to Brooklyn, New York, to the Society's new twelve-story building at 107 Columbia Heights. On Monday morning, February 6, at 8 a.m., the School opened with a new curriculum, to run for ten months, under four instructors. There were 101 students from all parts of the earth, or from 45 countries and islands.

20 The sending out of Gilead graduates has resulted in the building up of the organization of Jehovah's witnesses in many lands as well as the opening up of many new lands in which to establish congregations and branches of the Watch Tower Society. Whereas in 1941 the Kingdom message was being proclaimed in 69 lands, today, or as of 1961, the witness is being given in 180 countries, territories and islands, according to reports received.

21 But back to 1943: On April 17 a three-hundred-city assembly opened in America, under the title "Call to Action" assembly, with twenty-four assemblies in Canada. At these, after the giving of the speech on "Improving Your Theocratic Ministry," the new booklet for conducting Theocratic Ministry Schools in all congregations was presented, followed by a demonstration on how to use it.

22 This resulted in the setting up of Theocratic Ministry Schools in all congregations, generally on

20. In what has the sending out of Gilead graduates resulted, and how does the extent of the witness work in 1961 compare with that in 1941?
21. After opening the Gilead School in 1943, what assembly embracing several hundred cities in North America was held, and how was the program for the Theocratic Ministry School there presented?
22. (a) In the establishment of what did this result, and with what opportunities for women of the congregations? (b) To improve the School course continually, what manuals have been issued from time to time?

the same night as the weekly Service Meeting of the congregation. At first only male students were enrolled in these schools, for talks on the platform. The women of the congregation were invited to sit in and profit from the instruction given, thus to improve their preaching of the good news in the homes of the people. To improve the Theocratic Ministry School course constantly, new manuals have been published by the Society: Theocratic Aid for Kingdom Publishers in 1945, "Equipped for Every Good Work" in 1946, and Qualified to Be Ministers in 1955.

23 After the Divine Will International Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses in New York city in 1958, the women of the congregations were allowed to enroll in the School, not to give discourses, but to give platform demonstrations on how to present the Kingdom message in house-to-house preaching, in making return visits on the interested and in starting and regularly conducting Bible studies in the homes of the people. There is no graduating from these congregation Ministry Schools. For ministers of God, for witnesses of his name and kingdom, there is no end to learning and improving and keeping up to date in one's ministry. The School is a powerful part of the educational work conducted by the Elisha class.

24 Thus all those associating with Jehovah's witnesses are offered schooling and training to become ministers, whether they be of the anointed remnant like "sons of the prophets" or of the "great crowd" of "other sheep." The New World society of Jehovah's witnesses is a society of ministers, all having an active share in the ministry for the fulfillment of Matthew 24:14 concerning

23. (a) After the international assembly of 1958 in New York city, what opportunity was opened for the women in the Theocratic Ministry School? (b) Why is there no graduating of anyone from the School?
24. Thus what spiritual help are all those associating with Jehovah's witnesses offered, in harmony with what fact about the vocation of the New World society of Jehovah's witnesses?

preaching the good news of God's kingdom everywhere before this old world ends.

25 In order that the congregations may have better overseers and organizers, a new feature was introduced in 1959, first at the Gilead School while still at Kingdom Farm, New York, on March 9, 1959. It was a Kingdom Ministry School with a course of study for just four weeks, free to all students. A special book entitled "Kingdom Ministry School Course" has been prepared for this and is undergoing translation into other languages. Since the latter part of 1960 this Kingdom Ministry School has been established and conducted in Branch buildings of the Watch Tower Society in the various lands. Congregation overseers are invited to these schools, and those who can arrange to attend for four consecutive weeks are given this schooling free of charge. This is resulting in the better supervision of the congregations world-wide. — 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9.

26 Despite all the opposition and persecution by the symbolic "house of Ahab" and the Jezebelian clergy, the Elisha work has kept expanding during all these years. The "great crowd" of other sheep, the ultimate number of which before Armageddon is not given in Revelation 7:9, continued to be gathered together out of all nations, tribes, peoples and tongues. These join with the anointed Elisha class in the work. As this Elisha class ages, it decreases in its numbers, down to around 13,300 at the celebration of the Lord's evening meal March 30, 1961; but the "great crowd" of active companions increases, raising the number of publishers to 925,777 by March, 1961.

25. To have better overseers and organizers, what was introduced in 1959 at Kingdom Farm, and how has this since been extended to various lands, resulting in better congregational supervision?
26. (a) Despite opposition and persecution, what has happened to the extent of the Elisha work? (b) Despite decrease in numbers of the Elisha class, what happens to the "great crowd" of active companions?

27 The Elisha work has meant life from the dead for countless numbers. Elisha of old raised from the dead the son of the Shunammite woman who befriended him. The Elisha work has brought the message of everlasting life under God's kingdom to hundreds of thousands who were lying in a death state in their sins and spiritual darkness, under divine condemnation with the rest of Satan's world. For being like the Shunammite woman and showing hospitality to the anointed remnant and their preaching companions, these have had the resurrection power of God come into their experience. They have been raised to a happy life in His service, with the bright prospect of everlasting life under the kingdom of his new world.

28 The Elisha work, now conducted in 144 languages, has meant spiritual health in true worship for the "great crowd." They too have drunk of the healed religious waters and eaten of the unpoisoned spiritual food. For them there has been no spiritual famine comparable with the literal famines that raged in Samaria and in Israel in the days of King Jehoram, the son of King Ahab.

29 In the past these who are now of the "great crowd" suffered from the death-dealing plague of sin, in which condition they have fought against the remnant of spiritual Israelites and their companions. They have been like the leprous Syrian captain named Naaman. But through the giving of the Kingdom witness, like that of the little Israelite maid of Naaman's wife, they have been directed in the right way for healing from their odious, deadly spiritual disease.

27. How has the Elisha work meant life from the dead for countless numbers, parallel with the resurrection of the Shunammite's son through Elisha?
28. How has the Elisha work in many languages meant better spiritual health for those of the "great crowd"?
29. 30. (a) From what spiritual plague have these who are not spiritual Israelites suffered, and how have they been directed aright for healing? (b) What course of action have they taken, what results have they experienced, and what vital facts have they come to know, all free of charge?

30 They have sought out the organization of the anointed Elisha class. They have been told what the requirements of Jehovah God are for their spiritual recovery and for gaining a good conscience toward him. It has required faith and self-humbling for them to carry out these requirements, like a plunging or baptizing of oneself seven times in the Jordan River. But under encouragement of others, they have at last obeyed and had the unspeakable joy of being cleansed to an acceptable condition in God's sight and in the sight of his theocratic organization. They have come to know that there exists a true prophet in spiritual Israel and that there is no God anywhere in the earth except among the prophet's people, spiritual Israel. This healing is given free, as the greatest prophet of them all, Jesus, said that it should be.  — Matthew 10:1, 8, 9.

31 The anointed Elisha class is unchangeably set against using spiritual powers to exploit the "great crowd" who are in dire need of spiritual recovery from the plague of sin. As Elisha persisted in refusing any reward for curing Naaman, so Elisha's modern counterpart continues to refuse any selfish, material pay for helping the "great crowd" to spiritual recovery. The Bible literature that the Elisha class publish and distribute is placed either free or on a mere nominal money contribution to cover the cost of printing and passing out the literature, that the healing work may be kept up and expanded. Such nominal contribution does not pay in full for all the time spent in putting out the Bible literature and using it in freely teaching those who want to study God's Word. If anyone associated with the New World society of Jehovah's witnesses misrepresents the Elisha class and tries to make selfish material gain at the expense

31. (a) Against what abuse of spiritual powers is the Elisha class in this healing program, as illustrated by Elisha himself? (b) What treatment must be given to those who try to make material gain through this spiritual healing work?

of the healed "great crowd," he must be denounced as unclean, as a greedy self-idolizer. He must be driven out of the New World society. He must be given the treatment that Gehazi got at the hands of indignant Elisha. God's rule stands inviolable: "Neither fornicators, . . . nor greedy persons, . . . nor extortioners will inherit God's kingdom."  — 1 Corinthians 6:9, 10.


32 Through the prophetic Word of God the Elisha class foresees the moves of the enemy organization, just as Elisha foresaw the ambushments that the king of Syria laid against the Israelites. (2 Kings 6:8-23) Many things that the radical and communistic elements do against Christendom, they do, not merely against the capitalist system of Christendom, but specially against the God whom Christendom claims to represent but upon whom she brings much reproach. In this time of judgment work at his spiritual temple Jehovah God with his "Messenger of the covenant," Jesus Christ, permits the radical, atheistic elements to do many vicious things against Christendom as a judgment against her. This is due to be expected in the days of the Elisha work since the year 1942.

33 World War II ended in 1945, and the peace that is not to last set in and the symbolic peace-and-order beast came up out of the abyss in the form of the United Nations. From the start this organization has included radical, communistic governments alongside the governments of Christendom. These radical, communistic elements are increasing in the United Nations and are causing great difficulty for Christendom. They are as

32. What activities of radical elements of society do the Elisha class foresee, and why does Jehovah God at the temple permit such things against Christendom?
33. How did the symbolic peace-and-order beast come out of the abyss after World War II, and what elements against Christendom are Increasing in it?

aggressively active against Christendom as Syria, north of Israel, was to the royal house of King Ahab.

34 Remember, part of Elijah's commission from Jehovah was to "anoint Hazael as king over Syria." Elijah was taken away and had to leave this for Elisha to do at God's appointed time. Elisha went to the Syrian capital, Damascus, during the sickness of Ben-hadad its king. The king's chamberlain, Hazael, was sent to ask Elisha whether Ben-hadad would recover. Elisha did not pour oil on Hazael's head and thus anoint him to take over Syria's government. Elisha allowed Hazael to tell King Ben-hadad that he would recover, if Hazael wanted to, but Jehovah had shown Elisha that Ben-hadad would die. Who would succeed Ben-hadad? Elisha wept as he thought of how Hazael would do terrible injury to Israel. How so? "Elisha said: 'Jehovah has shown me you as king over Syria.'" This revelation Hazael took as his cue. He suffocated Ben-hadad and took his throne.

35 In modern antitype, the anointed Elisha class does not directly anoint the modern Hazael, the "king of the north" of Daniel 11:36-45, to take power and use "Hazael's sword" of warfare against Christendom. Like Elisha, Jehovah's anointed remnant merely advise publicly what the "king of the north" will do against Christendom and her Jezebelian clergy as part of Jehovah's judgment against her at Armageddon. Outstanding notice to this effect was given at the New World Society Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses in Yankee Stadium, New York city, on July 25,1953. Addressing a gathering of 134,333 there, the Watch Tower Society's president delivered the speech, "Flight to Safety with the New World Society." He used

34. In the ancient typical drama, how did Elisha anoint Hazael to be king over Syria, and how did Hazael become king?
35. In what way does the Elisha class anoint the modern Hazael, and how was notice to this effect given at the New World Society Assembly in New York city in 1953, and then world-wide?

as his theme the text of Luke 21:20, 21 and said in this regard:

"The armies that are predicted by Jesus' words to desolate this modern, antitypical Jerusalem are within the political ranks of the very United Nations. They are those elements that wage war upon the religious system of Christendom. When the 'disgusting thing' came up out of the abyss in 1945, it at its very start contained powerful members of the Communist anti-religious bloc of nations."

This information was published in all the earth in 1,650,000 copies of The Watchtower as of September 15, 1953, in thirty-nine tongues.

30 Elisha was not responsible for the frightful things committed by the usurper Hazael of Syria against apostate Israel; he wept at the foresight of them. The "faithful and discreet slave" class, the Elisha class of today, is not responsible for the acts that the radicals and Communists perform against Christendom, for those same atheistic elements are, most of all, opposed to Jehovah's witnesses. The Elisha class merely foretells the coming of such things upon Christendom and her Jezebelian clergy. It is not strange, then, that the New York Times as of February 21, 1961, should publish the following news under "VATICAN FEARS RISE IN ATTACKS BY REDS":

ROME, Feb. 20 — Reports of increased Communist activities against the Roman Catholic clergy and faithful are reaching the Vatican. The reports have given rise to fears that the persecution of the church in territories controlled by the Communists may be entering a more vigorous phase. If The new offensive was heralded a couple of months ago when a magazine that reflects the view of the Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow published an attack on Pope John XXIII. The Pope and his predecessors were accused of having desired and of still desiring war against the Soviet Union. ... In Cuba, Fidel Castro has

36. As in Elisha's own case, why is the Elisha class of today not responsible for what the radical elements do to Christendom, but how do recent news advices agree with what the Elisha class has foretold?

been gradually increasing the tempo of hostile acts against the Catholic hierarchy and clergy.

Worse than this may be expected by Christendom not only by "Hazael's sword" but also by "Jehu's sword" in the cosmic war of Armageddon.

37 There remained an anointing for Elisha yet to accomplish, that of King Ahab's military chief, Jehu the son of Jehoshaphat the son of Nimshi. After setting before Hazael his future role in Syria and against Israel, Elisha sent one of the "sons of the prophets" to Ramoth-gilead to anoint charioteer Jehu and to state to him Jehovah's commission for him against the royal house of Ahab and the Baal-worshiping Jezebel. After Jehu was anointed, his fellow officers proclaimed him the new king of Israel. With the army in support of him Jehu proceeded to carrying out his commission.

38 Jehu's name means "Jehovah Is He." As Jehovah's anointed executioner over ten tribes of Jehovah's chosen nation of Israel, Jehu is a prophetic figure of the enthroned heavenly Son of God, Jesus Christ, who, in Revelation 19:11-16,19, is pictured as riding a white war horse. Jehovah, the Most High God, has anointed his Son with holy spirit to be his executioner in the "war of the great day of God the Almighty." (Revelation 16:14-16) The Elisha class, the "faithful and discreet slave" class whom Jesus Christ has appointed "over all his belongings" in this "time of the end," could not, of course, anoint their Master in heaven. As Elisha indirectly anointed Jehu by a prophetic agency, so the Elisha class could proclaim the heavenly Son of God to be the reigning king anointed by God for the purpose of executing God's judgments upon the modern house of King Ahab and all its relationship.

37. After Hazael was notified of his future role, what further anointing remained for Elisha to do, and what happened after it was done?
38 (a) Of whom was King Jehu a prophetic figure, and in what respect? (b) How did the Elisha class fulfill the picture of Elisha's having Jehu anointed king of Israel?

39 In 1955 a proclamation to this effect was made in such great public messages as "World Conquest Soon — by God's Kingdom" and the book entitled "You May Survive Armageddon into God's New World," with its chapters on "The Victorious Fighters at Armageddon," "Executioners of the Divine Vengeance," "The Chief Executioner Takes a Wife"; also, in 1958, the message "God's Kingdom Rules — Is the World's End Near?" delivered first to a convention of 253,922 in New York city. Thus the Elisha class, backed by hundreds of thousands of dedicated companions, declared that they recognized the enthroned Jesus Christ as king rather than the modern-day royal house of King Ahab allied with the Jezebelian clergy. They do not regard the United Nations as being any earthly expression of God's kingdom by his Christ.

40 When Jehu was anointed he turned his attention from the Syrian enemy at Ramoth-gilead to the condemned royal house of King Ahab, of which house King Jehoram was quite wounded from his conflict with the Syrian forces of the north. As with madness Jehu charioted from the battle front westward to Jezreel. It was no time for peace with the house of King Ahab and with Jezebel. So he shot an arrow at the heart of Jehoram, Queen Jezebel's reigning son. Jehoram's nephew, Ahaziah, king of Judah, escaped for the time. Jehu now rode into Jezreel and ordered the officials, if on his side, to throw Jezebel out the window. Then he drove his horses and chariot over her. Her crushed body became as manure on the ground. Scavenger dogs left nothing of her but skull, feet and palms of the hands.

41 At the capital city, Samaria, the deceased

39. How, for example, was proclamation to this effect made in 1955 and in 1958, and hence how do the Elisha class regard the united Nations?
40. To what did the anointed Jehu turn his attention, and with what result to Jezebel's reigning son and to Jezebel herself?
41. How, now, were most of King Ahab's royal house killed off after Jezebel?

Ahab still had seventy sons, under the care of princes. To prove that they sided with Jehovah's anointed king, Jehu, those caretakers sent the heads of Ahab's seventy sons to Jehu at Jezreel. No heir to Ahab now remained. Jehu also pursued Ahab's grandson, King Ahaziah the ally of King Jehoram, and fatally wounded him so that he died at Megiddo. Jehu also killed off Ahaziah's princely brothers when they were on their way to pay uncle King Jehoram of Israel a courtesy sick visit. So the most of King Ahab's house were killed off after Jezebel.

42 No less so, Jehovah's anointed King greater than Jehu, namely, the heavenly Jesus Christ, speeds as Jehovah's Executioner to carry out his commission. The angelic armies that are in heaven follow him in the executional work. The Elisha class, like the man clothed in linen and with the recorder's inkhorn, has been going ahead and marking the foreheads of the "great crowd" of "other sheep" who are to be spared from execution. (Ezekiel 9:1-11) The Greater Jehu is not interested in just fighting and destroying the radical "king of the north" (pictured by Syria) at the universal war of Armageddon. At that coming war he first gives attention to the Jezebelian clergy and brings about their destruction. Those religious leaders that there escape the symbolic "Hazael's sword" of the violent radical elements will not escape destruction by the symbolic "Jehu's sword." Afterward the political allies of Christendom's clergy, who have committed religious fornication with that modern Jezebel, will be executed, if not by "Hazael's sword," then by "Jehu's sword." Any vestige left of the United Nations will then be destroyed.

42. (a) To what does the King greater than Jehu now speed, and in advance of him what marking work do the Elisha class perform? (b) At Armageddon to what class does the Greater Jehu give attention first, and to whom afterward?

43 To picture this post-Jezebel feature of the battle of Armageddon, Revelation 19:19-21 says: "And I saw the wild beast [Satan's visible organization] and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage the war with the one seated on the horse and with his army. And the wild beast was caught, and along with it the false prophet [in political matters] that performed in front of it the signs with which he misled those who received the mark of the wild beast and those who render worship to its image. While still alive, they both [wild beast and false prophet] were hurled into the fiery lake that burns with sulphur. [A baptism of fire!] But the rest were killed off with the long sword of the one [the Greater Jehu] seated on the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth. And all the birds were filled from the fleshy parts of them."

44 The way of escape from execution at Armageddon will be only by our being found on the side of the Greater Jehu, the One declared by the Elisha class to be Jehovah's anointed King. If we are today in the position of the military aides of Jehu, fighting for Jezebel's son King Jehoram and against the king of the north, Syria, then we must forsake that side and must recognize Jehovah's anointing of his Son, the Greater Jehu. We must uphold his anointing and proclaim: " [The Greater] Jehu has become king!"

45 If we are today in the position of the court officials who attended upon Queen Mother Jezebel, then we must drop her modern imitator before the Greater Jehu and let him execute Jehovah's judgment upon her, annihilating her and her religious fornications.

46 If we are in the princely position of taking

43. In what symbolic language does Revelation 19:19-21 picture this post-Jezebel feature of Armageddon?
44-46. (a) Only by being found where may we escape execution at Armageddon? (b) What must we now do if we are now like Jehu's military aides at Ramoth-gilead; like the officials attending on Jezebel; or like the caretakers of Ahab's seventy sons?

care of the seventy sons of King Ahab at Samaria, then we must not try to preserve Christendom's system of things. We must make our peace with the Greater Jehu by making him our Head rather than keep the political offspring of the modern King Ahab as our heads. We must act true to Jehovah's commission given to Christ against the modern house of Ahab.

47 If, now, we obediently take our stand for the Greater Jehu, Jesus Christ, in this day of judgment of the nations, we cannot do so without also taking a stand for the God of the Greater Jehu, namely, Jehovah. We have to take our stand against the materialistic, nationalistic, idolatrous worship of Baal inside of Christendom as well as outside. Twenty-eight centuries ago the anointed Jehu could not complete his commission against the royal house of King Ahab and against Queen Jezebel until he wiped out the Baal religion that Jezebel caused to be set up in Israel. Jehu did not leave this obligation undone. On his way to complete the destruction of Ahab's royal house in the capital city, Samaria, King Jehu met up with a notable acquaintance. Who was this? It was Jehonadab the son of Rechab. In fact, Jehonadab was coming to meet Jehu.

48 After an exchange of greetings, Jehu made Jehonadab declare himself, whether he was pro-Ahab or pro-Jehu, whether pro-Baal or pro-Jehovah. Jehonadab declared himself in heart harmony with Jehu and his executional work. He publicly exhibited this by riding with Jehu in his chariot. This was at Jehu's request: "Do go along with me and look upon my toleration of no rivalry toward Jehovah." Jehonadab was heartily in favor of sanctifying the name of his

47. (a) When taking a stand for the Greater Jehu, for whom else must we also take a stand, and against what form of worship? (b) On his way to executional work in Samaria, with what notable acquaintance did Jehu meet up?
48. In what heart condition did Jehonadab declare himself in be,. and how did he exhibit this?

God, Jehovah. He wanted to see Jehu live up to his name, "Jehovah Is He."

49 Jehu did not drive the Baal worshipers in Israel underground. He kept them feeling secure by pretending to give them greater royal support than King Ahab had. He called all the Baal prophets, priests and worshipers to a national gathering at the Baal temple in Samaria, where Jezebel used to worship. Failure to attend meant death. So they all came and filled the house of Baal from end to end, all crowded together. It seemed a triumphant hour for the false god Baal and for the one whom Baal really represented, Satan the Devil, "the ruler of the demons." Garments for worship were provided for them all. In these they plainly identified themselves.

50 King Jehu now came in with his friend Jehonadab, the Rechabite. It was no place for worshipers of Jehovah to be, as Jehu knew within himself. He had search made that no witnesses of Jehovah, none of his remnant, might be found there, but only Baalists. Good! So now they could proceed with rendering sacrifice to Baal.

51 Meantime Jehu stationed eighty armed men outside the temple. He told them that not one of those inside dressed up as a Baal worshiper was to be spared alive. Whoever let one escape would have to die himself. After all the garmented Baalists had actually worshiped and offered sacrifice, King Jehu ordered his armed men inside. "Strike them down! Do not let a single one go out." Not only did the Baal worshipers die at the edge of "Jehu's sword," but the executioners burned the sacred pillars of Baal's temple, pulled down Baal's entire temple with its pillar of Baal. They polluted its very site by making it a public

49. How did King Jehu oblige the Baal worshipers to identify themselves, at one location?
50. Before the idolatrous sacrificing, whose absence from the Baalist gathering was made sure?
51. How did Jehu then annihilate Baal out of Israel, and for whom did he show exemplary zeal?

place for human excrement, to which scavenger birds would like to come. The final report on Jehu's handling of his commission reads: "Thus Jehu annihilated Baal out of Israel." (2 Kings 10:15-28) There had been no toleration of Baalism in Israel. There had been exemplary zeal for Jehovah. Jehu merited a line of successors.

52 The names of three of the four successors to Jehu's throne were combinations of God's sacred name: Jehoahaz (Jehovah Has Taken Hold); Joash (Jehovah Is Strong, or, Has Bestowed); Jeroboam (Whose People Are Many); and Zechariah (Jehovah Has Remembered).

53 This sets the prophetic pattern for the zeal and jealousy for Jehovah that the Greater Jehu, the Son of God, will display during the battle of Armageddon. The "great crowd" of his "other sheep" as pictured by Jehu's loyal friend, Jehonadab the son of Rechab, will witness this soul-stirring display of Christ's "toleration of no rivalry toward Jehovah." This will come as a reward for their expressing heart harmony with the anointed reigning King of Jehovah in this day of judgment of the nations. What a reward for openly identifying themselves with him in the carrying out of his commission from Jehovah, as it were, riding with him in his war chariot!

54 On their part there has been more of an awareness of doing this since the year 1955, when the book was published entitled "You May Survive Armageddon into God's New World." This one book offers a brief explanation of forty-two types and prophecies about these earthly heirs of God's righteous new world, including the prophetic drama

52. What is noteworthy about the names of three of Jehu's four royal successors?
53. (a) For what does Jehu's zeal and jealousy for Jehovah set the pattern? (b) What earthly class will witness the display of such zeal for Jehovah at Armageddon, and for what reason?
54. Why has there been more of an awareness of their doing this since 1955, and for what hope of theirs has strong Bible argument been thus given?

of King Jehu and Jehonadab. (Pages 276-281) The book thus builds up a strong Bible argument for the hope of the Jehonadab class to survive the "war of the great day of God the Almighty" and to continue on living in His new world under Christ by forever obeying his kingdom. So they identify themselves for Jehovah now.

55 The compelling of the Baal worshipers to identify themselves before the antitypical King Jehu is now under way! This is being brought about through the anointed remnant of spiritual Israelites, the Elisha class, who represent or act for the Greater Jehu on earth. One of the evidences that this is the "time of the end," the "conclusion of the system of things," is this very separation of the people of the nations as worshipers of Jehovah and as worshipers of Baal. Yes, the symbolic waters of the Jordan River from above are being halted where the "official garment" of the Elisha class strikes, while the waters below keep on descending into the Dead Sea. Yes, the symbolic sheep and goats are being identified and separated. In Jesus' marvelous prophecy on the evidences that prove we are in the "conclusion of the system of things" he gave last of all the fulfillment of the parable of the sheep and the goats as a visible evidence. The "sheep" are the Jehonadab class of today; the "goats" are the modern-style Baal worshipers of today.

56 The Jehonadab "sheep" are gathered to the right hand of the King Jesus Christ, because of the loving way in which they treat the anointed remnant of Christ's brothers. At the same time the Baal-worshiping "goats" are being gathered together and are really being cooped up for execu-

55. Through whom are the modern Baal worshipers being compelled to identify themselves today, and from whom are they being separated?
56. In what way are the "goat" class being obliged to don the garments that mark them as Devil worshipers, but what about those like Jehonadab?

tion by "Jehu's sword." They are being forced to put on their "garments" to identify them as worshipers of the Greater Baal, Satan the Devil, "the god of this system of things." Today the Elisha class, the remnant of Christ's brothers, are without letup preaching the good news of God's kingdom in all the inhabited earth. As a result, the "goats" are obliged to show their attitude toward Jesus Christ the King by displaying their attitude toward his spiritual brothers on earth. By even failing to render Christ's brothers sympathy, support and co-operation in preaching the Kingdom good news, these "goats" are donning the "garments" that mark them as Baal worshipers, as adherents of the Jezebel religion. They are gathered to the left side of Jehovah's anointed King, the side of divine disapproval. Every last one of the worshipers of Jehovah is gathered out from among them. They stand aloof as Jehonadab did by Jehu's side. — Matthew 25:31-46.

57 Imagine the separating work with its identifying of both sides as completed. It is the hour for all Baal worship to be annihilated from among those who claim or pretend to be God's people. It is the hour for Armageddon to burst forth! The Greater Jehu gives the signal to his angelic armies in heaven, symbolized by Jehu's eighty armed men. The sword of execution, "Jehu's sword," falls upon the openly self-identified Baal worshipers. The slaughter is terrible, to fulfill Bible prophecies. No Devil worshiper escapes! Down goes the temple of all false religion, together with all its objects of worship! Never again will it be honored in the earth. It becomes a thing to be treated as vile, like a stinking cesspool. What a sanctifying of the name of Jehovah this will bring about among all who survive on earth!

57. At Armageddon, how will the Greater Jehu proceed against modern Baal worship, as foreshadowed by Jehu of old?

58 As King Jehu fulfilled his commission from Jehovah God, so the Lord Jesus Christ will fulfill a similar but larger commission by the end of the battle of Armageddon. King Jehu, for faithful obedience to the divine commission, was made the head of a dynasty of five kings in Israel, the longest dynasty in the history of the ten-tribe kingdom of Israel, running over a period of 120 years 6 months, from 909 to 789 B.C.E. Jehu had a foursquare succession on Israel's throne. However, the Greater Jehu, Jesus Christ, will have an endless kingdom under the Most High God. After he destroys all the organization of the Great Serpent, he will bruise the Serpent's head by abyssing Satan the Baal and his demons for a thousand years before finally destroying all those wicked spirits. — Revelation 20: 1-10.

59 Fulfillment of Jehu's commission was witnessed both by Elisha the prophet and by Jehonadab the son of Rechab. What a joy it must have been for them to live through the destruction of the house of Ahab, the violent death of Queen Jezebel, and the slaughter of the defamers of God's name, the Baal-worshiping Israelites! What a joyful privilege it will be for the Elisha class and their companions, the Jehonadab class, to witness the zeal and the jealousy of the Greater Jehu for Jehovah and to survive here on earth the battle of Armageddon and to behold the execution of the judgments of Jehovah God against the modern counterparts of Ahab's house, Queen Jezebel and the prophets, priests and worshipers of Baal! The judgment executions will result in a cleansed earth in which God's name will be held sacred by all human creatures who live in Jehovah's new world.

58. (a) How was King Jehu rewarded for fulfilling his commission, but how will Jesus Christ be rewarded for fulfilling his similar commission? (b) After destroying Satan's organization, how will he bruise the Serpent's head?
59. (a) In that connection, what joy will be had by both the Elisha class and the Jehonadab class? (b) In what will that judgment execution result?

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