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"Let Your Name Be Sanctified"

Chapter 19


Today nations are seeking for glory of name. Also, men and women are seeking for glory of name, for fame, for a name in human history. All this widespread selfish effort is turning attention away from the highly important fact that the Most High God is sanctifying his own name, doing this for the purpose of having people of all nations and families of the earth procure an everlasting blessing. In harmony with this benevolent purpose God has restored his "people for his name," that is, a remnant of the anointed "seed of Abraham" by means of whom all nations will get a blessing. They are the remnant of the ones to whom Paul wrote: "You are all, in fact, sons of God through your faith in Christ Jesus. For all of you who were baptized into Christ have put on Christ.....you are all one person in union with Christ Jesus. Moreover, if you belong to Christ, you are really Abraham's seed, heirs with reference to a promise." (Galatians 3:26-29; Genesis 22:17,18) In 1931, for the purpose of sanctifying the God of Abraham's seed, the anointed remnant embraced the name that glorifies, not themselves, but God, namely, "Jehovah's witnesses." — Isaiah 43:10-12; 44:8.

1. (a) Today's selfish quest by many for a name is turning attention away from what highly important fact? ( b) In harmony with this, whom has Jehovah restored, and what sort of name have they embraced?

2 Back in the year 33 Jesus was betrayed in Gethsemane and was put to death on a stake, and his "sheep," his disciples, were scattered. So by action of the enemies in Christendom that reached a climax in 1918 the anointed remnant, the Elijah class, were scattered. But Jesus referred to Malachi's prophecy and said: "Elijah, indeed, is coming and will restore all things." (Matthew 17:11) Even the original Elijah was recovered from the effects of his flight from Queen Jezebel and was reinstated in Jehovah's service with a new commission. He was even given a successor, Elisha, to see to it that the commission was fully carried out. In remarkable agreement with this, the Elijah class were recovered in 1919, as a great regathering of all the anointed remnant of spiritual Israelites began in that year. They were all against Baal worship, Devil worship.

3 It was really Almighty God who, by his spirit, regathered them and brought them back to proper relationship with him in full favor with him. He had an exalted purpose behind his regathering of them and making them one united people throughput the earth. Long ago he declared this purpose in these prophetic words: "I shall have compassion on my holy name, which the house of Israel have profaned among the nations where they have come in. Therefore say to the house of Israel, This is what the Lord Jehovah has said: "Not for your sakes am I doing it, O house of Israel, but for my holy name, which you have profaned among the nations where you have come in."' 'And I shall certainly sanctify my great name, which was being profaned among the nations, which you profaned in the midst of them; and the nations will have to know that I am Jehovah,' is the

2. What did the scattering of Jesus' "sheep" A.D. 33 foreshadow and how and when, as foreshadowed in Elijah's own case were these restored or recovered?
3. Who really regathered this anointed remnant, and how in Ezekiel 36:21-23, does he state his purpose in doing so?

utterance of the Lord Jehovah, 'when I am sanctified among you before their eyes.' " — Ezekiel 36:21-23.

4 Note those words of the Lord Jehovah: "I shall have compassion on my holy name. .. . And I shall certainly sanctify my great name." That was the chief purpose behind his regathering of the remnant of anointed spiritual Israelites, the Elijah class, from 1919 onward. Well-documented history bears out the fact that this regathered remnant have increasingly endeavored to sanctify the divine name. In the face of violent opposition by enemies who cursed and reproached the name and tried to wipe it out, the remnant have declared his name throughout all the earth. They have striven to live up to the name that they embraced to identify themselves, "Jehovah's witnesses." Constantly they have preached, taught and worked to turn reproach and profanation away from that holy name. For this loving effort and faithfulness the Lord Jehovah has abundantly blessed them and made them a blessing to countless others.

5 During the major part of the Elijah work, from 1919 on, the gathering together of the remnant of spiritual Israelites took place, at least till the year 1931. Particularly from 1935 forward the anointed remnant of Jehovah's witnesses have engaged in gathering the "great crowd" of the Jehonadab class, to prepare them to realize their beautiful hope of eternal life in a paradise earth under God's kingdom. This gathering of the Jehonadab class has taken on great magnitude and intensification during the Elisha work since 1942. During that crucial year of World War II incomplete reports as compiled by the Watch Tower

4. (a) What, then, was the chief purpose behind the regathering of the Elijah class? (b) In behalf of God's name what have this remnant ever endeavored to do?
5. (a) During the major part of the Elijah work since 1919, what special gathering together took place? (b) From when particularly has there been a gathering of the Jehonadab class, and at the beginning of the Elisha work how many were reporting Kingdom proclamation?

Society showed upward of 106,000 persons, including the anointed remnant and their Jehonadab companions, proclaiming the kingdom of Jehovah God around the globe. The following year, 1943, despite world war, the Society was able to get reports of Kingdom proclamation from 109,794 workers. This was an increase, though small.

6 Year after year since then the increase of those who are now sanctifying the divine name has been continual. By the month of March of 1961 reports of Kingdom preaching in public and from house to house came in from 925,777 witness bearers. At the annual celebration of the Lord's evening meal in the restoration year of 1919 there was a published attendance of 17,961 from 172 congregations that had thirty or more present, these representing the anointed remnant or the Elijah class. (The Watch Tower, May 15, 1919, page 151) But at the Lord's evening meal on March 30,1961, or forty-two years later, there was a world attendance of over 1,500,000, only 13,300 of these partaking of the unleavened bread and the wine as members of the anointed remnant, the Elisha class of today.

7 The Elisha class, whose numbers are dwindling year after year, expect to pass off the earthly scene in God's due time and to enter into the heavenly kingdom by a resurrection from the dead to life in the spirit realm, to join the Greater Jehu. But the Elisha class also expect to survive the destruction of all Baal worshipers at the battle of Armageddon. So they expect to finish their earthly course after that "war of the great day of God the Almighty" and leave the Jehonadab class here on earth to their earthly paradise.

6. How has the increase in the sanctifying of the divine name been shown by the March, 1961, report of Kingdom preaching and by the attendance at the 1961 celebration of the Lord's evening meal?
7. Whom personally do the Elisha class expect to join in God's due time, and how, but what event do they expect to survive first?

8 It is possible, even as it is their hope, that the Elisha remnant will still be here on earth when the reigning King Jesus Christ will utter his voice of command to the faithful witnesses of Jehovah of pre-Christian times, from Abel to John the Baptist, and will bring them forth from their sleep in the memorial tombs to a resurrection of life, to appoint from among them "princes in all the earth." (John 5:28, 29; Psalm 45:16) Thus, if it be Jehovah's will, the Elisha remnant may meet these resurrected ancient witnesses of Jehovah before they themselves finish their earthly course in faithfulness. (Revelation 2:10; 2 Corinthians 5:1-10) The Elisha remnant do not expect to survive till the resurrection begins of those of mankind who have not been witnesses of Jehovah in times past, such as the sympathetic evildoer who was impaled alongside Jesus at Skull Place and to whom Jesus said: "Truly I tell you today, You will be with me in Paradise." — Luke 23:32-43; John 19:16-18.

9 Of some indication of the survival of the Elisha remnant till some time after the battle of Armageddon may be the fact that Elisha of old died a natural death during the rule of the royal house of Jehu, Jehovah's executional king. His death was in the days of Jehu's grandson, King Jehoash of Israel.


10 At that time Syria to the north was still committing aggressions against Israel. King Jehoash visited sick Elisha and wept over him and said the very words that Elisha said when Elijah was

8. According to present expectation, till whose resurrection on earth may the Elisha class survive, but till the resurrection of what others do they not expect to survive?
9. What facts about Elisha's death may indicate the Elisha class will survive till some time after Armageddon?
10. 11. (a) Elisha's outcry when Elijah was being taken from him denoted what as to Elisha's attitude? (b) How, at the visit by King Jehoash, did Elisha show that down to his death he favored Jehovah's executioner as against Syria?

taken from him: "My father, my father, the war chariot of Israel and his horsemen!" Such words of Elisha had denoted that he was in favor of Israel's warring with Jehovah's help against the enemies of His people. Down to his death Elisha was in favor of Jehovah's executioner against the king of the north, Syria. Elisha had King Jehoash shoot an arrow through an opened window to the east, where the Syrians were holding Israelite territory. As the king shot, Elisha's hands were upon the king's hands, sharing with him in the shooting. As the arrow sped eastward Elisha said: "Jehovah's arrow of salvation, even the arrow of salvation against Syria! And you will certainly strike down Syria at Aphek [east of the Jordan or of the Sea of Galilee] to the finishing point."

11 As a further illustration of executional work by the royal house of Jehu, Elisha had King Jehoash strike the ground with the batch of arrows from his quiver. The king struck only three times. Indignantly Elisha said: "It was meant to strike five or six times! In that case you would certainly be striking down Syria to the finishing point, but now it is three times that you will strike down Syria." In actual fulfillment of this, King Jehoash did strike Ben-hadad the king of Syria three times with defeat, "and he got to recover the cities of Israel." But Elisha had been in favor of handing to Syria a full defeat from which Syria would not recover.

12 After more that fifty years of service alone as Elijah's successor, Elisha died faithful, under Jehovah's approval. This is why Jehovah used Elisha even in death to restore an Israelite to life. During an emergency this dead man was thrown into Elisha's burial place. But, "when the man touched the bones of Elisha, he immediately came to life and stood upon his feet." — 2 Kings 13:14-25.

12. What miracle after Elisha's death proves that he had died under Jehovah's approval?

13 In the present "time of the end" Christendom will not be the only part of Satan's old world that will suffer execution by "Jehu's sword." The radical, communistic elements who make war upon Christendom and upon Jehovah's witnesses will also be executed at Armageddon along with all the rest of the symbolical "goats." The Elisha class is fully in favor of this annihilation of every one of Jehovah's foes, no matter of what bloc of nations they are today. The Elisha class proclaim this coming destruction of these opposers of Jehovah's universal sovereignty by making known His prophecies on the subject. An example of this occurred in the latter half of 1956 when Jehovah's witnesses, being assembled in conventions, addressed a Resolution to the then Russian Premier, Nikolai Bulganin, calling attention to Communist persecution of Jehovah's witnesses and warning such persecutors of divine retribution. They boldly proclaim that man's salvation from the Communist menace and oppression is only by means of "Jehovah's arrow of salvation," Jehovah's universal war.

14 During this period of the Elisha work Jehovah has blessed his witnesses beyond all their expectations. Because their Jehonadab companions have shared by the hundreds of thousands in the witness work, "this good news of the kingdom" is now being preached in 144 languages in 180 lands and island groups of the inhabited earth, behind the Communist Iron Curtain and outside of it. This world-wide witness given under the direction of the "faithful and discreet slave" class, the Elisha class, is a fulfillment of Matthew 24:14, 45-47. It

13. (a) At Armageddon will Christendom be the only part of Satan's organization to be executed by "Jehu's sword," and how does the Elisha class point this out? (b) What example of this occurred in 1956 at assemblies of Jehovah's witnesses?
14. (a) During this Elisha work, to what extent thus far has Jehovah blessed his witnesses? (b) What are the nations fast nearing, and before its arrival whom has Jehovah sent as promised?

is a most remarkable evidence that we are living in the time foretold and described in Jesus' prophecy, "the conclusion of the system of things." The countries, both inside and outside the United Nations organization for peace and order, are fast nearing their "end" in the "great and fear-inspiring day of Jehovah." In divine mercy before its coming Jehovah has sent his promised Elijah class along with its successor, the Elisha class. The visible earthly organization of Satan the Devil is about to be struck by Jehovah God with a "devoting of it to destruction." (Malachi 4:5, 6) Many persons are hearing the warning and fleeing from its destruction.

15 Thus the New World society of Jehovah's witnesses continues to grow. This has necessitated the enlarging of the facilities of the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society to serve the now more than 21,000 congregations throughout the earth and to keep up with the demand for literature explaining the Word of Jehovah. Under the circumstances eighty-five branches of the Watch Tower Society have been set up in as many lands and island groups. Many of these Branches have their own printing equipment for producing literature in various languages. In Brooklyn, New York, the Watch Tower Society has two fully equipped printing plants, each occupying a city block of space and connected on the sixth floor by a covered bridge that runs across Pearl Street. To house and feed the hundreds of dedicated workers required there at the American Branch in Brooklyn the Watch Tower Society has two twelve-story buildings on Columbia Heights, overlooking New York harbor. In these two buildings are located also the executive, legal and service offices of the American Branch, the two buildings being connected by a

15. (a) Through how many branches of the Watch Tower Society are the congregations and their work conducted at present? (b) How are a number of these branches equipped, especially the central branch?

tunnel under Columbia Heights Street. From the president's office here the witness work is directed to the ends of the earth. — See pages 376, 383.

16 In the Brooklyn factories the Watch Tower Society prints on its own presses a New Testament version entitled "The Emphatic Diaglott" and complete Bible editions of the King James Version, the American Standard Version and the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. The New World Translation was published in a total of six volumes over the years 1950-1960; and it was finally published in a revised edition, under one cover or in one volume without footnotes or cross-references, and released at the United Worshipers District Assemblies of Jehovah's witnesses in the summer of 1961. The New World Translation, only in English at present, does special honor to the name of Jehovah. — See Chapter 2, pages 22-26, paragraphs 22-29.

17 The spiritual prosperity of the regathered remnant of spiritual Israelites together with their Jehonadab companions does not escape the notice of the Great Serpent, Satan the Devil. In Ezekiel's prophecy, chapters thirty-eight and thirty-nine, Satan is pictured under the symbol of "Gog of the land of Magog, the head chieftain of Meshech and Tubal." Cast out of heaven as the result of the war that broke out in heaven in 1914 after the birth of God's kingdom by Christ up there, Satan has gone forth to wage war upon the remnant of the seed of God's "woman." — Revelation 12:7-17.

18 Especially since 1953 have Jehovah's witnesses been warned that Gog is meditating a final,

16. What Scripture editions do the Watch Tower Society's Brooklyn factories print, and which particular edition docs special honor to the name of Jehovah?
17. Whose notice has such spiritual prosperity not escaped, and how is he pictured in Ezekiel, chapters thirty-eight and thirty-nine?
18. Since when especially have Jehovah's witnesses been warned of Gog's final attack, and what does Jehovah God say the intent of the attack will be?

total attack upon the anointed remnant and their Jehonadab companions in the New World society. Jehovah God, who reads the hearts of angels, devils and men, tells the symbolic Gog of Magog the intent of this attack: "It will be to get a big spoil and to do much plundering, in order to turn your hand back upon devastated places rein-habited and upon a people gathered together out of the nations, one that is accumulating wealth and property, those who are dwelling in the center of the earth." — Ezekiel 38:12.

19 Ezekiel's prophecy indicates that Gog of Magog will draw his assault forces from all parts of the inhabited earth. But did not Jesus, in his prophecy on the "conclusion of the system of things," indicate as much by saying: "You will be objects of hatred by all the nations on account of my name"? (Matthew 24:9) Yes. So, when surrounded and attacked from all sides by the combined forces of Gog of Magog, what will Jehovah's "people for his name" and their companions do? They will remember Proverbs 18:10: "The name of Jehovah is a strong tower. Into it the righteous runs and is given protection." They will also remember why Elisha was fearless when war chariots and a heavy military force of the Syrians surrounded the city of Dothan about nine miles north of Samaria, in order to capture Elisha as the chief espionage agent of the king of Israel.

20 Elisha then told his frightened attendant: "Do not be afraid, for there are more who are with us than those who are with them." At Elisha's prayer "Jehovah opened the attendant's eyes, so that he saw; and, look! the mountainous region

19. (a) From whom will Gog of Magog draw his assault forces? (b) What scripture will Jehovah's people, when under assault by Gog, remember, and also what similar situation of Elisha?
20. (a) What did Elisha say to his attendant, what did he get him to see, and how did he take care of the Syrian army? (b) When surrounded by Gog's forces, what will Jehovah's witnesses see by faith?

was full of horses and war chariots of fire all around Elisha." Then Jehovah delivered the entire Syrian force into Elisha's hand. He, in turn, delivered them over to the king of Samaria. Elisha did not have to lift a finger in self-defense nor do bodily injury to any of the Syrian army. (2 Kings 6:12-23) So when the visible hordes of Gog of Magog surround them to destroy them, Jehovah's witnesses will by faith see the invisible angelic armies under the leadership of the King Jesus Christ surrounding them to protect and preserve them.

21 At that time Jehovah will have the heavenly Seed of his "woman" bruise the Great Serpent's head. In the Armageddon fight that follows Jehovah will sanctify his name as never before. How?

" 'I will call forth against [Gog] throughout all my mountainous region a sword,' is the utterance of the Lord Jehovah. 'Against his own brother the sword of each one will come to be. And I will bring myself into judgment with him, with pestilence and with blood; and a flooding downpour and hailstones, fire and sulphur I shall rain down upon him and upon his bands and upon the many peoples that will be with him. And I shall certainly magnify myself and sanctify myself and make myself known before the eyes of many nations; and they will have to know that I am Jehovah.'"  — Ezekiel 38:21-23.

In such a stupendous manner Jehovah will destroy Christendom, pagandom, radicalism and Jezebelian religion. But Jehovah will preserve his witnesses alive, just as he preserved Elisha at Dothan.

22 To cap the climax, Jehovah by the Seed of his "woman" will turn his attention to the great Baal himself, Gog of Magog, Satan the Devil, and to all his invisible demon hosts. It will be a fiery

21. How, according to his own description, will Jehovah then sanctify his own name, and whom will he preserve alive?
22. How will Jehovah by his Seed climax the battle of Armageddon, and what will that be for the Great Serpent and his demonic seed?

time of judgment for these; and they will be hurled down into the abyss of absolute restraint for the thousand years of Christ's post-Armageddon reign. There they will be just as helpless as Jesus Christ himself was when he was in the abyss of death. (Revelation 20:1-3; Romans 10:6, 7) What a great bruising of the head that will be for the Great Serpent and his demonic seed! — Genesis 3:15.

23 By his prophet Ezekiel Jehovah describes this bruising and the universal effect of it in these words addressed to Gog of Magog:

" 'Upon the surface of the field you will fall, for I myself have spoken,' is the utterance of the Lord Jehovah. 'And I will send fire upon Magog and upon those who are inhabiting the islands in security; and people will have to know that I am Jehovah. And my holy name I shall make known in the midst of my people Israel, and I shall no more let my holy name be profaned; and the nations will have to know that I am Jehovah, the Holy One in Israel.'" — Ezekiel 39:5-7.

24 By that awesome fight for the deliverance of the "people for his name" in that "great and fear-inspiring day of Jehovah," the Most High God will himself sanctify his own name. Never again will it suffer profanation in connection with his "people for his name" and all his other witnesses. Forever he is "the Holy One," and in the paradise restored to earth and extended all around the globe after Armageddon his name will be held in sanctity as sacred by all obedient subjects of his triumphant kingdom. What a brilliant answer that will be by Jehovah God himself to the prayer taught us by his only-begotten Son: "Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified"!

23. How does Jehovah describe this and the universal effect of it in Ezekiel 39:5-7?
24. What will Jehovah thus do regarding his name, and what prayer taught by his Son will he thus himself answer?

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