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JEHOVAH caused to be written, more than 2500 years ago, what in the Bible is called Ezekiel's Prophecy. During the centuries that prophecy has been a mystery sealed to all who have sought to unlock it. God's due time has come for the prophecy to be understood. He has brought to pass events disclosing its meaning, and these events, well known to millions of people, placed beside the prophecy, make it plain.

The miniature fulfilment of the prophecy was upon Jerusalem and the nations there round about. Its greater and complete fulfilment is upon "Christendom" and the other nations now of the world. In this day of great distress and perplexity it opens to the vision of godly men the things that must speedily come to pass and guides the obedient into the right way.

Its testimony now due to be given is notice and solemn warning to "Christendom" and to all the world. It announces God's judgments already written against the "man of sin", against "Christendom", her rulers, and chief men, and against all who have defamed the name of the Most High. It makes known the great tribulation just ahead for the world, and how some may be shielded and protected and carried through that trouble and blessed.


Its message is that of comfort and encouragement to the faithful followers of Christ Jesus who are now on the earth. It tells when and how Jehovah God will prove, exonerate and vindicate his word and holy name, uplift and bless his obedient creation, and make the world a place of everlasting peace and joy. Every intelligent creature should know its contents. Read it and profit thereby.


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